You probably have seen the smiling Buddha statue at some point in your life, especially online, where it gets used as a meme for good luck. This popularity of the Buddha symbolism has created some kind of a fad for people looking for art from the Far East. It is, therefore, not surprising that there are Buddha décor ideas that are implemented in many homes and business establishments.

The following are some of the most popular Buddha décor ideas that you can try playing around with.

Buddha Statues


These are the most common and the most popular home décor pieces for people who are into Buddhist related art. One thing you have to understand about these statues is that each position represents something within the Buddhist religion, they are not just random creations.

The Buddha statues come in varying sizes; they could range from a tiny statue that can fit inside a clenched fist to a monolith the size of a house. The smaller ones can be placed inside the house on tables and cabinets, while the big ones can be used on entrances and porches, and even the main gate area.

They have a religious mysticism about them, and anyone who sees them on your property will automatically associate you with spiritualism, which is not a bad thing.

Wall Art


You can also choose to draw Buddha figures on the walls and the ceilings. This creates a very beautiful pattern and can turn any plain looking room into a space resembling a gallery that houses masterpieces.

If you happen to be a rental tenant, drawing on the walls without permission may land you into trouble, but that shouldn’t stop you from donning your walls with Buddhist art. You can go for removable wallpapers or simply hang framed paintings instead. They may not be as extensive as art painted on the walls, but they will add some life to the interior space within your home.



It is also commonplace to have Buddhist art, like writings and images, sculptured onto furniture pieces around the house. This could be chairs, tables, beds, and wardrobes, among many other options. Rather than have normal table stands, set four Buddha statues to act as supports for the table.

The same can be applied on beds to add a classy touch to the interior of the bedroom. You could also fashion cabinet and wardrobe handles in the shape of the statues. The same wardrobes can also double up as housing units for all kinds of Buddha pieces, like ornamental heads of all sizes and colors.

A Shrine


For the deeply religious individuals who actually believe in the religion itself, you can kill two birds with one stone by creating a small Buddhist shrine inside the house. You can designate a space the size of a fireplace and create a beautiful wooden structure with Buddhist signs and markings, and statues.

Anyone wading into your home will immediately be enthralled by such a setting. Another advantage of setting up a shrine is the fact that there’s no limit to the number of Buddhist art you can incorporate into the whole set up. How far you want to go with it will depend on your creativity.



Window and door drapes are also another convenient way of adding Buddha décor around the house. Unlike the statues and wall paintings, they are much more subtle.

There’s also the added advantage of being able to switch them as many times as you want; all you need to do is to get drapes and curtains with different colors and art to break the monotony of having the same thing as the centerpiece.

This would also be the perfect opportunity to have other artistic freedoms displayed by incorporating images of animals like elephants that are usually associated with the Buddhist religion.


Having a Buddhist themed décor in your house or business establishment is a unique way of setting yourself apart from the rest as it is a rare thing to do. Many people go for the contemporary type of art, the customary sunset portraits, and abstract art, and this can be monotonous.

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