Decorating your outside space can be a lot of fun and at the same time a bit daunting. You might get caught up in choosing the right plants, or be engulfed in choosing the best decorative paving slabs.

You need to keep in mind a lot of different factors when selecting patio decorating ideas.

Such as choosing the kind of outdoor furniture to utilize on your patio, will the patio be a place to eat meals or is it going to be exclusive just to relax and lounge? Select furniture to fulfil that purpose. Also, when selecting furniture, consider the material they are made of. You need to factor in how they will hold up outside against the elements.

Patio decorating ideas

patio ChairSource: Knock Off Decor

Multifunctional furniture

This would be optimal when deciding what furniture to purchase and include to your Patio decorating ideas on a budget. Instead of having a side table function only to hold decorations you can choose to buy something like this three-piece set of two seating pouffes with an outdoor table.

Notice how each of the seating pouffes is built? They can be used as a side table when you don’t have too many visitors and can be pulled out when you do.

The centre table opens up and can also be used as a storage compartment for miscellaneous outdoor items. This is vital when trying to come up with small patio decorating ideas.[G29]

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Comfortable chairs

Including really comfy chairs should be on the top of your list when figuring out the best patio decorating ideas. Choose chairs with thick cushions to make your time outside ultra comfortable.

The only drawback to having thick cushions for outside use is that you need to bring them inside when it rains or better yet find cushions that are waterproof. If you cannot find any waterproof pillows at the store, then order waterproof cushions online through Amazon.

If you are feeling up to it, make your own waterproof pillows and cushions using old shower curtains or vinyl fabric. Watch this instructional video on how to make waterproof pillows using a shower curtain here.

If you want to use regular furniture for outdoor use, then you will need to spray a heavy duty water repellent on the furniture like a scotch guard. This product works well in blocking water from damaging your furniture.

If you live in an area where it continually rains, then it can get expensive because the directions state that once the furniture is exposed to rain, it is recommended to apply another coat of Scotchguard water shield to prevent water from seeping in your furniture.

This may be a better option if you have a covered patio the Scotchgard[G45]  will help prevent moisture from ruining your non-waterproof furniture, and you won’t have to apply it too often since your furniture will not be in direct contact with rain.

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Cinder block bench

This project is perfect for those looking for great patio decorating ideas on a budget. Cinder blocks are inexpensive and durable, just add a little cement to solidify your structure’s design. If it’s good enough for buildings and skyscrapers, it should be good enough for the patio right?

In case you have leftover cinder blocks from a previous project then I highly recommend building your very own cinder block bench for your patio or backyard. It has all the properties of furniture that would be perfect for the outdoors.

As you can see in the pictures, it is reasonably self-explanatory on how to build a cinder block bench. Watch this step by step video to guide you on how to create a cinder block bench.

Since it is stone, the cinder block bench is waterproof for sure. It is sturdy and to be more comfortable; you can add some soft cushions to the finished project. Feel free to paint it and give it a colour scheme that you would love to see on your patio on a daily basis.

You can make as many benches as you need and if you want a fire pit for your patio or backyard, cinder blocks would be perfect for building one cheaply.

Craigslist logo

Utilize Craigslist

It is an excellent tool for finding pre-loved furniture for a right price. This is an attractive option for people that are looking for unique patio decorating ideas on a budget. Sometimes people will post furniture on craigslist offering them for free because they just want the item out of their home for whatever personal reasons they have. It is a rare occurrence, but it does happen.

In case you have not tried buying used furniture before don’t worry it is not that different from buying brand new. It is often even better because you get to how time affects specific materials after a period of use and you can then gauge if you want something for your home or not.

For small damages from wear and tear it is still cheaper to get something reupholstered that buying an entirely new piece of furniture. If that is not your cup of tea then that’s fine, Amazon is only a click away.

Ladder ShelfSource: Pinterest

Ladder Shelf

Another inexpensive way to maximize space. Great option if you are looking for innovative patio decorating ideas on a budget. The ladder shelf looks fantastic as a multilayer side table for your patio. It also works excellently as a vertical garden for your plants.

Rope-wrapped terracotta potsSource: Pinterest

Rope-wrapped terracotta pots

Terracotta is perfect for the outdoors; it was primarily built for it. Wrapping some hemp rope or any rope for that matter enhances the look of the terracotta pot. It makes it look more expensive and adds a layer of hardened material to make it all the more durable to the elements.

You can even make use of these rope wrapped terracotta pots to create a stylish side table for the inside or even the outside areas of your home. They look very fashionable and this is undoubtedly a winner if you are looking for unique patio decorating ideas.

Herb gardenSource: Pinterest

Herb garden

Tired of buying various cooking herbs at the grocery every single time you go food shopping? Then growing your herbs for all your cooking needs is the answer. Good to have as a nice addition if you are still deliberating about patio decorating ideas, then look no further.

Easy to build from scratch or you can use a ladder shelf to hold your very own pizza herb garden on your patio. This project will work no matter what the size of your patio is. Not only will you save money by not having to buy herb ingredients at the supermarket, but you will also have some sweet eye candy for your patio as well.

Corner succulentSource: Pinterest

Corner succulent

In case growing herbs for cooking does not appeal to you, check out these mini gardens that would look superb in an empty edge of your patio. Succulents need minimal water, and they seem fabulous all the time. A beautiful addition to bringing some life and colour to your patio design.

There are several options on how to maximize your empty corner and start growing your garden. The design using cinder blocks is very artistic to behold, and the simple two-tiered planter looks incredible as well.

You can choose to go all out and get the three-tiered cascading planter or just use a ladder shelf for your plants; either one would be a fantastic addition to your patio design.


Space should not be an issue when designing your patio; It can look beautiful no matter what size your patio is. Choose multifunctional furniture to maximize space and astound guests alike. Make sure you choose the most comfortable furniture which will last against the elements, make things waterproof when needed.

Cinder blocks are great building tools for when you want something built strong and cheap. Try making that cinder block bench and amaze yourself. Add some greenery to your patio by selecting one or all of the patio decorating ideas that involve plants. Life-giving plants will always be unusual.

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