The living room is the epicentre of any home. No other place gets as much use from your family and friends than the living room. This is where you and yours watch movies together, eat TV dinners, and spend a lot of quality time together.

It is one of the best places to lounge and relax in, just watching some TV. This is also the central hub where you entertain guests trying your best to be a gracious host.

With all the non-stop commotion, it is to be expected that things get shuffled around, even inside the fridge! It can get messy over time, especially if you have guests over. Before it becomes too much to ignore, it might be great to learn how to clean refrigerator. Thankfully it is not that difficult to clean the refrigerator and organise a living room.

However, it does not stop there. Knowing how to clean living room carpets and rugs is part of the overall formula. But with all the things to do, we have to begin somewhere. Here are a few simple steps on how to clean the living room.

Tools to clean a living room

  • Music
  • Tote box
  • Trashcan
  • Or laundry basket
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Microfiber washcloths
  • Vacuum cleaner

How to clean a living room

First, you need to get yourself in the zone and prepare your state of mind to do some serious cleaning. For some people, it is just a flip of a switch, but most of us do need to get properly motivated to do some cleaning.

Preparation is vital when it comes to cleaning. Make sure to gather all the tools listed above to make sure you won’t have to waste any time looking for various things which will take away your momentum. Here are a few things that you can do to get your motor running.

Step 1 Let some light in

Open your curtains and let the light of the sunshine through your living room. Allowing the sun’s light onto your living room will help lift up your mood, not to mention you will be able to see dust particles and dirt easier.

Step 2 Power up

Make yourself a good cup of coffee or grab an energy drink before you start cleaning. Doing so will give you the energy boost to get things done quickly and efficiently. You can certainly skip this step if you already had your morning coffee or have just completed your morning workout as the endorphins from that should still be in your system.

Step 3 Play some music

Play your favourite tunes. Doing this will help lift your mood, keep you focused and hopefully motivate you to complete your task faster. Although this is undoubtedly optional, listening to some tunes will certainly keep you from getting too bored with what you’re doing. This will make the time go faster and Music

Now that you are already in the proper state of mind, you can now focus on the task at hand. Grab your laundry basket or tote box and bring that as you move around the room, this is one of the best ways on how to organise a living room.

Step 4 Arrange any clutter

It would be best to declutter the living in sections, work clockwise and arrange all the decorations or items that have been shuffled around. Put items that don’t belong in the living room into the tote box or laundry basket, you will need to put those in their proper place later on.

That includes things like half empty potato chip bags, dirty dishes, glasses and mugs put them all in the container and sort them out later or bring them to the kitchen sink to be washed.

Pick up anything that may have fallen to the floor and put it back to where it is supposed to be.

For any piece of trash that you encounter, automatically throw it into the trash bin which should be near you at this time.

Throw away any old junk mail, old newspapers and magazines or any disposable materials that should not be there. Arrange any magazines, DVDs, CDs, game console controllers, headphones, remotes, make sure all the things that are usually in your living room be put back in their proper place.

Step 5 Wipe down

Your living room should be free from most of the clutter at this point, and it is time to dust or wipe surfaces clean. Spray some all-purpose cleaner on a microfiber washcloth and start cleaning.

Follow the same pattern as to how you decluttered the room earlier, clean the room in a clockwise pattern. Make sure each section has been thoroughly cleaned before proceeding to the next segment of the room.

Lift decorations and wipe underneath them, wipe and clean picture frames, decor, remotes, the tv, the tv stand, coffee table, side tables or chairs. Arrange pictures wall art or paintings which frames got crooked, wipe down any mirrors, vases and make sure everything is dust free.

Step 6 Clean from Top to Bottom

Light fixtures

Dust or clean any light fixtures, clean the corners with the hose extension and crevice tool of your vacuum cleaner. Turn on the lights when cleaning light fixtures, this way you can see any dust or cobwebs better.


Use the brush attachment of your vacuum and vacuum the curtains, blinds and wipe any windows using a microfiber rag and some all-purpose cleaner or Windex.


Now it uses the upholstery attachment of your vacuum to clean your vacuum your sofa. Make sure to vacuum the pillows very well, flip them over and clean each side. Before using any cleaning product on your couch, look for its care label for instructions on how to clean it.

The manufacturers care label is usually located under the cushions or under the sofa itself. When cleaning a sofa, it is essential to clean the cushions and spot clean any stains. If you need an in-depth guide on how to clean your couch check out my previous article “How to clean microfiber, leather and suede sofas”.


There are different methods on how to clean carpets and rugs. This first thing you need to check is the care label. For area carpets or small rugs, the care label is located at the back corner of the carpet. Read the instructions carefully to verify the correct way to deep clean the rug.

However, vacuuming your carpet should be fine. Spot clean stains as needed before you start vacuuming. My previous article on how to clean living room carpets and rugs has a list of the best methods on how to spot clean stains.

Vacuum your carpet in a grid-like pattern, go from top to bottom first then you need to change directions and vacuum from side to side. You need to do this because if you only vacuum going up and down the carpet, you are essentially cleaning one side of the rug.

Vacuuming horizontally and vertically will ensure that you remove all the dust, debris and dander that may be in your carpet.

Step 7 Put everything in its proper place

At this point, your living room should be spotless. All that is left to do is return everything that you put into the laundry basket or tote box because they did not belong in the living room back to its proper place.


Your living room will always be a mecca of activity; there is no way to get around that. Just keep in mind the straightforward steps on how to clean living room and your living room should be back to looking great in twenty minutes, give or take a solo dance number or song.

Cleaning your living room regularly will keep your family happy plus the guests and neighbours impressed.

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