There’s nothing more versatile as far as interior decor is concerned than chalkboard art. Unlike most other art forms, you literally have all the freedom to have anything drawn or written up, and you can have it changed every day as many times as you want.

It involves setting up a black surface that acts as the board and using chalk to sketch up art. The following are some of the ideas you can apply in your home or business premise.

Chalkboard Accent Wall

Chalkboard Wall


This would be a great addition for those that have a small apartment that doesn’t have too much space. You can pull this off by designating one side of the wall in the house for this. Begin by painting that section of that wall black from top to bottom.

Once you have that part done, you are free to draw anything on it. You don’t have to be so good at drawing; you can even scribble your signature and use different chalk colors for the best effect. If you are blessed with drawing talents, then the possibilities become unlimited.

Kitchen Decor

Kitchen Chalkboard


There’s a lot that you can do in your kitchen using the chalkboard concept. You could have one section of the wall turned black and use it to add some art or even write the weekly meal plan for the whole family.

It could also be used to write up instructions for your children, handling two things at the same time; leaving duty roles and making the kitchen look good. Another idea you can try in the kitchen is a backsplash plan where you combine white tiles and chalkboards in various formations to create a contrasting appearance.

This could be installed anywhere, including over the sinks and the gas cooker.

Cabinets and Wardrobes

Pantry Door Art


How about this, in place of using normal doors for cabinets and wardrobes, turn every wooden surface on them into a chalkboard and add any kind of art you would love, or alternatively, leave it blank.

One thing about using the color black in the interior space is the contrasting effect it creates when used alongside brighter colors. Have your pantry doors turned black on the outside and draw pictures and random quotes on them.

Every time you close all the doors, the whole room is transformed into an array of black accent walls. The best part? You don’t need professional help to get this done.

Calendar Inspired Chalkboard

Chalkboard Calendar


Another great idea you can consider is the calendar chalkboard decor. This is where you turn a whole wall black, then add partitions using wood or any other material to create a meshwork of boxes that resemble calendar partitions.

With this, you can choose to color each box a different color using chalk. Alternatively, you can use it as the official meal plan calendar, clearly noting down instructions in each box in neat handwriting.

This type of wall chalkboard decor requires ample space and would work best in the kitchen. You could also set it up in the hallway or in the living room, but rather than meal plans, you can add other forms of artwork or simply leave it blank to act as an accent wall.

The Ceiling

Chalkboard Ceiling


The ceiling is one of the most neglected parts of the house because many people assume that no one has the time to look up when they are in the house. However, every part of the house can have a great transformation if some form of art is added to the ceiling.

The easiest way about this would be to turn the entire ceiling into a chalkboard surface. Black from one corner to the next, then follow it up with some amazing artwork using different colors.

Leaving it all black is also another option you can pursue, but you would have to combine it with brightly colored walls on the side for a better look.


Chalkboard decor is amazing, and in the right hands, the house can be turned into a masterpiece. It is cleaner and convenient since you can change anything anytime you want. There’s no limit to the places you can have it implemented.

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