Crosses hold deep meaning for many people of the Christian faith, and being a religion practiced by over 2 billion people, it is not a surprise that many religious symbols associated with that faith have always found their way into homes as wall art. The following are some of the top cross wall decor ideas that you can give a try in your home

Wooden Crosses

Wooden Cross Art


The simplest form of cross wall art would be wooden crosses. Wood has been used as the main material for constructing crosses even in churches, and the reason behind that is that wood is widely available and easy to carry.

Curving it to produce any shape is also quite easy, and there’s always that freedom to add more artwork around and within it for a better effect. You can have the wooden cross hung over the fireplace or even on the entryway. Any place around the house that has ample wall space can work just fine.

Cross Paintings

Cross Wall Painting


This is the most convenient form as it doesn’t need other heavy materials like wood or metal. All you need is some creativity, wall space, and some paint. You can have several cross images painted directly on the wall if you own the house.

If you are a tenant renting the space, to avoid getting into trouble for defacing walls without authorization, you can use ready-made wallpapers that bear the image of a cross. This could also be in the form of stickers.

All you’d need is to plaster them on the wall and see how the space inside gets transformed.

Cross Crafts

Craft Crosses


This is where you use a piece of cloth to fashion out the sign of the cross on a blank picture frame or a plank of wood and hang it up from the ceiling or against the wall. You can add colorful combinations by using differently colored ribbons for that added effect.

Another addition you can try incorporating are pearls and jewelry pieces in the middle. If you are good at crocheting wool, you can also create the cross symbol on a small piece of the mat using intricate patterns to create a wholesome piece of art.

This can be hung on the wall independently, or you can choose to have it as the centerpiece on a tapestry.

Pearl Cross

A Cross of Pearls


This can be achieved by artistically creating a cross shape using shiny stones and emeralds. They don’t have to be the real thing; you could use synthetic ones made out of plastic. They just have to look authentic and shiny.

The size of the cross doesn’t have to be big, but it should be able to be imposing enough for anyone who walks into a room to see it clearly. You can switch things up by combining different colors.

You can use a wooden cross as the foundation; this will make the work much easier as all you’ll need to do is to apply some adhesive on the stones before sticking them on the surface of the wood until the clear outline of a cross can be made out.

Hang it on the wall or the door, any place that you fancy will work.

Cross Pictures

Cross Wall Picture


Another alternative to wall cross murals would be the use of cross pictures on the wall. These can be put into a single big frame, or they can be split up into several smaller sized frames then hung in the same place on the wall to create an artistic flow with gaps in between.

You could also set the frames in the form of a cross without necessarily using images of an actual cross. It could be images of flows or animals that have been broken up into bits.

This type of art would work best in the living room, where there’s ample space on the walls. Make sure the wall is free of any other thing to create contrast.


Although many people would view this form of decor as creepy owing to the belief systems around the world, for those that understand what their faith is all about, this could work for them both as interior space art while providing them with a chance to express their faith the best way they know-how.

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