One of the best places to start your renovations when working on your home is the kitchen. Kitchen renovations add a great new look to your home making it brighter and well thought out.

There are different decor themes to consider which makes it a fun project to take up. If you’re wondering which theme to go with, consider the apple kitchen decor theme.

It works great to bring color and life into your kitchen. Here are a few apple kitchen decor ideas for you to consider.

Apple theme kitchen decor for kitchen curtains

Curtain apple


When it comes to choosing the right curtains for your kitchen, you need to be very mindful of where they’ll be used. Generally having curtains that flow from above your window down to the floor is always a good idea.

However, you find that kitchens come with two different window designs. On one hand, you have the one right above the sink while on the other hand, you have a large window with a view of your back yard or balcony.

With these two windows, you’ll find that your choice of curtains will vary. The window above your sink will need sheers that come with beautiful red apples drawn on them.

Your other window however will feature curtains and sheers that flow right including the beautiful apples. These curtains will provide a great effortless way to add color to your kitchen.

Apple theme kitchen decor for wall paintings

Wall Painting Apple


If you are wondering what to do about the wall decor in your kitchen, you don’t have to worry too much. Including an apple painting, is a great idea to add some character and color to your kitchen.

You could go with a canvas painting or get some frames and download some high-quality pictures. As you do this, just be sure to stick to something appealing and inviting to ensure it fits in great into the space you’ll be working with.

Apple theme kitchen decor for wall decals

Wall Apple Design


Wall decals are another great way to make use of the empty wall spaces in your kitchen. These are picture like decor pieces that come with a peel and stick on design making them very easy to install.

You could get these decals in any design and have them customized to your liking. One of the best designs being the apple-themed decals that add color to your space and communicate volumes.

It is a great way to effortlessly include decor into your kitchen without too much hustle. The best part about this type of decor is that they are removable and can easily be repositioned.

Additionally, you’ll not have to worry about any sticky residue given that it is designed to leave the surface clear once removed.

Apple kitchen decor for kitchen towels

Kitchen Towels


Your kitchen decor will also tie into the things you choose to use and display on a daily basis. One of the most used kitchen accessories being a kitchen towel that is always placed somewhere people can easily see.

This is mainly because it aids in the easy accessibility of the towel when using it. The best thing is that the manufacturing industry has evolved to producing towels that feature different images.

This means that you’ll find apple kitchen towels that will complement your kitchen theme perfectly. Once you get your apple kitchen towels, ensure that your holders are well placed to better display them. This will ensure that your apple kitchen decor idea is met.

Apple kitchen decor for wall clock

Clock Shape apple


Wall clocks work as a great decor piece for any room you want to incorporate them in. They work as a multifunctional tool serving you by providing appeal and also telling the time.

Times have changed and technology has allowed manufacturers to tweak their designs into different shapes suitable for certain areas.

One of these shapes being an apple clock that works great to add to the decor of your kitchen. It is designed to mimic a real apple making it a great addition to your space that adds a unique and impressive look.

Apple kitchen decor for wall kitchen rugs

Kitchen Rugs apple


Having a rug in your kitchen improves it to a better, more appealing look. It is also a great way to incorporate the idea of using texture to decorate your space.

Your rugs can come with images of apples and some green leaves to make them more appealing and meet your expectations.

When working with a rug, you need to ensure that you place it in the right spot and also clean your kitchen often. This will ensure that your rug pos and is visible to maximize its use.


If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, considering some apple kitchen decor ideas is a great place to start. These ideas are all practical and work great when working with decorating your kitchen.

Most of these ideas are multifunctional serving as a decor piece while on other hand, fulfilling a different set of tasks. Take your time to figure out what works for you and implement it in your kitchen space.

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