There is absolutely nothing wrong with going for a minimalistic design. But, there is also nothing wrong with nice kitchen decorations, unless you do it too much! Adding a little bit of style can liven up your kitchen’s ambience. Maybe a small poster here, some decorative pieces of a spoon and/or fork there, and voila, you have taken the first step.

Cute Kitchen Wall Decor For A Nice Kitchen
Cute Kitchen Wall Decor For A Nice Kitchen

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Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas: Importance 

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas
Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Style is heavily about preference. Therefore, decorations can be subjective. As far as inspirational garden quotes go, it is famously said by Robert Louis Stevenson;

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.”

This means that it might not all go as planned on the first try. Nonetheless, we will outline the best kitchen wall decor around. Should you want to add one or two, or all of them, is entirely up to you. Let us look at some nice kitchen wall decor ideas for that amazing kitchen!

#1 Cute Kitchen Decor: Posters / Wall Art / Picture Frames

Cute Kitchen Decor: Posters / Wall Art / Picture Frames
Cute Kitchen Decor: Posters / Wall Art / Picture Frames

Framed posters and prints that you would usually decide to put up in the living room would most likely also suffice as amazing kitchen decorations ideas. However, it is best to keep in mind that you should be strategic in its placement.

It would not do much good to put up decorations “where the action happens,” else, it would be easily splattered with sauces, ketchup, water, vinegar, oils, and whatever else. Hang paper-like or delicate wall decor in spaces where it is out of the line of fire. Literally.

Tip: the space between the ceiling and cabinets might be an excellent placement option for wall art.

Although you can always grab one off of some store’s shelf, the best thing about posters is that your own creativity is the limit. As shine as country kitchen decor themes, you can either buy or make your own! And no matter which of the two you choose, you can customise it to fit your liking. Don’t like the frame? Throw it out. Buy a different structure, or make your own. The picture inside is not your cup of tea? Take a picture of your cup of tea, print it, and replace the old one! It is that simple!

You will not have to follow a step-by-step guide on how to make posters or frame pictures, but you can if you feel you want or need to. There are many DIY guides out there.

A straightforward idea is to hang a framed picture of the entire family. After all, there’s a warmth in a family photo that is almost irreplaceable. And seeing that photo all the time when you eat with your family in the kitchen is a priceless accomplishment.

Plus, you can be creative with it. Ever thought about framing food recipes? Why not? You can choose to mount your favorite one, or your original one, or both! You can even go so far as to frame every recipe you like. Go for it!

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#2 Cute Kitchen Decor: Decorative Kitchen Shelves

#2 Cute Kitchen Decor: Decorative Kitchen Shelves
#2 Cute Kitchen Decor: Decorative Kitchen Shelves

Ironically, not only are these a great way to save space, but they are also a great way to add space. And they are also a bonus towards the ambience. When constructed right, shelves do wonders for the kitchen.

When you choose to add a decorative kitchen shelf, you open yourself up to a vast array of designs available. Also, as with many or all in this list, there is the DIY-route or a professionally made and installed route.

For DIY projects, you can basically use almost anything. The only point, after all, is to have a stable platform. However, in this case, it is best to consider aesthetics as well. A quick Google search should enlighten you with tons of DIY guides.

Also, depending on where you live, there are many professional services you can avail. From home renovators to your neighbour who is just looking for a job, I’m sure they are within reach.

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#3 Cute Kitchen Decor: Classic Spoon and Fork (wooden or otherwise)

Cute Kitchen Decor
Cute Kitchen Decor

Although this might be the most cliché thing in the world, I dare say it still works. The classic hanging spoon and fork (gigantic or otherwise) puts off an elegant vibe that just adds ambience and feel to your kitchen. It brings the “diner” experience to life, so to speak.

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#4 Cute Kitchen Decor: Wallpapers

4 Cute Kitchen Decor
4 Cute Kitchen Decor

Repainting the kitchen can be a herculean task. You have to move large furniture and a whole bunch of small breakable objects. Meaning you will have to exert much force in carrying objects but also be delicate, precise, and careful enough at the same time, so as to not to break the smaller ones.

If repainting is not what you fancy, then maybe putting up wallpapers is. Lovely as  cute kitchen decor ideas, the advantage of wallpapers over paint is that it is much easier to change. You will not have to go through the hassle of the repainting process over and over again. Whatsmore is that there is an almost unlimited selection of different wallpapers. You can go with any style you want.

May it be a sleek white with a clean finish, a more classy wood brown colour, or the leaf green tone which emulates nature. There are even more bizarre designs that can both intrigue and appeal.

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#5 Cute Kitchen Decor: Colour Scheme

Cute Kitchen Decor
Cute Kitchen Decor

Try not to mind the walls, and have a look at your kitchen’s colour scheme.Excellent as curtains to go with red couch, what does your kitchen look like? Does it have a dominant colour? We can also try to look at it from a different perspective. What colour is the biggest and most conspicuous object in the kitchen?

If your kitchen is next to the patio, it is also a great kitchen decor idea to check out the majority of the best stone for patio you used and what colour they are. You can use this as the basis to do the same with the kitchen.

With all these in mind, you can try to come up with a colour scheme for your kitchen. You can either repaint the cabinets, or you can repaint the walls. How about the tabletops? Try to stick to one dominant colour or at least one colour family, and add only “accents” to the rest of the area. With a bit of creativity and diligent work, you can have your kitchen looking great in no time!

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Put in the work

Whichever design you choose, what’s ultimately more important is the amount of commitment and dedication you pour into completing the chosen design. Inspired as decorating ideas for small living room, whether you go for a nice kitchen filled with posters, or you would maybe decide to do a complete overhaul of the entire space, what matters most is that you stick with it and see it through.

It may take days, and it may take hard labour. But trust us when we say, when you see the finished product, and when you have your family dine in the room you yourself spruced up, it will all be worth it! Especially when the ambience is a thousand times better and livelier than before.

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