Proper hygiene is essential in our daily lives, and this starts and ends in our bathrooms. Each of us has developed our bathroom rituals and do the same routine every day. Proper bathroom rituals keep our bodies clean and free of unwanted odours.

Our bathroom is where we take a bath, brush our teeth and relieve ourselves of any biological waste we produce. We do this every single day, and this accumulates mildew, hard water stains, and unsightly build up.

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You can tell a lot about a person or place just by how well maintained their bathroom is. Cleaning your bath at least once a week is optimal to keep it looking good and smelling fresh. Hey, you may even consider adding some bathroom decor just to make things look more elegant.

Preparation is key in Bathroom cleaning

Preparation is key in Bathroom cleaning
Preparation is key in Bathroom cleaning

Therefore, knowing how to clean a bathtub would be beneficial if you have one.

There are many different kinds of bathroom cleaners and disinfectants that you can choose. Manufactured cleaning agents like bleach and ammonia are great if used separately but become very dangerous if mixed. When bleach-based cleaning agents are mixed with ammonia-based cleaners, toxic chlorine gas is produced.

Do not, I repeat do not, under any circumstances combine bleach/Clorox with ammonia/glass cleaners as the results can be deadly.

Buying chemical cleaning products can be convenient, but you would have to be very careful with how you handle and store them after use.

Creating your very own homemade cleaning solution is easy and can be a good alternative for bathroom cleaning as well. All you need is an empty spray bottle and some common ingredients found in your kitchen.

  • Pour one and one half a cup of baking soda into your spray bottle
  • Add half a cup of water, half a cup of liquid soap and half a cup of white vinegar
  • Twist the bottle closed and shake well to mix the ingredients
  • You don’t need to do anything else; it’s ready for use

Getting everything you need for some serious bathroom cleaning is almost done, you just need a couple of sponges, rubber gloves, mop, clean washcloths, broom or vacuum if you have it and the cleaning agents of your choice. Have these ready to avoid wasting any time in looking for the next thing you need.

How to clean the bathroom step by step

Let’s break down the step by step process you can take to getting a squeaky clean bathroom.

Remove the moveable

Remove the moveable
Remove the moveable

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Basically, you need to remove all bathroom fixtures that are not bolted down. You need to do this first and foremost.

Remove any items and personal products that could get in the way of your cleaning. Stands, trays, towel racks, shower curtains, any moveable storage needs to be moved for your hardcore cleaning session to be productive. Of course, remove any used towels and floor mats or rugs that need to be cleaned as well.

Dust free

Dust free
Dust free

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Remove any dust, dirt and cobwebs. Use your broom to sweep the dust and clean your bathroom floors of any hairs, fibers, and anything else that should not be there.

You can also use your vacuum for this as well, just make sure your floor is dry if you want to use your vacuum.  Make sure you use a wet-dry vacuum instead when tackling a wet mess.

Use either a broom or vacuum to clean hard to reach areas like the corner of the ceiling or under the sink. Exhaust fans accumulate a great deal of dust, so make sure to include it on your clean list.

Spray away

Spray away
Spray away

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Generously apply cleaning agents to any and all bathroom fixtures. Reminder, make sure to use your rubber or latex gloves to avoid any harsh chemicals from harming your skin. If you are using different products, make sure to read the instructions for each one to make sure you are using them for the right surface.

Make sure to clean the shower head. This is one of the most overlooked areas that need to be cleaned during your bathroom cleaning session. As most shower heads can be removed, you can soak it for twelve hours in water/vinegar mixture and scrub with a sponge or brush

Spray hot water on the walls before applying the cleaning agents. Spray bleach or your homemade cleaning solution in areas affected by hard water stains, mirrors, shower doors, faucets, and sinks, and let it sit for twenty minutes

Spray bleach or a disinfectant solution on the exterior of the toilet. Make sure to apply cleaner on all the different parts of the toilet, the seat, the cover, the underside of the bowl and the back and sides as well

Pour bleach or a cup of vinegar into the toilet bowl. Let your toilet brush soak in the bleach solution to disinfect it. Use an acidic cleaner, normally sold in a bottle with necks at an angle to help reach the inside edge of the rim. Read the instructions, but most cleaners take thirty minutes or more for it to work, so apply generously move to the next fixture.

Old fashioned elbow grease

Elbow Grease
Elbow Grease

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After being very patient and waiting the required time for your cleaning solutions to work, you can now get to work. We will clean the bathroom in the same order we applied the cleaning solutions. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the sponge or brush after every step.

First, we clean the walls with a sponge or brush and make sure to remove any buildup on the grout of the tiles on the walls. If any tough stains cannot be removed with a sponge, apply more bleach and use a brush until the stain is gone.

Second, use a sponge to wipe and clean any mirrors in your bathroom. The same goes for your shower doors, use a sponge or a squeegee to clean and remove any hard water stains. They should easily disappear after being coated in a film of bleach or cleaning solution for the past thirty minutes.

Third, use a sponge to scrub and clean the tub and faucets in your shower area. Since the tub has been sprayed with a cleaning agent and the appropriate wait time has passed, any mildew or sum should just crumble away once you attack it with a sponge or brush. It should not take long for you to give it a good once over with a sponge. You can also use an old toothbrush to clean areas typical sponges cannot clean.

Lastly, use a sponge to clean the exterior of the toilet and scrub each area that was coated with your cleaning agent. Start at the sides and then at the base, make sure to brush and wash the seat and cover thoroughly.

Make sure to throw the sponge after using it to clean the toilet. When that is done, you can now grab hold of the toilet brush that was soaking in the bleach solution inside the toilet bowl and scrub the inside. Start at the outside going in until you have already brushed and cleaned the entire bowl.

Sterilize clean

Use hot water and pour it on all surfaces that have been cleaned. This would be the good final step in sterilizing your bathroom from any germs on its surface. From the tub to the sink as well as the floors and the walls, some hot water will go along way to ensure a germ-free bathroom area. You can use an old towel or cloth to dry everything once you’re done.


Now that the hard part is over, here are a few tips for maintaining your bathrooms cleanliness. It will also help in making sure you will not have such a difficult time cleaning your bathroom next week or next month.

  • Wipe down – Wipe down the shower head after you use it, it helps prevent mildew from building up. Use a squeegee on the shower doors to prevent hard water stains from forming
  • Wash toothpaste away – Brushing your teeth can be a messy task, and toothpaste stains are the worst. Make sure to wipe any toothpaste from mirrors and sinks as they happen or they will be more difficult to remove if left alone.
  • Proper ventilation – Make sure to leave your bathroom door open after using it, or if you have an exhaust fan, use it or lose it.

There you have it. The definitive guide on how to clean your bathroom step by step.

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