Enjoying vacations spent at the beach is often all too brief. Even if we spend a couple of weeks basking in the sun’s radiance on pristine white sands, time just passes by too quickly, and it seems our vacation ends as soon as it started.

Bathroom with tub

For those that are lucky enough to live by the beach, good for you! For those that don’t live by the beach, well, why not turn our bathroom into one? Adapting the motif of a beach-themed powder room can be one of many elegant bathroom decor ideas and an excellent way to immerse yourself in the beautiful reality that is the beach.

Compiled below are the best options on how to achieve beautiful beach bathroom decor. Try to picture how each of these design options would look in your bathroom.

Beach bathroom decor

Emerald Barthroom designSource: Pinterest

Beach inspired Wallpaper

Using beach themed wallpaper to bring the ocean home is a marvellous idea for the bathroom. The intricate designs will bring the beach to life on your walls. They are easy to install, and there already is a vast selection of readily available designs.

Before getting started with any significant changes to the walls, you would need to make sure all the walls are clean before using any paint or wallpaper. Clean bathroom walls is a prerequisite when painting or installing wallpaper. Due to this, you will be well better off equipped with the knowledge about how to clean a bathroom.

Ask your loved ones what would they like to see on the bathroom walls, show them the options. Just go with the majority vote or veto it and just surprise them with the best one.

Modern bathroom wallpaper is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about it getting ruined and causing any mould on your walls. If you have experience in installing wallpaper then installing bathroom wallpaper shouldn’t be any different.

Paint wall Source: Pinterest

Paint the walls

Changing the colour of your walls to aqua themed colours or beach inspired wallpapers would have a significant impact on the overall ambience of your bathroom. There are four walls, the ceiling and even the floor that you can do this on.

Using paint would require more preparation, you would need to be careful and cautious about not getting any paint on any of the bathroom fixtures. In the off chance that you do get paint all over the floor or fixtures, just wash them clean.

If you have a painter in the family or if you can commission an artist to paint unique beach art on the walls then go for it. If not you can just choose ocean colours and paint the walls yourself.

Beach shower curtainsSource: Pinterest

Beach shower curtains

Changing the bathroom shower curtains into vivid tapestries of the beach or aquatic life is a sure fire way to bring the ocean and the beach home. This simple change will have a significant effect on enhancing the ambience of your beach themed bathroom.

Since it is very affordable you can purchase three different designs to work in rotation, so when one is installed in the wash, the other is in the wash, and the last one is in the closet. It is good to have some variety for your shower curtains, the more, the merrier, so you don’t get bored of your beach themed bathroom.

Also, just as a bonus, a clean tub is already an amazing piece of “decor.” Therefore, knowing how to clean a bathtub would be great, since it doesn’t count as “decor” if it is dirty!

Seashell MirrorSource: Pinterest

  • Seashell Mirror

Fantastic project if you have an adequate stash of seashells from your previous vacations. This instructional video guide from Martha Stewart can help show you how to make your very own seashell mirror yourself. Just watch how Martha does it and follow the steps accordingly.

Even if you don’t have any seashells around, it’s still possible to create a beach themed mirror. You would just have to use a regular rope to cover the frame as seen in the pictures above. Here is another instructional video from Martha Stewart again, to help you do just that.

Once you have that done, install it on top of your bathroom sink. You can hang it up or use Command Picture and Frame Hanging Strips. Each large strip can hold about four pounds, so just calculate how many you need based on the weight of your mirror.

Bathroom RugSource: Pinterest

  • Bathroom Rug

Another quick solution for achieving a beach themed bathroom. Many wonderful designs are readily available. Having a beautiful soft bathroom rug beneath your feet makes getting naked in the bathroom oddly more comfortable for some reason.

This affordable bathroom decor option is one of the most natural things you can change in your bathroom, and it will have an instant impact on the atmosphere the bathroom.

Beach memorabiliaSource: Pinterest

  • Beach memorabilia

A smooth, straightforward project to make your bathroom feel like the beach. Gather all the memorabilia you took home with you from your previous beach vacations and put all of them into glass containers.

Put the sand in first, then arrange the shells in a lovely pattern and if you have some coral or maybe a candle in the middle. There you have it, perfect beach bathroom decor and all it cost you was the see-through plastic or glass containers.

If you already had that laying around then all it cost you was the time it took to arrange everything together in a nice little package of beach awesomeness.

Floating shelves beach decorSource: Pinterest

  • Floating shelves beach decor

Adding floating shelves for the specific purpose of displaying beach inspired decor is a stroke of genius. Floating shelves are very affordable and easy to install. You can show all your beach memorabilia and souvenirs safely out of the way.

Choose the best area for your bathroom walls that would be perfect to hold any beach treasures you have to display and get to work. There are quite a lot of instructional videos on how to install floating shelves, and they are readily available for purchase at your local hardware store or online through Amazon.

Ocean ToiletriesSource: Pinterest

  • Ocean Toiletries

Top of your beach bathroom design with matching aquatic coloured glass or plastic containers to put all your toiletries in. Having uniformed beach themed coloured see-through containers will make you feel like you are looking through water. A nice finishing touch to all the overall beach vibe you are trying to convey.


Since we cannot be beach bums all year round, here is the next best thing. Bring the beach to your home by making your bathroom a getaway, a beach vacation which you can visit daily. Implement even just some of the options listed above, and you will have your bathroom feeling like a beach vacation in no time.

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