Your bedroom is a sanctuary from all the troubles of the world. It is where you go to relax and rest after a hard day. The bedroom door is the only sealed entrance you have into your most private chamber, therefore, we can be highly dependant on this space to rejuvenate us from our anxieties and the fracases of the outside world.

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Old door

This then makes it a good idea to add carpets or rugs for better, improved ambience in the room.

However, there are certain instances where the bedroom door does get damaged. It’s unfortunate, but accidents sometimes do happen which end up destroying various fixtures. One just needs to move forward, take precautions it won’t happen again, and of course, repair any and all damages.

Let’s tackle it!

First, you need to assess the damage, is the extent only to the surface of the door or does it affect the frame or door jamb as well? Scrutinize the door and take note of what needs to either be repaired or replaced.

Then you would need to purchase the materials to fix the damage and prepare the tools that you need to help do that. If your door has a hole that is as big as a fist or maybe even more than that, continue reading the steps below to get that fixed in about an hour. Want more home cleaning tips, check how to clean inside of fireplace top for more solution.

Tools to repair a bedroom door

  1. Paper towel
  2. Aerosol foam insulation
  3. Utility knife or box cutter
  4. Sandpaper
  5. Spackling or lightweight filler
  6. 100 grit sandpaper
  7. Paint

Bedroom door repair

Bedroom door repair
Bedroom door repair

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Step 1 Prep the hole

Take out and remove any debris or broken pieces from the hole itself. Use a utility knife to tidy the jagged edges of the hole, if possible cut out the rough edges. Sand the sides of the hole to remove any splinters or irregular material. Insert a piece of paper or even a paper towel into the hole.

Step 2 Fill with insulation

Grab your can of aerosol insulation and spray it directly into the opening, be thorough and make sure to fill the hole. Try to use high expansion foam, let it set and harden. This is the best solution for bedroom door repair.

Step 3 Even slice

Take your utility knife or box cutter and carefully cut out the excess foam, try to make your cut as level to the door’s surface as possible.

Step 4 Filler it up

You will need to cover the hole with lightweight filler or spackling. In case you don’t have that auto body filler works too. Apply it over the insulation and to the entire area of the hole.

Let it set, make sure to read the directions for the filler that you are using. Different types of fillers have requisite wait times that vary.

Step 5 Sand it smooth

Once the filler has set and hardened, go ahead and use 100 grit sandpaper to sand the surface smooth. It won’t take much sanding to get it as smooth as the rest of the door’s surface. By doing these steps for bedroom door repair, you will save the cost of a new door.

Step 6 Match the Paint

Now that the hole is filled and the surface is smooth, it is now ready for a coat of paint. Just paint the hole the same colour paint as the rest of the door. After a layer or two of paint, you won’t even be able to tell there was a hole there, to begin with.

These steps would work wonderfully to repair holes in almost any kind of door. Just follow the step by step process indicated above, and you should have your damaged door looking like new in no time.

Use this process to repair holes as often as it occurs which hopefully is not that often. If ever your door gets too damaged and is no longer possible to restore then please purchase a new door and be more careful with the new one.

In case your door was kicked in then you definitely will need to repair the door by following the steps above. A kicked-in door would undoubtedly damage the frame of the door.

If another accident caused damage to the frame, then proceed with gathering the tools below to get it fixed. The below will indicate how to repair a broken door frame and replace the door jamb. Want more home renovation tips, check how to modernize wall design top for more solution.

Tools to repair a bedroom door frame

  1. Utility knife
  2. Drill
  3. Hammer
  4. Crowbar or pry tool
  5. Caulking
  6. 20 pieces 3-inch screws

Bedroom door frame repair

Bedroom door frame repair
Bedroom door frame repair

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Step 1 Gently remove the jamb casing

The jamb casing is the ornamental moulding that surrounds the door frame. Take your utility knife and carefully slice through the caulking on the sides of the door casing.

Carefully remove the caulking on the left door casing then do the same to the right. You don’t need to touch the top moulding or door casing. Remember to remove the caulking on both sides of the moulding, the side touching the door and the opposite side as well.

Gently remove the entire length of the door casing using a crowbar or the hook of the hammer.

Be careful not to damage this because you will need to put it back in place later. This is essential for bedroom door frame repair.

If ever the door casing, trim, or moulding broke, don’t worry. It likely broke at a point where it is glued together. You will just need to use wood glue to stick it back together and use caulk or lightweight filler and paint to fix any imperfections.

Step 2  Remove the old door frame

What you do on this step depends on how damaged the door frame is. Make sure to unscrew the lock latches first before you proceed. In case the door frame is too damaged then just remove it with a crowbar. Be careful not to cut or destroy any alarm wires or doorbell wires.

If you have a reciprocating saw, then all you need to do is cut in between the gap of sheetrock and the door frame. In case you do not have a reciprocating saw then you will need to remove all the finishing nails or screws holding the door frame to the doorway. Want more home renovation tips, check how to repair air mattress top for more solution.

Step 3 Install the new door jamb

The door jambs are the vertical components of a door frame. There are two jambs, one on each side. One side is used to screw in the hinges of the door the other side is where the strike plate is installed on, and it has a hollowed out slot for the lock to sink in when you lock the door.

There are several readily available door jamb kits on the market today. If you want extra security for your bedroom door then check out, door armor max, it is a heavy duty door jamb that is designed for extra protection.

If you are not that concerned about security for your bedroom, then a regular door jamb kit would be enough for your needs. Installing door jambs have similar steps no matter what kind your purchase.

I highly advise going with the door jamb armour for the extra security and durability it provides. Use the three-inch screws to screw the door jambs in place. Use the same three-inch screws for the strike plate and hinges of the door as well.

Step 4 Check the locks

Since this is for the bedroom door, you probably don’t have a deadbolt that you need to realign to the new door jamb. You will need to realign the lock to the knob lock. You may need to make some adjustments if they don’t line up correctly.

Step 5 Return the Trim

Carefully put back the jamb casing around the door. Make sure you put it back the same way you removed it. You will need to hammer it back in with some finishing nails and then caulk all the sides once again. This fantastic instructional video shows how to install a door jamb.


The steps indicated above are to help you repair doors that have surface damage such as holes or scratches. Just follow the steps mentioned on bedroom door repair, and you should be all set. Want more home renovation tips, check what to do with a long wall top for more solution.

In case you have a broken frame, and it is not salvageable then you will need to replace the door jambs. This is quickly done by following the steps on bedroom door frame repair. If the door frame is still salvageable, merely use wood glue and glue they cracked frame back together. You will need to use C clamps to do that.

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