The images that are conjured up in the kind when the word gothic is mentioned are that of a rock fan wearing black makeup and dark clothes. Although it is not far off the mark, the gothic decor is something entirely different. Gothic culture has been around for decades, and there’s a way it can be harnessed for the sake of decorating the living quarters.

Some of the ideas that can be implemented include the following.

Dark Furniture

Gothic Furniture


Imagine walking into a house that has everything in black. From chairs to the tables, the wall art, the carpeting. The image may look gloomy, but when done right, this can turn your home into one of the most artistic places. Black is a very rich color, and despite its association with everything evil, it can do a lot to the interior space of a house.

For the best results, try combining the black decor with bright colored walls. White should be the best option, but yellow can also work just fine. This combination will create contrast and make the gothic art stand out more in a sea of bright colors.

Goat Heads

Goat Head Decor


If you are deep into gothic culture then you are probably aware of the close association between goth culture and the use of goat references. The goat imagery is very heavy, and it is always manifested in the form of a giant goat with huge horns protruding from the side and a human body below it.

You can have the whole statue placed in the house, although that could cause quite a fright for your visitors. You can also go with a simple goat head hung as modern wall art. It doesn’t have to be a real head; there are countless shops that sell replica creations.

Simply hang it anywhere in the room, preferably over the fireplace, for the best effect. Combine that with dark walls for good measure.


Gothic Artwork on Tapestry


Another ideal option would be the use of tapestry to create art. Compared to frame portraits and wall murals, the tapestry can be inscribed with art using various methods like sewing, painting, or printing. And since the process is much faster and cheaper, you can have as many versions as you want.

The image you choose to have inscribed depends on your tastes. You could go the dark route and have the image of Frankenstein drawn on it, or it could be simple artwork that is associated with gothic culture.

For the best result, have the tapestry in white with the art created with black ink. You can also have the same printed on curtains, bedsheets, towels, and any other daily use item.

Creepy Sculptings

Creepy Art


If there’s one thing people who are into gothic culture never shy away from is controversy and one way they love exercising their right of self-expression is to always go for things that have high shock value.

Forget the normal statue you may find in most houses; there’s an option of using the creepy type of statues around the house, the type that would scare the life out of anyone who isn’t used to such kind of decor.

It could be a hanging statue of a severed head, the claws of Baphomet, or a pair of hands jutting out from the corner of a ceiling. Keep them in dark or grey colors for the best effect; never use bright colors on this kind of artwork as that will dilute the fear factor and turn them normal.


Dark Mirrors


Huge mirrors are always a nice touch in any kind of setting; if you are going for the gothic decor plan, you can have a mirror customized with dark frames that match the walls and other furniture pieces in the room.

You can even go a step further and have the frames feature shapes of all demons known in gothic culture for that added wow factor. The bigger the mirror, the better the effect, but if you lack the space, then you can use a small dresser instead.


The gothic decor is not for anyone, and if you do choose to go with it, be prepared to get some judging eyes from people who may visit you. However, that shouldn’t be a concern of yours, your house, your rules.

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