Bored of your bathrooms old look? If you have not made any changes in a long time and can no longer stand the way it’s currently setup, then it’s time to make some changes.

Revamping your bathroom decor can undoubtedly give new to life to your old space and enhance your mood. Deciding what changes to make can be a difficult task but don’t worry, here are some of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to redecorate your bathroom walls.

If you’re already happy with the current colour of your bathroom then that’s great. You won’t have to spend time on deciding what colour to choose and waste resources on any primers and paints.

Just make sure to clean your bathroom thoroughly first and get rid of any unwanted smells to get it ready for your new decor.

Maximize Space

Bathroom space is a treasured resource, and it always seems like there is not enough of it. Toiletries and personal products can occupy most of the limited space, and it can be challenging to keep things uncluttered.

This is where innovative wall decor for your bathrooms come in. They can be quite aesthetic and serve as extra storage as well. Pinterest is full of vivid pictures of stylish bathroom wall decor but here are a few I just had to share.

Before installing any decor or shelf storage that may need to be level, make sure you purchase a self-levelling laser to help you be 100% sure your shelves are straight. The perfect tool for any project that needs you to be on the level.

Towel Rack

Here we have a wine rack being used as a towel rack. It’s a beautiful little hack that allows you to save space, is fully functional and looks cool to boot.

wall rack

The space above the toilet at times remain untouched. Try installing a series of shelves on top of the toilet for some much-needed storage.

Wall Racks

You don’t need to install wide shelves to remove the clutter in your sink area.


These DIY shelves look great and are very cheap to install on any wall in your home.

There are a ton of wonderful ideas you can pick up on Pinterest, just visit the site type “bathroom wall decor” and you will be overwhelmed. If you do not have a Pinterest account yet then its high time to create one, it’s a mecca of all your interests in one efficient site.

Bathroom storage space is a big issue for almost everyone, and again your bathroom walls are calling for some much-needed attention and improvement. This blog about bathroom storage hacks is fantastic and everything on there to be fascinating.

Art for Bathroom wall decor

Enough about storage space, there are certainly a lot more options for bathroom wall decor than adding more shelves. One can hang their favourite pieces of art on your bathroom walls.

You can find free printable copies online, and all you to do is print, laminate, insert in a picture frame then hang. You need to get it laminated to make sure water does not seep into the photo or art piece and end up destroying it.

If you have no desire of making any bathroom art yourself, just go online and purchase some bathroom art on Amazon. Another great site would be etsy; it is filled with ideas about design and art.

The best thing is you can make purchases right on the site, so if you see something you like and do not want to make it yourself, then you just need to add to cart.

Wall art

This is an excellent example of printable bathroom art, simple and refreshing. Would undoubtedly give your bathroom wall some much-needed life.

Wall art design

Cool mirror image art.

wall Quote Funny Quote design

Funny, yet inspiring pieces.

Adding a few art pieces to the newly installed shelves would also be a nice touch for decorating your bathroom walls. Take your time to decide what you want to have hanging on your bathroom walls for everyone to see.

Bathroom wallpaper

For those that want to change the way their bathroom walls look and do not want to deal with any painting then this is the way to go. Wallpaper designs come in many designs and are more intricate than just painting your entire bathroom to a different colour.

Modern bathroom wallpaper is manufactured to withstand any moisture so it will not quickly incur any water damage. If you have already installed wallpaper before then, you can indeed install bathroom wallpaper yourself.

You can make your selection and order different types in any online marketplace; here is a site of one company that specialises in selling a variety of bathroom wallpaper.

Just a few examples of how wallpaper looks when used for bathroom wall decor

Bathroom design.

Wall art fish

Wall art Zebra Design

You would be hard pressed to achieve this level of detail with a paintbrush. These designs already look great on their own, but you can certainly add shelves or art if you so choose.

Repainting your bathroom walls

As a bonus, this one is also one of many great ideas for kitchen decor.

If your bathroom walls have not been painted since forever, it would be an ideal place to start making a change. If you want your bathroom to be a relaxing escape, make sure to choose light colours. Light shades give the illusion of more space and would also help reflect your lighting.

You can even ask your local hardware what the LRV(light reflective value) is of the particular colours your interested in. No one is saying you can’t choose dark colours but that would make the room seem unnecessarily moody.

Make sure to ask the hardware store clerk for the best mildew resistant paint that they have available. A mix of both light and dark colours might work if you use the lighter shade for the walls and fixtures and a darker shade for accents.

You can also choose to paint the walls and cabinets the same tone as well. It would be best to start with a step by step deep cleaning of your bathroom, schedule your redecorating after your weekly maintenance.

This will prepare your space for the new paint scheme you have decided to implement and allow for a seamless transition.


So there you have it these are just a few bathroom wall decor ideas. If you’re happy with your current paint and how your tile looks then you can get right to decorating. Bathroom wall decor hacks that also serve as extra storage and bathroom art are on the menu.

On the other hand, if you think your bathroom walls look old then it’s time choose whether to repaint it or go with wallpaper. It’s now up to you to decide what you want to do and which one best suits your taste, either one you choose should turn out awesome.

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