The style of country kitchens is even more popular now than ever. One doesn’t necessarily need to live in the country to have a country kitchen; this design style will astound no matter if you live in the city, suburbs, town or country.

It embodies that timeless classic beauty that we all love and admire. Also, you should know how to clean oven racks because a dirty one doesn’t count as country kitchen decor.

There are many ways to successfully incorporate country kitchen decor into your kitchen’s current layout and design. If you are thinking of redecorating your kitchen and giving it a more rustic theme, there are several country kitchen decorating ideas to help you with that.

Country kitchen decor

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Wood Kitchen countertops

It’s quite common to see granite or marble countertops, that has become somewhat of a norm for most modern homes in this day and age. What you don’t see very often is beautiful wooden countertops. There is nothing quite like seeing the grain of finished wood up close and personal.

Each type of wood has their unique grain; they also have different colours. So keep that in mind when selecting what kind of wood to use for your kitchen countertops. This in-depth guide about all the various types of wood which are commonly used as kitchen counters.

Wooden countertops are made by combining wood planks. There are three different options when choosing the wooden countertops. You can choose between the face grain, edge grain or end grain together. Each one looks different than the other just because it is a different side of the wood that is on the surface.

  • Face grain – This is the more decorative option and is a favourite for kitchen countertops. It is made by merging the surface or face of the wood planks. This option has the most beautiful grain.
  • Edge grain – Also called the vertical grain. This is made by combining the edges of wood planks in an upright position. It has long linear lines on the grain which represent the sawn ends of the trees growth rings.
  • End grain – This is made by combining the ends of the boards in an upright position revealing the radiuses of the trees growth rings. This is the ideal for butcher blocks because of its toughness. It is sometimes chosen for kitchen countertops as well.

If you are planning to redecorate your current kitchen and are looking to imbue a rustic theme to your overall kitchen design, start with upgrading your kitchen countertops to wood. This alone would be enough to instil a genuine country vibe to your kitchen’s ambience.

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Pendant lights

This is a far cry from the hanging light bulb that we used to turn on with a pull of the switch. These pendant lights exude style and sophistication but at the same time have a rustic element to them. A great kitchen decor idea.

The first thing you need to assess when choosing a design for pendant lights is what function will they serve. You need to decide what kind of light fixture, the correct height they will be hanging from all based on the lights immediate purpose. There are several options for functions as well.

  • Ambient lighting – This is lighting that illuminates the entire room. If you do not have enough light sources in your kitchen, then this might be the best option for you. Using your pendant lights as the primary source of light to provide ambient lighting.

In case you already have enough fluorescent or other light sources then you don’t need your pendant lighting to serve this function.

  • Task Lighting – Is basically when you need light to target a specific workspace like your kitchen centre island where you do most of the food and recipe preparation. The pendants light sole function is to illuminate your workspace and will not provide much ambient light for the room.
  • Accent lighting – Provides light for the sole purpose of highlighting specific features of the room. It is also a great option to highlight valuable decorations or personal achievements and the like. It is a good idea if you have a high-end wood countertop and would like to showcase the beautiful grain or showcase the marvellous colour of the wood.
  • Decorative lighting – If you already have sufficient ambient and task lighting for your kitchen, then you can opt to use pendant lights to feature the light fixture itself or the mild light it produces or even the shadow it creates on the wall.

Choose wisely when selecting pendant lights and arrange its height according to your required function. It is possible to use pendant lights for multiple purposes, you would just need to choose the correct light fixture to help you do that. Whichever option you choose will undoubtedly add to your country kitchen design.

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Vegetable or Fruit Rack

Another quick solution to add to your kitchen to quickly enhance the country style theme you are aiming for. Instead of keeping vegetables or fruits in your refrigerator’s chiller, you can opt to display how healthy you are living by storing them in a vegetable or fruit rack.

Of course, the rack would need to be made of any wood to boost your country-style theme. It will not work if you decide to go with a plastic or stainless steel rack. That would not go well with the country kitchen theme that you are trying to complete.

There are many different ways to make a vegetable rack yourself using reclaimed wood or even wood pallets. Of course, you can effortlessly buy vegetable or fruit racks on Amazon as well. This is one of the easiest country kitchen decorating ideas you can incorporate into your design.

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Rustic Spice rack

A great addition to any rustic kitchen. This will amplify your country kitchen theme. It is another goto option to boost the rustic ambience of your kitchen. Easy to make yourself by using new or reclaimed wood, even wood pallets would work when trying to make your rustic spice rack.

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Rustic Floating shelves

Floating shelves are always fantastic. Adding rustic floating shelves to your kitchen will be even more tantalising. Use reclaimed wood or plain old wooden planks to augment your country style kitchen theme. The impact of adding floating wooden shelves to your kitchen is huge.


There are many different things that you can add to your kitchen to enhance your country-style theme. You don’t necessarily have to do all the steps above. Just choose a few of the country kitchen decor options listed above, and each one will contribute to the overall effect of your country kitchen theme.


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