Chairs are arguably the anchor of decor in a room. They simply take up too much space to be ignored. As a result, their design holds the power to either enhance or water down the style and stature of a room.

So, how do you transform or customize your chairs to live up to the decor scheme of your dreams? Here are some top chair decor ideas worth trying out.

The Right Fabrics

Assorted upholstery fabrics


If you are big on durability or have an active household, you probably lean towards performance fabrics. Fair enough, no one can fault you for it. In fact, it is an important factor to consider when shopping for chair fabrics. However, other factors such as texture are equally worth considering.

Texture contributes to the comfort of your chairs. Naturally, softer fabrics are more comfortable than rougher ones. That, however, does not mean that fabrics like tweed are a poor choice. Rather, the goal is to go for well-conditioned fabrics that are well woven. Further, if the upholstery fabric is abrasive, it will not only be uncomfortable, it will also rob your space of a cozy feel.


Living room decor alongside a color palette


In many ways, color is a make or break chair design aspect. Plus, it can be a daunting decision because once you choose seats in a certain color, you may have to live with your decision for a while.

One of the ways to pick a suitable color is to first decide on the general color scheme you would like for your space. For instance, if your living room has blue walls, your ideal chair color would be one that compliments or matches the blue walls. Colors such as yellow or gray would blend in just fine.

Take a moment as well to consider whether you would like your chairs to be the focal point of the decor scheme. If so, then aim for bold colors that draw attention to the chairs. In contrast, if you would like to draw attention elsewhere, aim for muted tones like pastels or neutral colors.


A blue curved sofa


Multiple studies on decor and Feng Shui have established that curves and corners heavily affect how people interact with decor. Rounded curves are more inviting and infuse coziness to space. They are, therefore, recommended if that is the kind of feel you hope to achieve in your home. Additionally, they are safer if you have children in your home. The catch is you may have to pay a smidge more for such furniture.

On the other hand, geometrical shapes are a mainstay of modern style furniture. They are great if you prefer a minimalist look with clean lines. Nevertheless, if you would like to avoid your homecoming off as too aloof, you could always accessorize. Throw pillows, for instance, would be a good start. Other bits and bobs like rugs and art could also be helpful.


Compact living room sofa


Envision for a moment how a large sectional would look in a small living room. While it may be the loveliest couch, it would be difficult to appreciate its beauty in such a setting. The rest of the decor efforts in the room would also be overshadowed by it.

With this in mind, it is advisable to lean towards chair dimensions that correspond with the spaces in your home. It allows you to showcase them in all their glory which helps to enrich your decor as intended.

If you are fortunate enough to have enough room, relatively large puffy couches are back in vogue. They look just as good as sectionals or as stand-alone couches. The best part is, the wider design ensures more comfort during movie nights or when you are engrossed in a new read.

Mixed Materials

A green metal frame sofa.png


Examples of decor applications of mixed materials include leather chairs hoisted on metal stands or wicker furniture with fabric cushions. This would be the chair decor idea for you if you enjoy contrast to break the monotony or prefer chairs with some character. Such designs are also a good choice if you are on the hunt for statement pieces.

The mix of chrome and fabric materials is common. However, for other mixed media pieces, you would likely have to make custom orders or look out for niche furniture designers. Garage sales and furniture expos are equally treasure troves for such gems.


Great chairs can breathe a new lease of life into your home decor. Moreover, their versatility allows you to repurpose them for other areas like a study, a patio, or a bedroom whenever you like. All things considered, they are certainly a worthy decor investment.


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