When it comes to the decor themes we include in our homes, people will vary greatly. Something that may seem weird to you is what resonates with others.

This is why when renovating your home you need to ensure that you have a theme that you are willing to work with. If you are into Halloween and the gothic lifestyle, then adding this look would be an excellent idea.

It will provide a great representation of what you stand for or prefer. Gothic home decor can be one of the most challenging things to find. This is why you need to embrace your creativity and work with what you have. Here are a few gothic home decor ideas you can try.

Painting Your Walls


One of the best ways to change up the look of your home is by adding a different color of paint on your walls. Paint acts as a great decor piece if done right to depict a certain mood.

If you are going for a gothic vibe, work with black paint or other dark paints that will suit your space. Dark colors are associated with the gothic style making them a great option for your home.

As you consider this choice, remember to pay attention to where you live. If you are renting, consider what the owner would say about it to avoid any conflicts or challenges when moving out. However, if you live in your own home, you have nothing to be concerned about.



Another great way to add the gothic theme into your space is by changing your hardware to something unique. By hardware, we mean your doorknobs, light switches, and grates among others.

Anything that’s visible and can be switched out for an alternative that contributes to your theme will add to the decor. For the switch and grate, you could consider using decorative brass or spray paint them instead.

On the other hand, your doorknob could easily be replaced using porcelain or distressed metal. These replacements will complement the mood in your home since they are not the usual go-to choices.



Lighting is a very important aspect of any home given that it illuminates your space and completely changes the mood. When trying to create a gothic theme in your home, your lighting choices will play a big decor role.

Investing in light that is not too overpowering and gives off smooth radiation is the way to go. The gothic theme is all about darkness. The only issue is that you cannot stay in the dark. This is why investing in such light is recommended.

With this, you could choose to be simple and invest in candles and have them mounted on the walls and some on your console. On the other hand, you could go with LED strip lights that are not too bright or a dimmable light lamp.

One of the best lamps that will work great is a skull lamp. It will add a great look to your house while also maintaining your decor theme.

Rugs and Throw Blankets


Investing in a rug adds a great look to your space and gives it character. In a gothic-inspired home, getting a black rug will add to the decor and help you get to your desired look. Get a quality rug in any size and add it to your living room.

On the other hand, throw blankets are a great way to add texture to your seats and living room. Investing in this will add to your decor while also giving off a comfortable vibe in your space. Get a black throw blanket that will easily complement your space and your rug of choice.

Wall Hangings


When it comes to decorating your empty walls, you have different options to choose from. If you don’t mind going to the extreme, you could include some taxidermy or insects in your collection.

Adding such decorative features into your space will help you realize your theme and also give off a creepy vibe. On the other hand, adding wall art to your wall is also an option. Choose wall art that will complement the gothic style and include it in your space.


Incorporating the gothic decor theme in your home is an unpopular move that may not resonate with others. However, embracing what makes you feel; comfortable is what matters.

Work toward creating the best space you can with these decor ideas and give it your best. Remember as you do all these to also consider other people who may also be affected by your decor choice.

This will help you avoid conflicts and weird interactions with those who don’t understand your choices. If you don’t find most of the decor mentioned, consider checking out second-hand shops and garage sales.

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