Thinking about the best way to decorate your deck can take quite some time with all the different options or styles you can choose. The primary purpose of decorating your deck is to make your time outdoors more comfortable and fun.

You would want to incorporate something that you know your friends and family will enjoy and benefit from. Before making your decision, you need to consider a few factors in choosing what to put on your deck.

Is it going to be functional, will it enhance our outdoor experience, does it suit your taste, is it aesthetically pleasing and is it easy to maintain. These are a few questions you may want to ask yourself before committing to a particular look.

Before you decorate your deck make sure it is nice and clean by following this step by step guide on How to clean a deck.

Deck decorating ideas

Picking a Theme

This all depends on your style or the style you are trying to convey to guests. There are so much different options it can be mind-boggling.

It can be a hit or miss when it comes to choosing the right theme, so it is best to take all the time you need to think this through. Most likely you will need input from your better halves.

Picking out the best Outdoor furniture

The first thing to keep in mind is, what purpose will the furniture serve. Is it going to be for lounging, hanging out, soaking up the sun, or will it be for meals with the family? This is important so you would already have an idea what kind of furniture you would need.

You can purchase a lovely bistro set to enjoy a nice cold drink on your deck or outdoor dining set to enjoy a family meal as well.


Next thing to consider would be the weather in your area. If you live in a state that is mostly sunny all year round then its safe to get almost any type of furniture, if you often experience rain then it might not be such a good idea to get wood.

Purchasing aluminum or lightweight furniture might not be suitable for a windy area and so on. So it is imperative to consider the usual weather pattern of your city when selecting outdoor furniture.


Of course, this should be one of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing furniture for decorating your deck.

Take time to sit on each chair piece and check how comfortable it feels. When you test it out, and it does not feel perfect, then that is not something you would like to have in your own home.

Choose furniture that has the best comfort level for you. Relaxing in your favorite chair on your deck will consume countless hours in your year, so you need to be sure it will be a very satisfying experience every time.

You would need to scan your deck and picture the size of the furniture you want. When decorating your deck, the layout and how everything is set is essential but so is storing the furniture in case you live in rainy or snowy areas.

You would need to gauge enough storage space for your outdoor furniture in your garage or if you so choose you can certainly make use of them inside your home.

How everything is set up in your deck is one thing but planning on where to keep or use your outdoor furniture during the winter months is another.

If your furniture is made of concrete, then it may be safe to just leave it outside for the whole year. On the other hand, if it is made of wood or steel then taking it inside would be a good idea to keep it from mold or rust.


It all boils down to what your willing to spend on the furniture you need. Be sure to get the most bang for your buck when selecting and purchasing your outdoor furniture.

Buying brand new would be optimal but purchasing refurbished, used, right quality fixtures can be a fantastic deal for deck decorating on a budget.

Check out these cool outdoor benches that double as storage space as well. Perfect for when you need extra sitting space for when you are entertaining guests.

If you like the idea of reading a good book outside with the possibility of dozing off for a nap outside, these outdoor lounge chairs could be something for you.

Creating some Privacy

Decks are built elevated from the ground, so usually, the fence that you have around your backyard does not offer any protection from prying eyes. A good option would be to build deck privacy screens; it would ensure your families outdoor affair remain relatively private.

This type of project should be handled by someone capable and may take a day or so to complete. The step by step instructions is located on the link above.

Decorating a deck with plants

Enhance Color and Life

Flowers and plants can bring some natural color to your back deck. It can be a great idea to add some beauty and elegance when using flowers to brighten your deck.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you have even a few pots with yours or your wife’s favorite flowers? Group them to one corner of the deck to create an instant attraction for your loved ones.

Decorating your deck using plants can be beneficial for you and your family. Other than being aesthetically pleasing, plants have different useful purposes when utilized for your backyard deck.

Choose to  grow plants that naturally repel mosquitoes; these plants produce natural insect repellants so it would be good to have on your deck to form a shield against those annoying pests.

Go low maintenance

There are just so many kinds of plants and flowers to choose from that choosing on one or the other can be a chore.

If you do not like watering plants very often, then it would be best to grow plants that do not require too much water but still look great. Succulents would be perfect for you, they need minimal water and always look beautiful.

Creating Privacy with plants

Since decks are indeed built elevated from the ground, and your fence offers little to no protection from random eyes. Your family’s backyard activities may be watched by a snoopy or bored neighbor with nothing better to do.

For an easy fix, you can use tall plants to block any unwanted attention to your family time on your deck. There are some excellent designs available , using evergreen trees and the like, just choose the best one and incorporate into your back deck decorating.

Butterfly allure

Decorating your deck with plants that attract butterflies is another excellent idea. It’s affordable, accessible to maintain and who does not like looking at butterflies?

There a lot of plants that do a great job of attracting butterflies. Pack plant boxes with lavender, lilac, zinnia and you will be sure to have a nice amount of butterfly traffic hovering around your deck decorations.

Smoker or Grill

What backyard experience would be complete without a barbeque grill or smoker. You need to get at least one of these machines for your backyard deck. It depends if your family loves burgers and hotdogs get the grill, if they like steak or smoked barbeque meat then get the smoker.

Why choose, get them both for maximum enjoyment. Owning either of these is sure to be a winner in any backyard gathering of family or friends.

Small deck decorating ideas

Even if you have a deck with limited space, it is still possible to make it a relaxing escape to enjoy the outdoors. First, try decorating your deck with some very colorful and at the same time useful plants.

Some plants can attract butterflies right to your door, greeting these visitors should be relaxing in itself. On the other hand, there are plants that can help and repel mosquitos so you can also use those to decorate your back deck. Lay them on a corner, or hang them up to save space.

Utilize furniture that is just the right size for your space, don’t get anything too oversized. A lovely looking bistro set on one side would be enough to enjoy excellent meals and drinks with family.


There a lot of different options to decorate your deck, purchasing the right kind of furniture would be the primary goal then you need to pick a theme and stick to it. The rest should just follow suit.

Decorate your deck using furniture that made the best materials for your area and will be useful to you the whole year round. Make sure you stay within your budget. Utilize plants when decorating, they have a multitude of uses and always look pleasing. Top it off with a smoker or grill, and you will always be ready for a party.

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