Without some sort of tips, you wouldn’t be able to efficiently clean your living room even if you have a cleaning checklist. You see, cleaning living room tips are so important as they make things less-hassle and convenient.

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If you’re a busy person or just want to make things easy, then this article is for you! In this post, we will be sharing your our top 11 cleaning living room tips that will surely make things easier and cheaper!

If you’re all eyes then read on!

Man holding mop and plastic bucket
Man holding mop and plastic bucket

Here are our top 11 cleaning living room tips for you:

1.) Know and Limit Your Collections!

If you’re not careful, believe us, your collections can take over some significant amount of storage space in your living room and can certainly make things difficult to organize.

Huge collection displays best when rotated to maintain the décor fresh and pieces and bits are shown at a time. Limit your display collections for at least half by placing half of the collections into an enough sized box and store it in your hall closet. 

For those items that have significant value, make an inventory of the pieces in your storage bin.

2.) Get Some Plants

Obviously, you don’t want your home to look like a jungle, right? If that’s the case, make sure to  organize your plants using some decorative pots. 

You can even use cute plant stands! Also, the type of plants you’ve got will be determined by your available space in your house, so make sure to remember that when seeking for stands.

A stand usually comes in tiered, pedestal, and corner configurations and some even come with drawers so you can store your watering can and fertilizers nearby.        

3.) The Importance of Sorting Your Movie Collection

Multimedia such as CDs, videotapes, and DVDs are stables of one’s family room. Spare at least 30 minutes to start sorting your whole collection, creating two stacks: one for donating or selling and one for keeping.

If you haven’t seen the movies in ages or you no longer listen to music (and you’re not actually planning on seeing them again), you should let go of the feeling and move on. 

There are a number of options for keeping your collections such as the drawers of your coffee table, ottoman, in a bookcase, or in a DVD towers. The catch is to seek a system that will work best for you.

4.) Take Advantage of that Space Behind Your Sofa!

Organize stuffs behind your sofa like those candles, pillows, extra blankets, etc. You see, that space is very significant especially if you’re running out of one! It’s a great spot to put your low bookcase, cabinet, or trunk! 

In addition, it provides you with another space to show off your proud items or just to put your lovely lamp.

5.) Displaying Your Pictures

If you happen to have a number of little, picture frames that seems cluttering your family room then it’s time to fix them up by displaying then in different ways.

Collage frames and photo albums are awesome options for storing plenty of photos at once, and a digital photo frame is particularly convenient for those who don’t really use film. 

Don’t simply use the side tables or the mantel, rather utilize vertical space on your wall. Organizing your frames by occasion or date in photo boxes is actually very helpful for scrapbookers out there.

6.) Choose Your Gaming Space

For families that really like to play sort of things together as a form of bonding, having a game cabinet for cards and board games is both fun and functional. 

Games normally end up in a movable TV cabinet but actually it’s beneficial to designate a separate space for them, whether in plastic containers, a bookcase, or in another shelving unit, you can refer to the small space bedroom cabinet design guide here. 

Making a single playing area will surely free up other spaces of your room for possible storage. 

7.) Learning Some Coffee Table Functionality!

If you happen to have a coffee table at your home then it’s time to reevaluate its impressive potential organizational capacity. 

A coffee table that seem great but doesn’t come with any storage for drink coasters, remotes, and magazines will most likely make your life more daunting. 

If you’ve got no budget for a new coffee table then try adding bins, rolling baskets, or low storage cubes to stick under the table. 

8.) Establish a Play Zone

If your children’s toys are taking over your living room then most likely it’s now time to place them in timeout. Unused spaces of a living room can change into beneficial play zones since the walls will serve to block possible clutter. 

Additionally, corners are also good spots to put your kids’ table or a small bookcase. You can also place some rolling bins for toy storage so your kids won’t feel confined but rather encouraged to pick up after she or he is done playing. 

9.) Organizing Tangling Cables

Until the planet totally goes wireless, chances are we will forever be engaged with tangled cords behind our entertainment zones. Good for us, there are now some options for organizing those cords in the living room.

One of the most popular cables today is the Cableyoyo which impressively coils up to 6 feet of cable and has an adhesive backing that sticks onto nearly any surface.

Cable caddies normally stick behind your TV console or onto a desktop and come with a space for few cables to clamp into. However, your cables will still dangle freely, that’s why a cable zipper is the most ideal solution as it encloses all the cords in a tube.

10.) Maintaining Those Flat Surfaces Mess-free

Magazines, brochures, books, and various kinds of papers usually accumulate on flat surfaces all over the living room.  Well, the fact is that the living room is often cluttered since it is a central gathering spot in most houses. 

So to organize those messy stuff lying on the ground, try getting a stackable file cart. Don’t try stacking them up without any kind of holder for the sake of your kids’ safety!

Make a fast cleaning of your house’s flat surfaces by sorting those cluttered papers and stacking them up. Make sure to notify your family to put their papers in files instead of placing them on the coffee table to prevent clutter.

11.) Make Sure You Have a Trash Bin

If your garbage usually build up in the living room, placing a trash bin might cut down the mess. Only few living rooms have trash bin them. 

The most common reason for this is because they tend to smell and they’re not that attractive.

The good thing is you can easily find one that will fit your living room’s decor. 

Also, if you frequently throw food, get one that comes with some deodorizing trash bags and of course a lid.


Attractive Female with Vacuum Cleaner
Attractive Female with Vacuum Cleaner

With all these tips we’ve shared with you, surely you’ll be able to effectively do your cleaning chores in your living room. Just make sure that you’re at least implementing a little bit of discretion so you won’t get troubled. 

How about you? Do you have some easy way of cleaning your living room? If so, please share it with the community by leaving a comment below. 

Happy cleaning!

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