Having an aquarium is a great addition to your home and also your office. They offer great advantages that you can enjoy with your family, friends, and colleagues. As much as having an aquarium comes with its share of advantages, you also need to consider some of its downsides.

One of them is how you ensure it is always clean to facilitate the health and wellness of your aquatic life. The other part most people neglect is how the aquarium looks. You should consider how it fits into your space to ensure that and how aesthetically pleasing it is.

With this in mind, you may be wondering how to go about it. For this, you’ll need to invest in aquarium decor to ensure it looks great. Some of the best decor to consider include:

Add Driftwood


Using driftwood is a great way to add some character to your aquarium and improve the overall look. It’s a great decor piece that you can easily embrace and add to your space. The best part about this addition is that it adds a great natural environment for your fish.

It gives them a feel of their natural habitat and makes them feel more comfortable. You can get your driftwood from an aquatic store to ensure you get the best quality. However, you also have the option of getting your driftwood from the nearest stream or river bed.

This option will however come with a few challenges. You’ll need to treat your driftwood to avoid introducing any bacteria into your aquarium.

Use a Substrate


Adding a Substrate to your aquarium is a personal choice. With this, you have the choice of either using sand or gravel. The sand and gravel work well to give your fish a great place to nest and hide.

This is especially a good idea when dealing with a species of fish that tend to hide more. However, if that’s not the case, you can consider not adding the Substrate. This will give your water a cleaner look. Remember to only do this if the fish you’re working with can thrive without the Substrate.

Add Some Shells


Adding shells to your aquarium adds an excellent oceanic feel and adds to the overall look. It is an amazing way to decorate your aquarium without having to invest too much. You can get your shells from a river bed, stream, or purchase them from a store.

Before incorporating your Shells into the water, ensure that you boil them first for 10 minutes to ensure all the bacteria are taken care of. Keep in mind that if you’re using fresh water in your aquarium, adding these shells is not a great idea.

This is because they could easily produce calcium which could affect your fish. Additionally, you’ll need to consider your color choices when it comes to settling on which shells to use.

Your choices include shells that come in yellow, red, white, brown, pink, and orange. You’ll need to ensure that you have a color scheme in mind. This will help you better determine which shells will work for you.

Use Rocks


The best thing about having an aquarium is that you can add different kinds of things to make it look good. One of these being using rocks as your decorative pieces. It is a great way to add a natural element that your fish can easily relate to.

Your rocks should come in different sizes and shapes to give your fish a great place to hide. When it comes to which rocks to choose from, you have a great variety to choose from. These include lava rocks, red desert rocks, honey onyx, zebra rock, rainbow rock, and ice rock.

These rocks add great color to your aquarium making them more visually appealing. When getting your rocks, ensure you go to a pet store and get something that won’t affect your fish.

To be on the safe side, you could opt to test your rocks before using them in your aquarium. Soak them in water for a few days and test your water to ensure that your PH levels are on point. This will ensure that your fish are safe and won’t be affected by the addition.

Add Some Plants


Using plants is a great way to add life to your aquarium. You could choose to go with live plants or fake plants. With live plants, you’d need to ensure that the roots are buried in the Substrate.

You should also ensure that the plants don’t wither. This will ensure that your fish are not affected in any way. Additionally, using fake plants is also a great idea if taking care of live plants is not your strong suit. Be sure to use plants safe for the aquarium.


Decorating your aquarium is something you can do using readily available resources. Take your time to find what works for you and make your aquarium meet your desired standards.

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