A cafe is a palace for unwinding after a long day’s work. While others rush to the bar to drink their day away, some love the serene atmosphere that is accorded to them by a cafe. There are many things that can happen inside this kind of establishment, anything non-alcoholic can be served, from coffee to a whole meal.

So how exactly do you decorate such spaces? The following are some of the ways you can pull this off effortlessly.



Nothing brings life to any interior space better than plants, and where cafes are involved, it would be a bad idea to not turn to plants as one way of decorating the place up. One advantage of using plants is that they come in so many decor plant types that are suitable for indoor spaces.

You can either choose to use them in vases and huge plant pots, or you can have forms of hanging gardens with all types of plants floating from the roof coming down. This makes the cafe look natural and can be a serene place where people just come in to take in the fresh air as they listen to music while having their meal or taking a cup of coffee.



Lighting can play a huge role in turning any interior space from a drab plain-looking place into a magnificent abode full of life. Forget the ordinary bulbs that provide basic light. The best way to bring life into a cafe using light is to harness both natural and artificial light.

Start by installing huge windows that let in as much light as possible. If you can even go with a transparent roof, the better it is for the final effect. For artificial light, consider using bright bulbs that can be located not just on the ceiling but on the wells and the floor.

You can choose to see multiple colors if variety is what you’re looking for.

Wall Murals and Tapestry


There are many ways through which you can deal with the walls inside the cafe. One option at your disposal would be to use plain colors to make them stand in as accent walls. If that is not up to your taste, you can choose to paint murals onto the walls directly, and the artwork can be anything from food, music icons, or even the facial features of a famous person.

The use of tapestry is another great option, and a cheaper one as you can change them as many times as you want. All you’d need is a good quality fabric imprinted with an iconic form of art that is easily recognizable to many people.

You could also go with framed paintings, although these can be costly unless you are able to do the painting on your own.

Product Display


Most cafes have things displayed out in the open for the customers to see and choose what they want. This can be taken advantage of in a creative way. Rather than have the ordinary display of cups and jars on modern walls, you can choose to arrange them in a very creative way on shelves and on the wall.

You can also choose to create a glass display near the counter which can house all the colorful mugs and jars, add some accent lights in there to make the colors pop some more to attract people. The ways through which this can be done are way too many, enough for a change of display every two weeks if you are up to it.

The bottom line here is that you have to use the right combination of colors and stick to a single theme that will connect everything within that space.

Greenhouse Theme


Not to be confused by the use of plants, a greenhouse-themed cafe doesn’t just use plants inside the space; plants are everywhere. In fact, it looks more like a cafe that has been set up inside a greenhouse than the other way round.

This Is the most challenging setup and requires quite a good amount of money to set up, but the final results would be worth every penny that you choose to pump into the project.


Whether you are setting up a personal cafe at home or a commercial establishment in an urban location, the one thing you have to pay close attention to is that appearances matter, and first impressions are important.

You could be serving the best coffee in the world, but if the atmosphere and the ambiance are lacking, you’ll never get any repeat customers. For more information on how you can go about spicing up your cafe, check out our blog and get some new ideas you can try playing around with.

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