Massage parlors are places of relaxation, spaces where you allow your body and mind to be at ease. This is why every massage space is usually filled with nice and calming scents alongside ambient kinds of music. This is not by accident.


There’s another important aspect of massage spaces that can also contribute to this serene mood, and that is massage room décor. The following are some of the best massage room decor ideas you can try out.

#1 Walls and Entrances for massage room setup ideas



The entrance to the spa is what creates the first impression on any client that walks through them; therefore, they really have to strike a chord on the spot. Something that will take their breath away while making them feel welcomed at the same time. What you should be going for is a dramatic touch, and this can be achieved by using a combination of bright colors, or you can go with imagery. Still not satisfied, find more inspiration after reading blue wall bedroom ideas

It could be art that depicts the core services that your establishment could be offering. However, make sure that the colors you use are in tandem with what will be found inside; they have to be calming, not wild and erratic.

#2 Furniture for massage room setup ideas

Massage Tables


Space is the most significant selling point for a spa; therefore, do not make the mistake of junking it all up with too many furniture pieces; that should actually be limited to the reception and the waiting area. Once a client walks into the main parlor, they should be greeted by as much space as possible.

The spa furniture that you may choose to have inside should exhibit a touch of art on the minimum. Don’t go with plain.

You could choose to go with similar colors that are dominant in the room and combine that with wood carvings and patterns that befit a classy, relaxing lounge.

#3 Floor and Ceiling for massage room setup ideas

Spa Floor


Floor and Ceiling décor are, without doubt, the most important side of any message space. The reason is simple; when the massage process begins, the client usually faces either the floor or the ceiling.This means that a huge chunk of the time they spend on the massage table, their eyes will be fixed on the floor or the ceiling; therefore, the wall décor has to be in line with the calming ambient atmosphere of the room.

The floor doesn’t need anything fancy; a simple wood finish with a nice pattern could do.

The ceiling décor is where nothing should be held back. You can go with painting directly onto the ceiling itself, and this could be in the form of any art that you fancy, something in line with the running theme of the whole establishment.

#4 massage room lighting

Ambient Lighting


Lighting is part of décor, too, and how you choose to use it is what will make or break the interior mood of the massage parlor. The secret to ambient lighting is to use gentle forms of lighting; at no point should there be any harsh source of light that creates an uncomfortable glare in such a closed room.

Some of the best lighting options at your disposal would be LED strip lights that come in various colors and can be well hidden away behind walls to cast that beautiful light against the walls.

Setting up such kinds of lights requires someone who has a good eye, which means you may have to hire a professional to handle that part for you.

#5 massage decor with wall art

Wall Art


The art you choose to hang on the wall depends on your budget and the space available. You’ll need a considerable amount of money to have framed paintings on the wall, or you can go with the cheaper option of painting art directly on the wall.

Another viable route you can take is buying ready-made wallpapers that can be stuck onto the walls. You have the freedom to have anything you feel will add character to space; just ensure that the colors used are in line with the main theme.

Still not satisfied, find more inspiration after reading spa wall decor ideas


Creativity should be the driving force when decorating a massage parlor. One thing that should be at the back of your head is calm colors; therefore, avoid red at all costs. Go for blues and mild versions of yellow. Create as much space as you can and make use of ambient lighting to the maximum. It is that beautiful spa decor experience that brings people back.

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