If some people had their way, they could set up their bathrooms out in the open, to be one with nature. Unfortunately for them, public nudity is frowned upon heavily across all borders. But if you can’t take your bathroom to the garden, why don’t you bring the garden to the bathroom? The following are some of the innovative garden tub décor ideas that may help you revamp your interior space.

Hanging Plants For Garden Tub Decor

Hanging Plants


There are countless varieties of small hanging plants that can add an aesthetic touch to your bathroom, allowing a breath of fresh air into such a closed and limited space. You can have the plants and flowers hang from vases that are hinged to the wall, and if they grow too tall and too fast, you can always trim them every chance you get.

You just need to ensure that the windows of your bathroom are as big as possible to allow in as much light as they can since that is important for the plants.

Shelf Plants

Potted Shelf Plants


You can also set up shelves on the bathroom walls overlooking the bathtub and place flower vases and plant pots on them. The type of plants that do well in this kind of arrangement is the short and stubby ones like the cactus plant. The type that doesn’t grow too fast and doesn’t require too much maintenance.

Where shelves and potted plants are involved, you have to be very cautious with the construction to avoid having to clean the mess that would be caused if they were to fall onto the bathroom floor or, worse, into the bathtub.

Wooden Tray

Wooden Tray


You could also get up close and personal with your potted plants by using a wooden tray. Basically, this is a plank of wood that can be set across the bathtub and can be used to provide support to anything light enough, like a vase of plants that you want close by when you are relaxing in the water.

The one advantage to this setup is that it is portable and can be moved at any time. The drawback is it is unstable, and everything can come tumbling down into the water if you happen to hit it accidentally.

Glass Vessels

Water Plants


If you are a fan of water plants, then this would be the best bet. You simply fill up a clear glass jar with water and drop in some water plants, placing them near a window. They are the best looking of all garden tub ideas on this list as you get to see the whole plant from the roots upwards to the leaves.

The glass vessel has to be placed on something with good stability to avoid falls and breakages. Water plants also require the least amount of attention because they are already in the water.

The only thing you have to be wary of is their rapid growth. Keep pruning them regularly to stop them from becoming too big.

Decorate Garden Tub With Aquariums

Bathroom Aquarium


How about relaxing in the bathtub, sipping a glass of wine slowly to some slow music, and an aquarium of fish gracefully swimming about just ahead of you?

Aquariums are usually associated with living rooms and areas where people frequent a lot, but they can work very well in the bathroom, too, especially when they are well lit. You can have a bathroom aquarium set up against a wall, strategically placed to allow you the best view possible.

But you will have to be careful not to let anything foreign other than food fall into the water as that could harm the fish. So keep all your soaps and other bathroom items on the other side to avoid harming the fish.

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You know those smooth stones you can find in streams; those can be used to add a classy touch to the bathroom setting. Collect the pebbles and store them in glass jars that you can use to hold candles.

Mix them up in terms of sizes and colors for better effect and place them strategically around the bathroom area. All you have to do is to ensure that they are cleaned off any dust and are dry when placed inside the glasses to avoid mustiness.


The bathroom is one place where people spend a lot of time, and you should always strive to make it as comfortable and conducive as possible. It should be serene enough for you to do some reading or listen to music, among many other calming things.

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