Aside from the aesthetic importance, good designs speak a lot about your taste as a homeowner. See these fantastic bar shelf ideas to choose from today!

A glass of your favorite drink with friends on a cool evening picked from an aesthetic masterpiece such as a modern bar shelf is what you would like to have. As much as the bar shelf in your home serves as a storage for drinks, it adds beauty to your home too!

Do you like some touch of sophistication or modernity for your bar shelf or do you prefer classy and traditional? The choices are yours and they are dependent on your taste.

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Table of Contents

  1. Modern Bar Shelf Ideas
  2. Home Bar Shelf Ideas
  3. Coffee Bar Shelf Ideas
  4. Floating Shelf Bar Ideas
  5. Rustic Bar Shelf Ideas
  6. Bar Shelf Lighting Ideas
  7. Bar Wall Shelf Ideas
  8. Outdoor Bar Shelf Ideas
  9. Wall Bar Shelf Ideas
  10. Floating Bar Shelf Ideas
  11. Kitchen Bar Shelf Ideas
  12. Small Bar Shelf Ideas
  13. Wall Shelf Bar Ideas
  14. Elf on the Shelf Bar Ideas
  15. Man Cave Bar Shelf Ideas
  16. Floating Shelves Bar Shelf Ideas
  17. Pallet Bar Shelf Ideas
  • How Far Should Shelves Be Apart?
  • How to Style Bar Shelves
  • How to DIY Bar Shelf Ideas

1. Modern Bar Shelf Ideas


Home Bar Shelf Ideas

Image Source: Houz keep

Employing glow-in-the-dark paints provides beauty and aesthetics to your home bar shelves. This modern and trendy bar design is advantageous when picking a bottle of wine from the shelf in the dark. Your friends and loved ones would love it.

Furthermore, a modern glow in the dark home bar can:

  • Come with a wireless remote to control your LED light
  • Add extra beauty to your bar space.
  • Some have an enclosed wine storage cabinet that can open automatically.
  • Infrared sensors sometimes are used and controlled by Artificial intelligence systems.
  • Aside from the storage function, it goes a long way as a tech-savvy setup

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2. Home Bar Shelf Ideas

Home Bar Shelf Ideas

Image source: Ct Homes designs

Adding green illumination to your bar does not only beautify it; it gives extra flair to your bar shelf, inducing a more relaxed and attractive environment for your family, friends and loved ones. Other preferences are available; you must, however, reasonably adjust to suit your taste.

Here are fundamental reasons why you should consider a unique design like this:

  • It adds beautiful changes to your bar space.
  • They are also a unique way to make your bar enviable among friends and family.
  • They are elegantly styled to make your home comfy.
  • It is easily not noticeable, a perfect blend to walls.

3. Coffee Bar Shelf Ideas


Coffee Bar Shelf Ideas

Image source: Decorated Life

If you start your mornings with a cup of coffee, you’ll need a coffee-specific area in your home. It’s not always practical to run to Starbucks whenever you need a caffeine fix. It’s also unrealistic unless you want to burn a hole in your wallet.

It doesn’t take much time – or much space – to set up a tiny coffee station. Almost any spare room in your home can be converted into a coffee bar.

Let’s consider some coffee bar ideas:

  • Minimal coffee bar set
  • Organized and summer theme
  • Girly or pinkish theme
  • Rustic theme
  • Simple and regular

4. Floating Shelf Bar Ideas

Floating Shelf Bar Ideas

Image Source: Bishop Anastasia

Considering some sorts of trends for your bar shelf would leave you with installing a pipe floating bar shelf. They are an excellent way to display your wine reservoir and give some extra storage. They also come in a variety of sizes which are dependent on your preference.

Pipe floating bar shelves can be:

  • Either be used in your kitchen and bar
  • It also adds extra storage spaces.
  • Creatively coined from open wall pipe in your basement
  • When around a gas pipe, much caution should be taken.
  • Ensure you arrange your glasswares properly.
  • The color should blend with the wall.

5. Rustic Bar Shelf Ideas

Rustic Bar Shelf Ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

One unique way to tone down the shiny looks of the bar in your closet is to give it a rustic look. Rustic doesn’t mean you’d have ferrous spillage all over the place; things can be done correctly. In modern man cave or home bar designs, polished brown woods are very instrumental for this purpose. 

You can explore through its entire length, don’t be caged by your imagination. This rustic bar shelf designs could be:
Fully installed on the wall
Floating hanging on one side
Combination of both bar countertop and cabinet for wine storage
Stone or marble wall with a series of partitions

6. Bar Shelf Lighting Ideas

Bar Shelf Lighting Ideas

Image Source: Lead Baseline

Perhaps, you seek a distinct avenue to display your collection of drinks, and the lighted bar shelves, made from glass or acrylic, are your go-to option. What makes it more preferable to persons that install it is the fact that it has LED lights that are strategically built to provide illumination to your liquors.

What’s more, they are in various shapes and sizes so you can find the one that suits your preferences. Lighted bar shelves can:

  • Provide illumination and make your bar shine
  • Be versatile and easily installed
  • Be used to showcase liquor bottles for nightclubs and bars
  • Also, serve as an office or home decoration

7. Bar Wall Shelf Ideas

Bar Wall Shelf Ideas

Image Source: Customized design

Bar wall shelves in the house or man cave can provide elegance, personality, and storage. And, because an ideal bar wall can be customized to meet the individual demands of your home, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Custom bar walls can create closed storage, an open exhibition area or draw attention to specific characteristics.

Equally, you can find a unique feature that resonates with your personality.

  • Led and colorful bar walls themes
  • Rustic bar wall themes
  • Simple and minimalistic
  • Creative and concise themed bar wall
  • Vintage and rural themes
  • Patterned and energetic themed bar walls are examples of this limitless offering you can get.

8. Outdoor Bar Shelf Ideas

Outdoor Bar Shelf Ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

In times of warm weather, bright sunshine, and flowering posies, you’d want to be outside to enjoy fresh air and atmosphere. This vicinity is fantastic, and it’s high time to take advantage of the great outdoors by working on a project that will help you prepare for the return of summer festivities.

Whether you plan to place it:

  • in a shady corner of the backyard or 
  • tucked away on the back porch or patio, 
  • an outdoor bar not only neatens up the space but also looks lovely if done correctly.

Outdoor bar shelves often are seen as a display but it can be interesting if you are hanging out with friends. Visit Maintenance and repair for more thrilling ideas!

9. Wall Bar Shelf Ideas

Wall Bar Shelf Ideas

Image Source: Elle Decor

Why go to the local bar when you can have it all at home? Wall bars not only provide storage space for beverage collections, but they also serve to create a luxurious entertainment environment. The wall bar’s overwhelming impact instantly generates a sense of luxury and comfort for your family or guests.

With some brass touches,

  • You may create an exquisite look for your bar or make it more lively with pop-up colors. 
  • Furthermore, whether your home is tiny or huge, you may design your bar with a creative arrangement and the correct material selection.
  • Inbuilt wall bars are premade bar options and can be considered when building a house.

10. Floating Bar Shelf Ideas

Floating Bar Shelf Ideas

Image Source: Lushhome

Floating panel bar shelves are suitable for some extra storage in your bar area. They are preferable for storing bottles, cups and glasses. Panel shelves come in different forms, too. Floating bar shelves allow you to select from a long list of shelves which come in wooden, metal and plastic. They also come in different colors and styles.

Floating panel bar shelves critically contribute to a home muse:

  • A good choice employed as a luxury to your homes.
  • Durable and aesthetically appealing
  • Always out of reach of children
  • An excellent way to manage space
  • It saves the cost of installing heavy cabinets.

11. Kitchen Bar Shelf Ideas

Kitchen Bar Shelf Idea

Image Source: Tammy Salwasser

Creating a bar in your kitchen is not a bad idea. You may not have a space for a basement bar, but you can improvise to have one in your kitchen. They could also come with drawers and cabinets to store your glasses and some kitchen utensils.

Furthermore, a kitchen wall bar with pull out drawer can:

  • Be a way to keep other home tools safe
  • Be used both in the kitchen and bar
  • Be budget-friendly
  • It can be helpful in the storage of solid wines.
  • It restricts children from accessing your drinks.
  • Ensure it has a key and lock.

12. Small Bar Shelf Ideas

Small Bar Shelf Ideas

Image Source: Renoguide

This compact home bar includes everything you need to prepare and enjoy your favorite cocktails without wasting valuable floor space. Perfect for a second, more handy home bar in the bedroom or game area. You’ll need a couple of wood pallets, sandpaper, nails, and a day to complete the project.

To achieve this masterpiece:

  • Paint the wall in complete white.
  • Get a wooden wine pallet.
  • Hang to wall and arrange your cellars.
  • Design a specific column to accommodate wine glasses.
  • Put a mini cupboard beside it to have other things. You are sure to have an organized space with this arrangement.

13. Wall Shelf Bar Ideas

Wall Shelf Bar Ideas

Image Source: Funterior

Do you know you can convert your rusty or perhaps, new wall bookshelf to a bar shelf? A wall bar shelf sounds funny, but yes, it is something you can do. Rather than installing another shelf that could take space, this idea is a great way to conserve space in your home in addition to a unique and stylish touch. Finally, you’d only need a little refurbishing by installing wine racks and other bar features to have your bookshelf on a bar shelf.

In reality, the bookshelf home bar can be:

  • A way to manage space, especially if you’ve got a small one
  • Easily decorated to fit a proper bar shelf

14. Elf on the Shelf Bar Ideas

Elf on the Shelf Bar Ideas

Image source:Pinterest

When it is Christmas time, everyone is always joyful because it is another season of the year to feast and celebrate with family and friends. The idea of celebrating Christmas at the very end of each year also compliments the new year festival, making the end of the year the best season for holidays, chilling out, and sharing memorable moments.

It is also that time when you see beautiful decorations all over the place. Elf on the bar shelf is one popular trend among bar owners.

  • It depicts solidarity; a gentleman who would always try to make it up with the ladies
  • Shows embracement of Christmas activities

15. Man Cave Bar Shelf Ideas

Man Cave Bar Shelf Ideas

Image source:TMJ

Metal shelves are suitable for storing your wines and drinks in your man sanctuary. They are durable and are in diverse forms, styles and finishes. All you need to do is find the one most suitable for your needs. While having a time out alone or chilling with friends, you don’t want to stress yourself climbing chairs or tables before selecting a drink.

Furthermore, metal shelves for liquor storage can:

  • Be an effective way to your drinks and glasses
  • Be durable and strong to hold several bottles and glasses.
  • You don’t have to worry about moving out or changing location as it is mobile.
  • It has enough lightning to brighten your mood.

16. Floating Shelves Bar Shelf Ideas

Floating Shelves Bar Shelf Ideas

Image Source: Etzy

This bar shelf is most suitable for small bar spaces. If perhaps you have a small bar area, installing the floating shelf would be just perfect for you. Floating bars are particularly suitable for persons considering having a bar area alongside conserving space.

It is also perfect for people who desire a mini bar with a few drinks. Floating shelves are sophisticated, sleek, and appear modern. They have a way to add aesthetics to your bar area.

Furthermore, floating shelves also help you:

  • Add a fanciful look to your home space
  • Place things at the exact places they are needed
  • Run some light through them to create a fantastic display.
  • To store items and organize home apparatus.

17. Pallet Bar Shelf Ideas

Pallet Bar Shelf Ideas

Image Source: Homesthetics

Pallets are recognized to be an incredible resource for DIY projects or any activity around the house that involves wood because they are reasonably easy to locate, inexpensive, and modular, making them easy to deconstruct and scale simultaneously. They typically contain a mixture of hardwood essences filled with grain, giving them a graphic yet rustic appearance. 

  • They mainly shine in outdoor furniture and indoor rustic interior design.
  • They’re durable and resilient. 
  • A complete portfolio of unique pallet bar ideas demonstrates how this wooden resource can be used indoors and outdoors as a bar that can easily and quickly highlight your event.

How Far Should Shelves Be Apart?

The variety of shelves that have been enumerated is tremendous and could be a good fit for your needs. When installing a shelf, you may want to consider one that is the perfect size and shape for your apartment. What this does is conserve space and make good use of them.
Hence, shelves should not be too high or low but moderately fixed in the bar to accommodate the necessary liquors.

  • A considerable distance should be given also while arranging your drinks
  • Cups and mugs should be separated (Each glassware should have a place)
  • If clumsy, it could be not easy to use.

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How to Style Bar Shelves

You can also consider the items to be stored on the shelf. You would want to ensure the shelf is durable enough to keep your bottles and glasses. The bar type you have determines the shelf to use.

  • Use frames that suit your bar.
  • Having loads of bottles only means considering shelves that can accommodate them.
  • The frames should not be too high or low to be reachable and accessible. 
  • You may also ensure that your bar is kept neat at all times. That way, you’d have it easy to navigate it.

How to DIY Bar Shelf Ideas

The first step is to determine how broad and tall your shelf unit will be and how many pieces you will construct. This is an example of a DIY bar shelf idea. You will require the following materials:

  • 4 pieces of 22-inch wood ( for the poles)
  • 5 pieces of 8-foot-long standard boards ( cut up to 14 bits for the shelves), 
  • screws (drywall screws are used!), 
  • tiny corner brackets, stain – any color you like
  • spray paint in black (to paint the poles)


  1. Cut the wood into sizes.
  2. Make an L-shaped wall bracket to brace the cabinet firmly to the wall.
  3. Spray the wood with a dark color.
  4. Install to the ready-to-use shelf to the wall.


Home shelves ideas vary. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another in terms of taste and style. However, regardless of how technologically advanced the world may seem, home bar shelves are vital as they not only serve as storage for liquor. They also serve as a means to beautify the home.

The color of your walls, the size of the room and the budget are things to consider before diving right into installing one. For more home improvement ideas, visit Guy About Home today!

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