Everyone needs to eat to survive; there’s just no way around that fact. Sometimes we treat ourselves and the ones we love to a lovely meal in our favorite restaurant, where all we have to do is just order what we want. There you’re free to relax and enjoy the time with your family without having to worry about cleaning up after.


However, unless you never cook at home and just order in all the time or just buy frozen microwavable food in the grocery to reheat at home, then you don’t ever have to deal with a dirty stove top. On the other hand, if you enjoy cooking different dishes and exploring new recipes then your stove top or gas range gets a lot of abuse.

Most are probably somewhere in the middle there, and the reality is, one needs to cook meals daily, and the stove top gets messier and messier each time. Taking on the task of cleaning your dirty stove top can seem like a challenging task, but you don’t have to worry. Follow these simple steps and get everything cleaned in a jiffy.

How to clean a stove top

Please make sure that the stove is cool to the touch and that the gas is off before attempting to remove and clean any part of it. Use latex gloves before you start cleaning. This will ensure no harsh chemicals cause damage your hands and skin. Not to mention all the dirt and grime won’t get stuck in your hands.

For those of you wondering how to clean an electric stove. Make sure to turn off the breaker that controls the power to your stove or just unplug it from the socket.

If you have a glass stove top and are wondering how to clean a glass stove top, make sure not to use bleach because it will ruin the finish. Using natural cleaning products like vinegar or the mixture of dishwashing soap and baking soda will work wonderfully. Store bought stove top degreasers are excellent for glass stovetops.

Choosing a Cleaning Agent

There are several different options one can use when cleaning the stove top. It depends if you want to use natural ingredients found in the kitchen to make your homemade cleaning agent or if you just want to purchase chemical cleaners and degreasers made for stove tops at the store.

Make sure to apply your cleaner of choice on every part that needs grease removed, the knobs, the front and sides of your gas range need attention too.

There are four different cleaning methods below using four different types of cleaners. Follow the steps respectively for the specific cleaning agent option you have chosen.

How to clean stove top using baking soda and dishwashing soap

Natural option 1 Baking soda and dishwashing liquid

For the natural homemade cleaning solution, make this by just mixing baking soda with some liquid dishwashing soap to create a paste.

Step 1

First, remove all the iron grates that are caked with grease, oil, burnt food then put them in the sink, squirt some dishwashing liquid and fill with warm water. Leave them to soak while you clean the stove top.

The burners covers should come off quickly. Grab the burner cover and just lift up to remove them from the burner head and you can do the same to the drip pans just lift to remove. Dunk them in the sink together with the grates. Let them soak in the soapy water as well.

Step 2

Apply the baking soda dishwashing liquid paste generously on the stove top and let it sit for half an hour. Allow the requisite wait time for the mixture to break down the grease.

Step 3

While waiting for the cleaning solution to do its work, go back to the removable parts you left in the sink and scrub them with a sponge. The time they were soaking in the soapy water should have loosened whatever grease was there, and just a little elbow grease should make them nice and clean.

Step 4

After waiting for thirty minutes, take a sponge and start scrubbing your stove top. You should be able to notice the grease just coming off the surface. Scrub the entire surface and make sure to clean the sides and the front as well. Get a clean washcloth to wipe any remnants of grime from the stove.

Step 5

Once you are satisfied that your stove top is clean, return all the parts you removed back to its proper place. The drip pans, burner covers, grates and knobs to its original position and that should be it. Using this natural cleaning product will work if you want to know how to clean a glass stove top.

How to clean stove top using Vinegar

Natural option 2 White Vinegar

White vinegar is another option for a natural cleaning agent. This works wonderfully to remove grime on almost any surface and is excellent to use on your stove top, grates and burner covers.

Step 1

Remove the grates, burner covers, drip pans, knobs, any removable part of your gas range and put in a plastic bag, a Ziploc or trash bag should be fine. Pour just enough vinegar to make sure all elements of the stove top and submerged in vinegar. Put the plastic bag inside a bucket in case of any leaks and let it sit for 24 hours.

Step 2

Put some vinegar in a spray bottle and target the grime on the stove top, for good measure, spray the entire surface of your stove top with vinegar including the sides and the front and let it sit for an hour or two. Then use a sponge and wipe the filth and grime away. The vinegar should have dissolved the dirt for you to be able to wipe clean with minimal effort.

Step 3

After waiting twenty-four hours for the vinegar to work its magic, just remove the grates, burner covers, drip pans and you should immediately see that these parts are free of grime. The grime and sludge should be visible inside the plastic bag. Rinse everything in warm water.

If there are still some spots of grease, just grab an old toothbrush or sponge while using dishwashing soap to scrub and remove any remnants by cleaning.

Step 4

Return all the newly cleaned parts back to its original place, make sure all the drip pans, burner covers, grates are fastened securely. This method also works if you are wondering how to clean glass stove top.

How to clean stove top using Degreaser

Chemical option 1 Degreaser

Purchasing a degreaser is a good option as well. They are manufactured to precisely break down the buildup of grime on stovetops

Step 1

Take off all the removable greasy parts from the gas range, the grates, burner covers, drip pans, knobs and lay them on top of a large trash bag.

Directly spray the degreaser on each of the parts, turn them over to make sure you have thoroughly coated them with degreaser. Let them sit for however long the instructions say.

Step 2

Just spray away and coat the entire stove top in a film of degreaser, make sure also to spray the sides and front, wherever there is grease and let it set. Read the instructions to double check how long you need to wait for the degreaser to work its magic.

Step 3

Once you have waited the requisite time for the stove top degreaser to break down all the grime and gunk stuck on the surface, just grab a sponge, and you should be able to wipe its surface clean easily. Use a rag to clean the surface areas and remove leftover debris from using the


Do the same to the parts you laid on a plastic trash bag use a sponge or brush to scrub clean then rinse in warm water.

Step 4

Return all the individual parts that have just been cleaned and install each one correctly. Make sure all the pieces are fastened tightly to its original spot. This option should also work if you are wondering how to clean electric or glass top stove.

Chemical option 2 Ammonia

Lastly is ammonia, this is a useful but extremely harsh chemical cleaner. Make sure to use protective eyewear and latex gloves when handling this, and be extra careful.

Step 1

If you have decided to use ammonia, insert the grates, drip pans, burner covers in a Ziploc bag and pour a cup of ammonia inside. You can use several Ziploc plastic bags at the same time or use a large sturdy trash bag should work too.

Insert all the grates, burner covers and pour two cups of ammonia and tie closed. Double up on the trash bags and put in a bucket in case it leaks, ammonia is sometimes known to break down plastic bags of poor quality.

For added safety, take the bucket to the guest bathroom or garage and leave for 24 hours.

Step 2

Pour a cup of ammonia on the stove top surface, be sure to pour it on affected areas. Then use plastic wrap or glad wrap to cover the stove top. This is essentials because the fumes are toxic which can be harmful and just wait 24 hours.

Step 3

Make sure you use either rubber or latex gloves for this stage. After being patient and waiting for a whole twenty-four hours, remove the parts from the plastic bag and scrub clean with a brush or sponge. You should notice the grimes just peel off, wash and rinse with warm water.

Do the same to the stove top; the grime should have broken down and loosened. It is now merely a matter of elbow grease to remove the film of oil. Wipe with a clean damp washcloth to remove any remaining debris from cleaning with the sponge.

Step 4

Put all the parts back in its proper place and reinstall everything correctly. Take time to make sure that all the parts are secure in its place and that it everything is in working order.


Tackling the task of cleaning your stove top seems like something you always put off for next time, but by following the straightforward steps indicated above, it should not be that difficult anymore. You can choose from different options on what cleaning product to use and see which one works best for you. If you are still wondering how to clean a stove top, look no further, just bookmark this article or print, and you should be golden.

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