Did you just walk into your room and finally decided that you can’t continue to ignore the mess that has accumulated over time to a certified disaster zone? It might have even come to a point that you would need to check for common house bugs.

The thought of cleaning a filthy room can be overwhelming but do not worry. Just follow this step-by-step guide below and your room will be clean sooner than you think. The days of toying with the prospect of cleaning your room, which you never did, brought you to this point; now is the time for action.

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Take a deep breath and prepare yourself. Having the right mindset and staying motivated will make all the difference. Make yourself some coffee or grab your favourite energy drink and follow these quick steps.

Steps on how to clean a bedroom

  1. Fix your mindset
  2. Prepare everything you would need
  3. Change your drapes
  4. Make your bed
  5. Scan for items that don’t belong
  6. Pick up and throw the trash
  7. Organize your closet
  8. Arrange your room back to how it’s supposed to look
  9. Wipe and clean all surfaces
  10. Clean the floors

Room cleaning techniques

Let’s start by detailing the techniques you should be using to clean your room.

Fix your mindset

I reiterate this, only because this is the most critical step.  You need to psych yourself up and finally stop procrastinating.

Do whatever gets your blood flowing. If you need music blaring while you do your thing, then turn on your sound system and play your favourite tunes. If you prefer using your headphones on instead, then do that. What matters most is that you are in the right frame of mind and are ready to rock.

Prepare everything you would need

Prepare everything you would need
Prepare everything you would need

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It might be worth your while to postpone or move those great bedroom decorating ideas for the meantime until you’re ready.

Now that you’re ready, it’s time to gather the tools that you need to clean your room thoroughly. Getting these tools and items ready will ensure that you will not lose any momentum when cleaning your bedroom.

  • Newly washed drapes
  • Fresh pillow cases, bed sheets, blanket and comforter
  • Basket, tray or tote box to remove and items that are not supposed to be in your room
  • Trashcan or trash bag where you can dump all the trash scattered throughout your room
  • Clean rags(microfiber cloths), all-purpose cleaner, Windex, duster, vacuum, broom, mop

Change your drapes

Change your drapes
Change your drapes

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Your old curtains are most likely very dusty by now, and it’s good practice to change the drapes every couple of weeks or so.

Take your old drapes down and drop them inside your hamper. While you’re in the window area, spray Windex on your windows and use a clean cloth to wipe them clean. Don’t forget to open your windows to let fresh air in and air out your room.

Make your bed

Make your bed
Make your bed

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For this step, we recommend learning how to wash bed sheets. This can be crucial to making the best bed arrangement.

The bed is the essential piece of furniture in your bedroom. This is where you spend your sleeping hours and maybe when you are relaxing binge-watching on Netflix. Having a made bed makes all the difference since it is the focal point of your room.

Remove all the old covers, take the dirty comforter, pillowcases, blankets, bed sheets and toss them in the hamper. Vacuum any part of the bed that may be dusty, particularly under the bed, the sides, headboard and even the mattress itself.

Vacuuming the mattress will remove any bugs or bedbugs from its surface. It would also be good to flip your mattress every once in a while, doing that prolongs its lifespan.

When your done making sure your mattress, bed frame and headboard are clean; take your fresh sheets and cover your mattress, make sure you set it nice and tight in the corners. Set the new blanket on top of your sheets and push in the sides under the mattress as well.

Then insert your pillows in the fresh pillowcases, prop em up the top of your bed by your headboard and lastly cover the entire bed with your ultra soft comforter as the finishing touch.

Now that you are done with the centrepiece of your room, everything else should be a breeze.

Scan for items that don’t belong

Scan for items that don't belong
Scan for items that don’t belong

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Your bed is made, now it is time to scan the rest of the room and remove anything that should not be there.

Use the basket or tray that you prepared beforehand to put any dishes, mugs, glasses, toys, books, basically any item that does not belong in your bedroom into that basket. Before you continue cleaning your room, take 5 minutes to return everything in the basket back to its proper place.

Be sure to quickly wash the dishes and cups that were in your room as well, so that everything is done when you’re finished cleaning your room.

Pick up and throw the trash

Now pick up all the visible trash that is scattered throughout your room. All the pieces of paper, tissue, plastic wrappers that did not go in when you tried to shoot them in the trash bin, empty soda cans, pick them up and toss them in the trash can or trash bag.

For the dirty clothes that are on the floor, pick them up and throw them in the hamper. Any clean clothes that are laying around your room set them on your clean bed and fold them later.

If any items are not garbage but do not want to keep anymore, set those aside to donate in the future.

Organize your closet

Organize your closet
Organize your closet

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If your closet was affected by the disaster zone that was your room then now is the time to set things right.

Any clothing that is not in its correct area in your closet should be refolded and put on the proper shelf. The clean clothes that you set on your bed earlier do need to be folded as well and put in its right place.

Try putting a bar of your favourite soap in your underwear and sock drawer, just push it in one corner and forget about it. This will keep your undergarments smelling sweet and fresh.

Arrange your room back to how it should look

Here is where you put everything in your room back in its proper place. If there are CDs on your desk or a book by the tv, just organise your room and put it all where it’s supposed to be. This includes that crooked painting hanging on the wall, the chair that is out of place or the picture frame that is facing the wrong direction.

Wipe and clean all surfaces

Since everything is back in its original position, it’s now time to spray some all-purpose cleaner on all the surfaces of the furniture, desk, chair, shelves, remote, electronics etc. that are in your bedroom.

Take a clean microfiber cloth and wipe everything down. This step is crucial in ensuring your room is free from any dirt and dust that have accumulated over time.

You have to be sure to clean the inside of the furniture as well. Take this time and be extra meticulous about cleaning everything in your bedroom.

Clean the floors

At this time your room should already be looking good. You just need to wrap things up and clean the floors. Knowing how to clean carpet will do you wonders if you have one as well. In case you have not vacuumed your floors in a long time it won’t hurt to do this process twice for good measure.

Hardwood floors are another matter. It would be best to sweep your bedroom floors first, when you’re done, sweep all the dust and dirt into the dustpan and throw it in the trash.

Now all you need to do is to soak your mop in hot water mixed with some pine-sol lemon-scented floor cleaner and mop your floors. This gives a beautiful shine finish to your floors, and that lemon scent is pleasant, to say the least. You can use a Swiffer if you do not want to go through the trouble of mopping, which works as well.

So much cleaner!

Not knowing where to begin when your room is a disaster zone can be scary but now you have this checklist on how to clean your room. Just follow the list, and you will be golden. You can print this out or just bookmark it for future reference.

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