Everyone wants to have a beautiful lawn. We invest a lot of time and resources to make our lawn and garden look picture perfect. Once you have achieved that, then you still need to spend countless hours maintaining the curbside appeal of your front lawn.

Artificial Grass

We have been inundated with the “norm” that we need to have natural grass growing on our lawn or backyard. Maybe we have just gotten too used to wasting weekend mornings mowing the front lawn and backyard that we forgot we have a choice.

Instead of using your resources to maintain and beautify your garden with natural grass and ground covers. Consider the alternative, the evolution and development of artificial turf has gone through significant strides.

Various leagues of professional sports have seen the benefits of Astro turf and have installed artificial grass in their respective venues.

7 Benefits of Artificial grass

Saves You Money


Water is a precious resource, we are fortunate enough to have it on demand. It is essential to all life, for us humans we need a minimum of eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy. Most animals and all plants require life giving water to survive.

For a lawn on a typical summer day, you need one hundred twenty-five gallons of water per one thousand square feet. People invest in sprinkler systems that activate several times a day to keep their grass healthy and lawns looking nice.

Up to thirty percent of the monthly water bill is due to all the water used for outside purposes. Imagine all the possible savings per month on your water bill, not to mention per year.

Gardener or Petrol

Some people hire gardeners to do the weekly maintenance, like moving the lawn and raking the leaves. If the plants need extra care, then the gardener would also treat the plants using compost tea or other gardening supplements.

All that costs money, which adds up to your monthly expenses. In case you do your lawn work or gardening yourself then you must know the monthly cost. There is the cost for the gasoline to operate gardening tools like your lawn mower, leaf blower, hedge trimmer.

Then you have to buy soil various soil amendments like fertiliser, Azomite, compost to nourish your grass and help it grow. There is also the question of when you need to aerate your lawn which needs to be done a minimum of once a year.

With artificial grass, you no longer need to worry about feeding your lawn with thousands of litres of water per month. An occasional hosedown maybe once a month should be enough to keep it looking awesome. Saving money is just the start of the benefits of artificial grass.

Saves You Time

Doing yard work on a Saturday or Sunday morning has become part of a never ending cycle which most have accepted as a regular part of life. Statistically, the average household spends seventy hours a month taking care of their front lawn or backyard.

Do you miss sleeping in on the weekends without having to worry about who will do the yardwork? It has become the norm for almost everyone to keep up with the Joneses. We get up, spend a few hours to make sure the front lawn is always mowed or what will the neighbours say.

Artificial grass is always picture perfect, so would never need to mow or trim the grass ever again. Keep you mover in the garage or sell it on Ebay. You would need to remove or blow away some dry leaves now and then but that’s it.


Don’t you hate it when you walk on the lawn right after a downpour, and your shoes get mucky? Maybe there have been occasions when the house pet got out after a thunderstorm and inadvertently created a muddy trail inside your home.

Puddles of water then to linger after a thunderstorm, and not just puddle but muddy, murky puddles of water. Artificial grass has excellent drainage, so there will not be any pools of water forming on your lawn or backyard.

Sometimes pet dogs love to dig and hide their bones in the yard creating a patch of brown dirt where there was once green grass. Fake grass for dogs is perfect, they cannot dig into it and it looks great all the time.

Once you have artificial grass installed; say goodbye to those scenarios because they are not happening again. Artificial grass for dogs is durable enough that pets cannot significantly damage them.

Environmentally Friendly

Artificial grass is known to last a very long time. After it’s first twenty years of maintenance free life in your home, you can have it inspected and repaired if needed. Some opt to have them replaced altogether, artificial turf is entirely recyclable and will not harm the environment.

Since you do not need to use petrol based machines to maintain artificial grass, it saves the environment from the emissions of such engines. Artificial grass does not require any pesticides or chemicals to stay pest free.

Unlike natural grass which needs periodically needs such things to kill pests. When water is added to the mix, the pesticides are then washed away to the drains which end up in the water supply or the ocean.

With artificial grass, you save tens of thousands of litres of water per year. Water is a very precious resource; we should not be wasting it because of a pre ordained notion that everyone needs real grass on their lawn and backyard.

Will stand the Test of Time

It is a fact that artificial grass can last up to twenty-five years with some necessary maintenance. Even then it will show minimal wear and tear which is easily repaired if the need arises. In the off chance, it does get too damaged to be fixed, replace the whole thing and recycle the old set.

Perfect for Family bonding

Artificial grass is ideal for the family because unlike natural grass it is much safer for children and the elderly. When you fall on natural grass, you risk scraping your knee or leg and maybe getting a wound.

Artificial grass has different kinds of infill. Depending on the purpose of the purpose of the grass you can choose to install a crumb rubber infill for play areas for children, making the grass safe to fall on. You can now enjoy your next garden party without worrying that someone will get injured in your backyard or lawn.

Always Green

During autumn or winter, natural grass turns yellow or freezes over. With artificial grass, you do not have that problem. Your front lawn and garden will look good with a lush green the whole year round. Never have to reseed or aerate your lawn again, if you install artificial grass.


The benefits of owning astroturf far outweigh any possible cons. There isn’t anything negative about installing artificial grass. You save money monthly; you get your time back on the weekends; which you can choose to spend however way you want.

There is little to no maintenance, and it will last for decades without any heavy lifting. You help save the environment by drastically saving water consumption. Foregoing petrol based machines for maintenance and avoiding chemicals to treat plantlife.

Choosing artificial grass over the real thing seems like a no-brainer. It would be nice to see more people enlightened to this greener, safer option for their lawns, gardens and backyards.

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