In this modern age, we have everything we need conveniently available at our local mall or supermarket. We live in a bountiful time of self-styled consumerism which environmentthankfully makes life a whole lot easier.


Since we use and consume so many goods plus services on any given day, we also produce a ridiculous amount of waste products. These byproducts end up loose in the environment wreaking havoc with nature and destroying the natural balance of things.

There are many significant but straightforward actions that you can do on a daily basis, that will ultimately have a substantial effect on the environment. You can find more useful ideas from the environment report about environmental due diligence.

Ways to help the environment

Avoid Buying Bottled Water

A seemingly harmless plastic water bottle is one of the most significant contributors to our landfills. Did you know that there are over one hundred million disposable plastic bottles are used worldwide every day.

An estimated one million plastic bottles are being used per minute, and only about nine percent of that is recycled. The rest is discarded and thrown into landfills or the ocean. Take into account all the petrol and other resources it takes to transport huge shipments of bottled water as well.

If you do not like the thought of drinking water straight from the tap, I completely understand. To alleviate any fears, you have about your tap water merely install a reverse osmosis filtration system under your kitchen sink.

It is the same filtration system used in most restaurants, and you drink water from your favourite restaurant all the time, right? A reverse osmosis water filtration system is not that expensive; it works by using water pressure to push the water through a series of filters.

The series of filters then trap any impurities the water may have, and you are left with great tasting, clean drinking water. You will need to make sure to stock up on the required filters, so when it comes time to change them out, you won’t have a problem.

Once you have a reliable source of clean drinking water coming from your tap, then all you need is a quality reusable water bottle. Think of all the money you will save by never having to buy plastic water bottles ever again, and this is one of the best ways to help the environment.

Start A Compost Bin

If you have never tried to compost before, don’t worry it is easier than you think. First, you need to select or purchase an acceptable compost bin. One that is either steel or plastic would be ideal, and its size should be handy enough to be stored under the sink.

Then merely set aside all your fruit and vegetable scraps after preparing the ingredients for every meal. Doing the fundamental task of keeping all the fruit and vegetable scraps then throwing them into the compost bin is a fantastic way to get started composting at home.

Once your indoor compost bin is full; take it outside to your compost pile. You can start a compost pile by digging a hole in the ground, or you can choose a sturdy plastic container. Better yet purchase a manufactured composter, it will make things much easier for you and your family.

Dump the contents of the compost bin into your compost pile then add an equal amount of “browns”. These would be your carbon sources such as the dried leaves in your yard or twigs, cardboard, paper and a whole bunch of carbon-rich sources.

Mix well then repeat, and there you have it, your very own compost pile. After a few months, all the trash that would have otherwise ended up in landfills and cause greenhouse gases has now become a rich compost for your gardening needs.

Opt To Go Paperless

For everything that you can control such as any services, goods, utilities, or business accounts which generate and monthly invoice or communication to you choose to go paperless. It is a simple process which you can opt in through most online accounts or call in.


Most cities and homes have bins that are colour-coded for recycling purposes. In case your city does not practice recycling, start recycling yourself at home. Segregate your waste into three separate containers, for biodegradable, non-biodegradable and kitchen or garden waste. This is still crucial, even though it is apparently a common recycling misconception not too.

Composting as discussed above is an excellent way to upcycle your food scraps. For other items that you end up throwing away try your best to reuse and repurpose them. Make sure to use an eco bag when you go shopping; disposable plastic bags are a bane to the environment.

Plant a Tree

Planting a tree is one of the best ways to reduce carbon footprint. What is carbon footprint you might ask, it is the total emissions caused by a particular event. For every gallon of petrol consumed that’s 10.4 kg of carbon dioxide released into the air.

There are many different ways on how to reduce carbon footprint, planting a tree is one of them. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen; more trees equals more clean air. Plant a tree today to help rejuvenate the planet.

Save Water

Water is one of the most precious natural resources on our planet. We only have a limited supply of it, but due to our technology, we can treat, purify and reuse water. However, it is a precious resource that we should never take for granted.

Have you ever considered using artificial grass for your home? Each household consumes a ridiculous amount of water just to make their lawns look nice. Artificial turf may be the answer.

Not only will you save up to thirty percent on your water bill per month but installing astroturf is one of the best ways to save the environment.

When washing your car don’t leave the hose running when you are scrubbing with a sponge. Don’t take too long in the shower, a good five or ten minutes is good enough, don’t take thirty-minute showers.

Collecting rainwater is even a recommended course of action. This saves the water from faucets you would have used for your car or garden.

Support Recycled Goods

Purchase products made from recycled goods. Most products made from recycled goods would have a tag indicating that fact. There are many different kinds of products that use recycled material, let’s do our part and support these businesses.

Save Electricity

Producing the energy we use is no simple matter. A lot of resources go into the production of electricity. If we are mindful of our energy consumption, that will go a long way to save the environment. You can refer to the

Turn off your any appliance when it is not being used, better to unplug it because even if it is off, but the power cord is still in the socket, then there is still some energy usage. Buy electronics products that have a high energy rating, look for products with an energy star tag.

Use LED light bulbs; they use up to seventy-five perfect less energy than the alternative.

Proper Disposal

Never through chemicals or used oil down the drain. These will end up in the ground somewhere the drain pipe ends or in the ocean. For used oil, you need to take the oil to your local gas station or garage, and they will take care of disposing or recycling it for you.

Proper disposal of used oil is essential to keep it from nature and to help save the environment.


Anything that has a gasoline engine creates a carbon footprint. Driving your car all over the place leaves a significant carbon footprint. For every gallon of petrol consumed there are 10.4 kgs of carbon dioxide produced.

Being a lone driver and contributing so much damage to the air is already alarming. Now multiply that by all the lone drivers in the city than the country then the world. To help save the environment from your carbon footprint; it is best to set up a carpool or take public transport.

If you want to eliminate your carbon footprint, then you can try riding your bicycle to and from work. Riding your foot powered bike is the greenest possible mode of transport. Not only will you help save the environment but doing that will help keep you in great shape as well.


There are many more ways that you can explore to help save the environment. We only have one planet to call our home, so let’s do our best to keep the earth healthy for a long time. Start with these 10 ways to save the environment and grow from there.

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