Salons are communal spaces that are frequented by a diverse group of people every day. Like most business establishments like spas, places that offer beauty services have to look good as well because appearances matter.

When setting up a salon, there are many décor ideas you can implement to make space inside stand out. The following are some of the best salon suite décor ideas for you to try out.





Lighting is the most important décor aspect of any salon suite. It has to be set up in such an intricate way that doesn’t make the lights too harsh on the eyes while at the same time bright enough for the best visibility.

Striking this balance can be hard without the help of a professional, so you have to spare some funds for that if you want to get the best lighting setup. Make use of LED lights that can be hidden away under boards, stairs, and crevices all over to create that casting effect you see in opera halls.


Colorful Walls


Don’t use too many colors in one place. Go with one or two that will complement the lighting in every room. White is the best interior color you can choose as it will amplify every light that bounces off the interior walls making the room look much brighter and cleaner.

If you have to mix up colors, make sure they gel well into each other; the last thing you want is to have a combination of colors that clash as that will stand out as a sore thumb, and clients ignoring such is hard. Aim to go with minimalism.

Wall Art

Wall Art


Many salon suite layouts make the mistake of only displaying images of services they offer. That is why the only wall art you get to see when you walk into a typical salon would be girls with fancy hairstyles. That should be limited to the catalog book for clients.

Try something new by adding a different and unrelated type of art on the salon suite walls instead; it could be an abstract painting, the logo of the business, anything that will stand out and catch the attention of anyone who even passes outside the doors. Take advantage of the lighting to make any art really pop.


Salon Mirrors


Mirrors are part and parcel of the beauty industry, and an establishment like a salon that purports to dabble in the said beauty has to have mirrors dotting its entire space.

Rather than position salon mirrors anywhere, you can strategically mix different sized mirrors on the walls to create some form of art with them, killing two birds with one stone as they can still be used by clients to check themselves out once they have their hair or faces done.

The mirrors can be designed in various shapes; you could go with circular ones, rectangular ones, and even star-shaped ones. The more varied their shapes and sizes, the better the final result, so pay attention to that when buying them.

Product Displays

Product Displays


Salons are home to thousands of beauty products, from hair to skin creams to lipsticks and anything else that you can imagine. All these are usually bought for use as well as for sale.

You can create a beautiful product display for them inside the salon, made of good looking shelves and impeccable lighting to draw the attention of anyone that comes in for services. The display can be placed behind glass or simply on open alternative shelves against the wall for easy inspection and picking.

The more the variety of products in your possession, the more elegant this display setup would look. Especially if they come packaged in colorful bottles and boxes.


Hanging Plants


Indoor plants are another great way of spicing up the interior of a salon suite. Not only do they add some fresh air into the mix, but the contrast they create against the backdrop of bright colors and lighting is usually a sight worth marveling up.

You will need to have them in pots and vases to ensure that cleanliness is maintained at all times. The sizes and the number of plants depend on the available space.

This setup should be done in moderation; too much of the plants and the whole salon will start looking like an indoor greenhouse. You should also watch out for soil mites.


A salon suite has to look its utmost best at all times for it to stand any chance of attracting customers and getting repeat clients. As much as the services are important, it is also the ambiance of the place that makes someone consider coming back again.

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