Planning a wedding comes with great pleasure as well as pressure to get everything right. Dealing with all the logistics while also preparing yourself mentally for your big day is no small task.

This is why most people tend to hire planners for some of these things to free up their time. You get to conserve a lot more energy and focus on what matters most to you. One of the things you should give clear thought to is the theme of your wedding.

More people are embracing different themes compared to the cliches that have been around for years. One of the best choices to consider is the black and red theme for your wedding.

You may be wondering how you’ll pull this off especially when it comes to your decor choices. Well, here are the best black and red wedding decor ideas for you to choose from.

Wedding Aisle Decor

Red roses


Your wedding aisle decor is something you should pay close attention to because it is generally the star of the show. This is because it’s where you’ll take your vows and having it at its best will be a great investment.

For this, you’ll need to invest in red and black flowers to make it a success. These flowers should be placed in a unique design showcasing your red and black theme.

You can use them on the platform and use them to decorate the whole area. This will be great to start your wedding theme on the right note.

Walkway Decor

Wedding décor petals


As the bride walks towards the aisle, there’ll need to be a unique feature that will add a great look and complement the aisle. Doing this is quite easy which is why you need to ensure that you do your best to include it.

All you need is a black carpet that the bride can walk on and add some red rose petals on the side. This will be a great addition to your space and will make it more appealing.

When getting your carpet, you could have it customized and include some text in white and using a wonderful font. Embrace your creativity and use something unique that communicates volumes about your big day.

Table Decor

Table Decor roses


When the wedding ceremony is over, all the celebrations tend to be held in a different location. This is usually the reception where all the fun begins and you can enjoy being a wife or husband.

When it comes to setting up the wedding reception, you’ll need to invest in quality tables and seats that will cater to your guests. Once you have this, the next step is to decorate the space.

The best place to start is by decorating your table. With this, you can include black tablecloths and plates. This will bring in the black aspect of your theme.

Additionally, you could also include a centerpiece of a vase of lovely red roses. With this combination, you find that your decor will be on the right track.

Decorative Banner

Decorative Banner


One of the best things to include in your wedding decor is a banner that says congratulations or just has your names. You can design these banners or have a professional take care of them for you.

Your banner should come in red and black colors to add to the general theme going on. However, for this to be portrayed in an easy-to-read manner you may also have to incorporate a white color. This is however a great way to add to your decor without too much hustle.

Accessory Decor

Accessory Decor


Including different accessories in your reception is a great way to add to your decor and achieve the look you are going for. One of the most used accessories at weddings is a balloon.

Balloons are a great way to add fun into your space and also depict the celebratory mood deserved in a wedding. For this, you’ll need to get black and red balloons and get a bit creative.

You could also use strings to hang them and have them on display. Additionally, if you had sent out invitations and used the red and black theme, you could easily use them. Find a place where you can have them on display and embrace the simple decor choices you have.


Coming up with decor ideas for a black and red wedding theme may prove to be a daunting task. This is why you need to ensure that you carefully go through the different examples and figure out what you’d like featured on your wedding.

As you do this, remember to work with something that makes you happy. That will be your day which means you need to fully enjoy the results of all the planning.

Take your time to source for everything you need and work toward making your wedding aesthetically pleasing.

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