Working in the kitchen doing household chores can seem like a never-ending task. Preparing food is undoubtedly one of the most repetitive daily routines, that’s why knowing how to clean kitchen sink would be vital to your family’s health.

It is necessary that we cook to feed our families and clean up to make sure that the house remains presentable. Doing that daily routine can get boring, that’s for sure.

Especially if you have to look at the same dreary old kitchen decor that has not been updated in a while. However, it’s actually simple. The trick is to enhance what is already there and make use of negative space. Here are a few examples to help revamp your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Kitchen decor ideas

Decorative Kitchen Shelves – Floating ShelvesFloating Shelves

Floating Shelves

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Here are a couple of good examples where space was maximised by adding several levels of floating shelves. This is doable for the negative space above or beside your stove top. In most kitchens, the area above the stove or oven is often left blank or empty of any decorations.

This is the perfect place for some decorative kitchen shelves!

The same goes for the space above the sink; you can covert that negative space and transform it into an area that will be visually new to everyone. This simple addition to your kitchen décor will be decorative and useful at the same time because it will provide additional storage.

The best part about this type of kitchen décor is that adding floating shelves to a wall will probably not break the bank. Although this won’t work if there is already a window located in front of the sink area, you can still add some shelves on each side of the window.  This is simply one of the best kitchen decor ideas I have come across.

Matching containers for everything

Matching containers for everything

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Sure we probably already have matching containers like the Tupperware we use for leftovers, or for various stuff that we put in the fridge or the cupboards, but have you ever thought of using the same exact containers for everything?

When  I say everything I mean everything, not just for sugar or flour but for breakfast cereals, all the different snacks you enjoy, cooking ingredients, all the various spices you use and everything else in between. Using the same type of container for items with similar functions look fantastic and is a great way to organise your kitchen.

You can also utilise inexpensive kitchen racks to store your prized kitchen accessories and tools. This way you can quickly reach for them when the need arises and appreciate your beautiful kitchen tools while they are not being used, keeping them on the rack makes them pull double duty as kitchen decorations as well.

Printable labels

7 Free Printables That Your Kitchen Needs

Source: Canva

This goes hand in hand with having matching containers for everything; you need to have some chic looking labels for each container. You can opt not to label them and just rely solely on memory, but the chances of you making a mistake are higher than having each item properly marked.

Imagine reaching for what you need and assuming you have the right ingredient when in fact it just looks similar to what is needed then you end up making a mistake inadvertently ruining the recipe. Utilizing labels will help avoid those type of scenarios from happening.

This guide has several unique methods on how to create eye-catching labels to help both boost productivity and enhance your kitchen’s design.

Build a Coffee bar

Coffee Bar

Source: Canva

What is the first thing we look for when we get up from bed? I bet most of you said coffee, or tea, well at least I know that is what the coffee or tea drinkers answered to my question. Creating your coffee bar can be an excellent treat for yourselves and your guests as well.

Instead of going to your nearest cafe and falling in line for your daily caffeine fix, consider investing in an espresso machine to be able to enjoy world-class coffee in the comfort of your own home. If you are worried about that cost, do the math real quick, how much do you spend at the cafe everytime you visit, then calculate how much you spend per week then per month and then per year.

I am sure you just surprised yourself just now, and a nice coffee or espresso machine will cost you but a fraction of that, there are a lot of different kinds to choose from. I recommend getting the one that has the best reviews, easiest to use and simple to maintain.

Other than being a pure treat for you to enjoy on a daily basis, your coffee bar will serve as a marvellous piece of decoration for your kitchen.

Kitchen Wall Art

Kitchen Wall Art

Source: Pinterest

You may have noticed the edgy looking wall decor on the coffee bar pictures, I advise you to emulate that design for your coffee bar but why stop there. You can decorate your empty walls with some wacky, insightful, useful and beautiful wall art.

Paintings and murals will undoubtedly cost a bit more than decal stickers, choose the ones that fit your style and go with that. Wall art is easily purchased through Amazon, or if you have a perfect printer and want to save some money, you can conveniently search free printable wall art in Google. All that would cost you is the ink in your printer and the medium you decide to stick it on.

Adding a chalkboard on your wall or getting a stand for it to write your daily menu would be a nice touch to enhance the ambience of your kitchen. Most nice restaurants have chalkboards that have the day’s specials written on it.

You could do the same or just have one to make preparing daily meals more efficient for you and your family, not to mention it’s going to look extra cool as well.

Here are some affordable options to make this happen, you can purchase a whole chalkboard, use chalkboard paper and stick that to a wall or plywood, use chalkboard spray paint and spray directly to the surface you want to make into a chalkboard.

Paint your Cabinets

Blue Cabinets

Source: Pinterest

Another great way to save money and at the same time revamp your kitchen space is by repainting your kitchen cabinets in a fresh new colour. If you have kitchen cabinets that are finished with a varnish then just clear coat which you are probably tired of looking at for the past several years then you can certainly take the time and repaint it.

It will seem like you got a new set of cabinets when in fact you just slapped on a few coats of fresh paint on them. If you are not sure how to get started, here is an in-depth guide to walk you through the whole process of repainting your kitchen cabinets.

Choosing a darker tone for your kitchen cabinets could be an option, or you may want to choose cooler colours like blue or green. Whatever you decide on, will make your kitchen seem like an entirely new space, so it is definitely worth the effort.

Maximize your kitchen Island

Kitchen area

Sources: Canva

Having bar stools on our kitchen islands is the norm, and it does work nicely for when you need to eat a quick meal and clean up right after. Why not take it a step further, convert it into a full dining area with its own “dining table” and a complete set of chairs.

Redecorating in this fashion will not only improve the overall appeal of your kitchen island but also make life a bit easier for you and yours to have a quick meal together without going through the hassles of setting the dining table in the dining room.

If you will notice on the pictures above, all that is needed is an old couch, if you just recently upgraded your sofa in the living room then transfer the one that used to be there to your kitchen. Grab a beautiful table big enough for your family along with a set of chairs you have lying around and then you have it. Your center island second dining room.

Repaint the kitchen wallsKitchen wall paint


Nothing makes a room pop out like a good dose of colour. This might be a good idea for you if you have not repainted your kitchen walls since forever. It would make the entire kitchen feel like a new room.

Similar to if you decided to paint your kitchen cabinets, choose one, or the other, or you can even do both if you so desire. Repainting the walls is definitely on the top of the list of beautiful kitchen decor ideas, and it is immensely affordable to boot.

You can choose a darker tone if you’re an artist or maybe single and want to be mysterious. Choose lighter colours for a more relaxing vibe for your kitchen, or you can choose loud colours to make your walls pop out.

Tile it Up

White wall design

Source: Pinterest

An excellent alternative to painting your kitchen, you can choose to use tile to spruce up your kitchen walls. This type of remodelling may require a reasonable budget for the cost of the tiles and the workforce to install them. It would be awesome if you can manage to fix it yourself but to hire a professional might be a better option in case you do not have any experience.

Using tile in your kitchen will give it that extra sophisticated look since you do not see tiles too often in kitchens. You don’t have to cover the entire wall, part of it will do, and it will work as a lovely accent to your overall kitchen decor.


There are undoubtedly many available options to overhaul a dull kitchen. Choose several from the nine listed above, and you will be feeling lucky that you did. It won’t take a tremendous budget to remodel your kitchen, just your focus and time. I hope the designs above stimulated your imagination as to the many possibilities of what you can do with your current kitchen.

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