Picking theme colors for your wedding ceremony can be a challenging task. More so when you learn that your favorite color has a hundred shades or that your partner isn’t partial to it. It thus begs the question, are there any simple go-to colors you could work with?

Royal blue, as the name suggests, is associated with luxury, and sophistication. If you are looking for a color scheme that is resplendent and cheerful, it would be a great choice. Here is how you could incorporate it.

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Colorful Drapery and Flowers

Blue rose
Blue rose


Drapery is used in both indoor and outdoor weddings to soften the venue and make it more elegant. Without it, you would likely be staring at stark concrete walls or an underwhelming wedding tent set up. Its efforts are further enhanced by wedding flower arrangements which lend a delicate touch to wedding decor while infusing their scents in the air.

Given how extensively they are used in the decor, these two items could be useful in bringing out your royal blue theme. That said, royal blue drapery would be easier to find than flowers in the same hue. It would, subsequently, be easier to use more blue drapery but use the blue flowers sparingly to create contrast in the bouquets.

An Outstanding Dining Set-Up

Blue rose design
Blue rose design


White napkins, plates, and crockery, in general, are a mainstay of most luncheon and wedding banquets. Not that there’s anything wrong with them but they are also nothing worth writing home about. More so if you are hoping to host the wedding of the season. So, how about bringing some color to the table?

In the interest of full disclosure, you may have a hard time finding a catering service that offers blue plates. Unless of course, you write them a blank cheque. Nevertheless, you could try and request royal blue napkins or tablecloths. Even fabric that has royal blue as part of the print would work just fine.

Further, aim for crockery in unique shades such as gold and silver. They would go a long way in accentuating the rest of the theme. They are equally a delightful departure from the monotony of white table settings.


Gold and Blue Folowers
Gold and Blue Folowers


If your entire decor scheme is a sea of royal blue, it will likely be dull and unappealing. It would be the visual equivalent of hearing one song a hundred times on loop. To avoid this, work with complementary colors. Royal blue would remain the center of attention, the other colors would just accentuate it.

The number of complementary colors you can work with depends on which colors you choose. For example, if you choose to use white other colors such as gold or silver could just as easily be included in the decor. They can be introduced via cutlery, flowers, centerpieces, or even menus. Other colors that could work with a royal blue theme include:

  • Pink
  • Gray
  • Pale shades of yellow

Consider breaking the monotony of plain royal blue decor items with print fabrics as well. In essence, such prints would still be royal blue but they would have floral or geometric patterns. It is simply a play of color to help make the decor a little more interesting.

Tent Decor and Mood Lighting

Blue Decor light balls
Blue Decor light balls


Brilliant white tents are great to look at but in terms of decor, they do not offer much. They, nevertheless, offer a nice blank slate for creative decor ideas.

Royal blue balloons would be ideal if you are hoping to add a dramatic effect to the tent ceiling. On the other hand, if balloons are not your speed, fairy lights would be a nice alternative. They would add just the right touch of enchantment and romance.

Speaking of lighting, as the day winds down, you will find yourself in need of illumination. If you are hosting an indoor banquet, the lights may be needed even earlier. That said, fluorescent lights and other forms of boring lighting have no place here. Soft mood lighting is just what the doctor ordered. In fact, some blue lighting to set the mood for the first dance would be completely in order.


At first, the numerous options of flowers and fabrics in shades of blue may feel a bit overwhelming. The trick to surviving it all is to keep your eye on the prize and the joy of your big day. You see, color is an anchor for festivities. It sets the mood and is the backdrop on which you make memories with friends and family. So, if you were wondering whether getting it right matters, you now have your answer.

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