A home is never a home until a little bit of retouching on the interior space is added. The options are usually many, and they vary from wallpapers, wall art, the use of artistic tiles, or for those that have a knack for exotic tastes, Egyptian décor.

Egyptian living room decoration ideas are well known worldwide, and the following are some of the best that you can use to spice up your house.


Egyptian Chair


You could choose to go with furniture modeled in the shape of the various Egyptian symbols. The symbols could range from statues of Egyptian gods and the sacred animals that were associated with them.

You could go with sphinx heads at the end of the armrests on the sofas, or you could choose to have the headrest shaped like the head of a Pharaoh. Rather than regular sofas, there’s also the option of using an Egyptian bench with colorful drapes surrounding and a pillow on one end that one can use to lie back while reading a book or using their smartphone.

How you go about with the furniture pieces depends mainly on your creativity.




Hieroglyphs are some of the most famous Egyptian symbols ever found. There’s a certain mysticism in them, and using them as wall art can significantly improve the interior space inside your home.

Not only do they look magnificent as ancient Egyptian decor when strategically placed on walls, but every visitor that walks into the house will immediately be struck by their beauty on top of having a high opinion of your taste in historical material.

For modern Egyptian decor, you could go with individual symbols placed on each section of the wall, or you can have them all combined into one shape, like a triangle to represent the Egyptian pyramid.


Egyptian Statue


Another great way to accentuate the interior of your house would be to use life-size Egyptian statues. It could be the statue of a pharaoh with their majestic fabric mane hanging from their heads, or it could be the statue of a Sphynx standing near the entrance to the house.

Turn up your creativity by having statues as supports for other furniture in the house, tables for instance. Another creative touch would be to have a statue of an Egyptian servant holding a jar of water that doubles up as a water fountain draining into a bowl or an aquarium full of fish. The possibilities are limitless.

Door Decor


Doors offer more than just security for your house. With time, people are investing a lot more in turning their doors and windows into pieces of art. Rather than have an ordinary-looking door, use high-quality, heavy-duty wood to fashion out Egyptian art on the door.

You can have the shapes of Egyptian gods, royalty, and their animals sculptured into the door, plus a series of hieroglyphs and other symbols for an added aesthetic touch.

As an added advantage, this doesn’t have to be limited to the main doors. You could have one door inside the house fashioned out of bronze with Egyptian art embedded onto it.

Such art will add warmth and a touch of sophistication to your home, business, or any space you’d choose to have them installed.

Vases and Lampstands


Another innovative way of turning your clean living room into a lively living space would be to set up vases that are either shaped like Egyptian symbols or ones that have Egyptian art drawn on them. The vases don’t necessarily have to contain anything in them; you simply need to strategically place them in a well-lit area that draws the eye of any visitor that comes walking through your doors.

Lampstands can also be modified into any shape you may fancy. You can either have art drawn on the lampshade covering or have the stand itself shaped in the form of an Egyptian figure.

Pillow Cases and Chair Covers


As far as variety is concerned, having different sets of pillowcases and chair covers is the most convenient route to improving your home’s interior. Unlike the statues and furniture that can be a bit costly and fixed, you can always change the cases and covers anytime you want, and the more variants you have, the better for you.


Egyptian décor ideas will never go out of fashion. The culture is old and known across the world, and this has played a massive role in turning it into a fad. You could walk into an office in a remote place like Alaska, and the chances of seeing a piece of Egyptian art used in a room is very high.

So, if you have always entertained the thought of going all out with Egyptian theme decoration ideas combined with exciting ambient lighting for your beautiful apartment, this is the time to finally get around to doing that. It is time to tap into your creative side and see what you can cook up in the process.

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