For most clients, beauty and grooming appointments are a version of ‘me time’. They look forward to pampering treatments to enhance their image and rejuvenate them. In light of this, they are drawn to well-designed beauty salons with modern equipment and a serene atmosphere.

If you are looking to dazzle customers and keep them coming back, below are some beauty salon decor ideas you could explore.

Impressive Walls and Floors


Think of the walls and floors as the skeleton of a room. To nail the rest of the decor scheme, you will have to get them right. In this circumstance, ‘right’ would mean aesthetically pleasing and functional.

A salon floor experiences heavy usage. This includes the footfall of clients and attendants, as well as hair debris and possible substance spills during treatments. With this in mind, it is advisable to aim for a type of flooring that is durable and easy to clean. Consider options such as glazed ceramic tiles in bright colors. They do not stain easily and would add elegance to the salon.

You may have more freedom when it comes to decorating modern walls given as they face less exposure than flooring. If you choose to paint, aim for high-gloss finish paints as they do not hold on to dirt and are quite durable. You could also work with wallpaper as it is easily replaceable when it wears out. From a decor standpoint, walls are a great medium to use for setting the color scheme of your beauty salon. Keep this in mind as you choose to paint or wallpaper colors.

Separate Workstations

A salon set up with separate workstations


The staff in your beauty salon need ample room to attend to the client in their care during appointments. Endeavor to demarcate their workstations such that even when the premises is at full capacity, everyone can work comfortably without disrupting the person next to them.

As you shop for furniture fittings, look out for individual workstation panels; they may cost more but they are worth it. Alternatively, you could use a long single wall-mounted mirror and storage panel but customize it to mark separate stations.

Other advantages of separate work areas include:

  • It offers clients more comfort as opposed to them being cramped next to each other
  • It creates a more pleasant and orderly salon layout
  • Clients and salon attendants would be able to consult more privately

A Clean Shampoo Area


The shampoo area is much like the bathroom in your home. The only difference is, a shampoo area serves many more people, and thus hygiene is a key concern. Insist on bathroom grade tiling and proper sink installations to avoid leaks which could make the area unsightly. Wider sinks would also be helpful because they provide enough room for washing hair without spillovers.

Like the workstations, it would be best to spread out the washbasins. This provides comfort and could make cleaning and disinfecting much easier. Further, the appearance of this area is still pertinent to your overall decor scheme. Therefore, be intentional about choosing great tiling, comfortable and elegant washbasins as well as suitable reclining seats.

Sufficient Storage Space


While envisioning a dazzling beauty salon layout, storage space often gets forgotten. The result? A cluttered salon that always looks disheveled because there isn’t sufficient and easy-access storage space.

Consider a two-part storage strategy. At the front salon of salon, choose workstations with not just mirrors but also storage space. It does not have to be much, just enough to hold combs, brushes, and a few essential products. To supplement this, you could set up larger storage units at the back of the store alongside individual staff lockers.

Elegant Furniture


Comfort is a vital aspect of customer experience. To offer this to your clients, you will need top-quality furniture with proper cushioning and durable fabric. Additionally, treatment chairs should be adjustable to accommodate different heights and adapt for different procedures such as facials.

Leather is highly recommended for chairs used during beauty treatments because it is easy to sanitize and lasts for ages. However, the quality of leather varies among manufacturers. The more authentic it is, the longer it will last. Good quality leather is also smooth and has a natural feel.

For other areas such as the reception, stylish sofas or high tea chairs would be a lovely touch. More so if their fabric provides a burst of color that compliments the rest of your color scheme.


An outstanding salon decor scheme blends branding, aesthetics, and function. Yes, you can have beautiful pink chairs but do they swivel and recline when needed? Do they represent the true essence of your brand?

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