We all grew up watching cartoons, and we loved identifying ourselves with some characters, wearing merchandise that had their logos on them. As people grow up, here are some who never let go of those moments they experienced as children, and they turn them into art.

One of the most diverse characters from back in the day that still exists is the famed Ninja Turtles. For those that still feel a strong connection to their childhood memories, they can get the chance to immortalize that by trying out the following ninja turtle room décor ideas.




Being 2D art, you can use the images of all the ninja turtle characters as stickers, placing them against any available surface that you deem fit. This could be on wardrobes, walls, the ceiling, the floor, the chairs, and simply any part of the room that has an inch of space.

The biggest advantage of stickers is that they are small, which makes it possible to use as many of them as possible, giving you a wide variety to choose from so that you can break the monotony of using the same piece of art over and over again.

Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark Art


Kids love sleeping in a room full of art, and if ninja turtles are their favorite characters, then you can spice things up by placing art that glows in the dark. This can come in the form of painted art using paint that glows in the dark, or you can use ready-made stickers of varying sizes to create a montage of ninja turtle images.

You can choose to simply use the faces only, their iconic masks, or use life-size models.

Wall Art




You could also go with full-blown wallpaper that covers an entire wall from one end to another. Since there are four ninja turtle characters with distinct colors, you can start by applying those calls to each of the four walls if you are trying to revamp your child’s bedroom.

Once you have the colors down, you can add some art of each of the four turtles. This could be their entire body art or just their heads. Another creative option you can try is to simply draw their mask ribbons on one wall and add their respective eyes in a single line from the top.


TNT Covers


The assumption here is that most of the décor is installed in a child’s bedroom; it would be hard to set up this kind of art in the living room or outside the house unless you are a bonafide nerd who is into all types of cartoon characters.

For the bedroom, you can have bedsheets with ninja turtle art as well as pillowcases, mats, towels, and any other fabric related things that you can find in a child’s bedroom. You don’t have to go through the trouble of creating them on your own; they can be bought ready-made from any online platform like eBay or Amazon at affordable prices.


Ninja Turtle Themed Bed


Baby rooms need baby chairs and tables made out of plastic can have ninja turtle art displayed on them. This can also be used on their toy corner, where you can set up a mock house for them with everything inside, including the tent exhibiting ninja turtle characters in colorful shades.

The beds can also be designed in the shape of the car used by the ninja turtles when fighting crime in the city. You could add wheels and a steering wheel for the child to play with before bed.

To add more realism, you can extend the art onto the wall, drawing the outline of the city to create the impression that the bed is carrying the turtles into the city to fight crime at night. There are so many creative touches that can be added to this setup.

Ninja Lanterns



How about turning the entire bedroom into a beautiful carnival with an array of lights that emanate from ninja turtle themed lanterns? You can set up different lampstands, each with the color of each turtle for a mood lighting effect, and have them light up at the same time to create a beautiful clash of bright colors in the room.

The lanterns don’t need to be too big as that may create a harsh glare, and that is not ideal. They have to be lightweight enough to be hung from the ceiling for the best effects.


Children have perfect memories, and setting up their bedrooms with images and art of their favorite characters will always make things exciting for them. If you have run out of décor ideas, feel free to drop by and visit our website, and you are guaranteed of stumbling into some very unique bedroom décor ideas that will transform any interior space.