The living room is the central hub of any home. It sees the most activity from your family, friends and of course all the new guests that would visit your home.

You do most of the entertaining in your great living room, enjoying some cold drinks, watching the game or going through family highlights in home videos of your recent vacations.

Positioning is everything when designing your living room; you want all your chairs to be in close enough proximity to each other well. Having chairs too far apart that you have trouble conversing with each other can be annoying.

No matter where you make your home, be it an apartment, duplex, condominium or a detached house, the layout you decide to go with should help enhance the features of your living room.

Apartment living Pinterest living room decor

Source: Pinterest

Take a look at this simple but elegant design; the furniture is laid out by the large window to accent the view to the outside. It also maximizes the natural light entering the room.

The chairs are within earshot of one another, and the walls are decked out with art pieces or pictures of frames in various sizes, allowing the wall to pop out at you.

The large rug is a nice touch as well, a great contrast to the hardwood floors and it creates an invisible border separating the living room from the rest of the living space.

Two-tone design Pinterest living room decor

Source: Pinterest

Here is another beautiful example of how one takes into account the natural features of the room, meaning the substantial windows and hardwood floors.

If your furniture is angular in shape choose decorations that have the opposite form, in this case, the decor on the coffee table is cylindrical or round. The contrast this provides is eye-catching and its simplicity makes the whole ensemble look elegant, to say the least.

The use of dual tones at to the overall sophistication of the design as well.

Darker class Pinterest living room decor

Source: Pinterest

Here the use of darker colors make the living room all the more classy, the dark shades in almost every piece of furniture make the whole place inviting. The overall design exudes sophistication, the lamp with the black shade, the painting of the woman in a black dress in a black frame looks magnificent to behold.

The chandelier is a nice contrast to the black colors and is picture perfect. Similar to how the night sky can be inviting the allure of this design is something anyone with good taste should emulate.

Wholly Rustic Pinterest living room decor

Source: Pinterest

This design style works for homes that were built with natural materials, in particular wood or timbre. It can be used as a contrast in design as well but in this case the entire motiff of this home is based on natural colors.

The couch looks modern and immensely comfortable, it has the brownish color as the rest of the room, making it fit right in. The wood furniture blends in with the rest of the house seamlessly. The use of the large rug separates the living room completely even though there are no walls or dividers close by.

White & Gray Pinterest living room decor

Source: Pinterest

Fashion your living room escape with a blend of white and gray. The minimalist design of mostly white has a nice relaxing aura about it. White being the cleanest tone in existence exudes simplicity and sophistication.

The gray throw pillows on the couch and accents of similar shade around the room provide accents that stand out. The contrast in shape of the decorations around the room make everything come together.

Beach House vibe

Source: Pinterest

One does not necessarily need to live at the beach to have a beach house vibe in the living room. The coral paintings, rustic tray and the light colors go hand in hand with the bleached coral on the coffee table. The use of circular or cylindrical decorations is true in this style as well

Earth Green

Source: Pinterest

Going green has not been any more satisfying than lounging the day away in your forest green living room. Take note of the painting of the peacock beside a couple of plants to give you the surreal feeling of being in a forest.

Notice the same blueprint being used in almost all the designs so far. Contrast in colors, wall art and decorations shaped differently than the furniture. Choosing emerald tones is a bold statement of your how much your love mother nature

Blued you

Source: Pinterest

Deep royal blue has its place throughout this living room, from the walls, to the couch, the color of the ocean is present. The wooden side table brings contrast to the rest of the living room, the paintings with white borders do the same. This design would be perfect for the artists or art connoisseurs alike.

White and light

Source: Pinterest

Spacious living room with a white couch set to match the white floors and ceilings. An abundance of natural light streaming for the large windows and the white furniture effortlessly reflecting the light throughout the room. The wooden tables, chair and cream colored, rug make a nice contrast to the rest of the room.

Timeless Black and White

Source: Pinterest

You can’t go wrong with this timelessly modern design of mixing both black and white. The black furniture tastefully positioned throughout the room contrasts the white walls vividly making the furniture pop out. The gray couch caught somewhere in the middle of both worlds lay suspended in .both


There are so many design styles to choose from, one just needs to follow their tastes and visualize what would suit your personality better. All you have to do is follow the blueprints of living room design.

Make sure to make the entrance of your home as open as possible, layout your sofa set and chair in a manner where everyone is within earshot of each other.Whatever color theme you decide on be sure to create contrast in colors.

The decorations you choose for your coffee table should be a different shape than your furniture. Use a nice rug to accent your living room. Do these and you cannot go wrong.


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