Mickey Mouse is a well known Disney franchise that has been entertaining generations of children the world over for decades. It would be impossible to find anyone alive right now who doesn’t have a clue on what the show was and is about.

If you have a child who is a fan, it is time to surprise them with a Mickey Mouse themed room. The following are some of the ideas you can implement.

Mickey Mouse Nursery



You can designate one corner of the toddler’s room into a Mickey Mouse nursery where they can go play with all their toys. You can add some Mickey Mouse decals on the wall or go all the way and do an actual life-size painting of their favorite Disney character on the wall.

If they are old enough to read, you can spell out their name using the same Mickey Mouse fonts with decals next to their bed. The size will depend on the space available, but you can go as big as you want, covering the whole wall from the bottom to the ceiling.

Beddings and Mats



You can have all the blankets, bed sheets, window drapes, and mats on the floor printed with the face and the name of the Mickey Mouse character; there’s no child in the world who won’t go crazy over this.

You can get various designs and colors to make the room more colorful and fun to hang around in. What’s more, you can even go a step further and get them matching pajamas and toys that bear the same Mickey Mouse character.

Wall and Ceiling Art

 Wall Art


Wallpapers and full-size paintings are another great addition to the Mickey Mouse décor ensemble. Dealing with ready-made wallpapers is always much easier and cheaper as they can be removed at any time without spoiling the walls.

Painting directly on the wall is only suitable for a house that you own; you can’t go around painting walls in rental houses as that will be a violation of the lease agreement and can get you into a lot of trouble.

You can limit the art to one wall or go all out and even paint something on the ceiling.


Mickey Mouse Chair


Mickey Mouse themed beds and chairs can also add some life to the child’s room. The beds can be designed like cars and painted with Mickey Mouse’s face all over to give the impression that the one sleeping on the bed is the driver.

Branded plastic chairs and a small table can be fit into one corner of the room to create some sort of playing ground for the child, something they can do for a little while before being tucked into bed.




Mickey Mouse branded lanterns could also work very well. Replace normal light bulbs with lanterns that have colorful lampshades that feature some form of Mickey Mouse art. You could have about three different colorful lanterns, hanging them in various places around the room.

This can turn the whole bedroom into a dazzling display of colors, something that would make going to bed something worth looking forward to for your child.

Glow in the Dark Stickers



You can choose to go with normal stickers that can be placed on walls, doors, windows, and the ceiling. They can either be small or large or even a mix of both for the sake of variety and breaking the monotony of using similar items over and over again.

Another brilliant touch would be to use glow in the dark stickers that transform the walls of the room into a dazzling display of ambient lighting once the main lights are switched off.


Children love colorful things. When decorating their rooms with this kind of décor, make sure you incorporate as many colors as you can for the best results. Another thing you need to keep in mind is to not overdo it. Leave some parts of the room free of any form of art to create that contrast when someone walks in.

The directions you can choose to go with this Mickey Mouse setup are unlimited. If you happen to hit a dead wall, which is normal, we will be there for you. Our website is full of creative ideas on interior design and home décor plans that will come in handy for you, so don’t hesitate to pop by when you get some time.

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