Working on decorating a kid’s room requires you to be very mindful to ensure that you get it right. Bedroom renovations and makeovers come with a lot of investment in terms of interior decor and materials used.

If you’ll be working on creating a wonderful sleeping area for a girl, there are a few themes that you should consider using. One of these themes being frozen which features an animation character named Elsa among others.

When working on a girl’s room, incorporating this theme is a great idea. They all love the character and in turn, would appreciate such features in their bedroom. If you are wondering where to start with such decor, here are a few ideas you can try.

Color Palette


One of the best ways to include decor into any room is by figuring out a color palette that you’ll be working with. This will help guide your choices and ensure that you invest in the right colors.

It will also be a great way to ensure that you do not overpower your room by using colors that don’t go together. Given that your goal is to achieve a frozen themed room, your colors will include the right shade of blues and white.

This will give the room the right setting and foundation before adding any images. This could be used on the walls, reading desk, or the bed to have a better feel of what you’re going for.

Wall Decals and Paintings


You’ll be working with a blank canvas that you can do anything to. Making sure that the walls are addressed should be a priority for you. This is mainly because blank walls make a room feel empty and they show that you didn’t put enough effort into making the room attractive.

To do this, you have the option of using wall decals or using a painting. These options should feature the frozen theme that you are going for. They could feature Elsa, the other animation characters, or snowflakes. Be sure to pick something that can easily be related to frozen.

Paper Icicles


Paper icicles are a great decor idea for your little one’s bedroom. They are easy to DIY which makes them a good project that your kid can also participate in. These paper icicles can be created to form ice-like objects.

These objects can then be used to decorate a frozen ceiling and mimic the natural habitat found in frozen. You can do this in different colors if it makes it more interesting.

However, given that you are going for a certain look, consider having them in white. This will ensure that they easily fit in and complement the space you’re working with.



The ceiling is another place that is not meant to be neglected given that it is quite visible and adding a few touches will add to the room. One of the best ways to address this is by adding a chandelier that will complement your lighting solution.

For this, you can easily create one using material that comes in the color palette featured in frozen.

However, if that’s not something you want to take up, getting one from a store is also a good idea. With this, you’ll have different choices to consider. Be sure to stick to your colors and the overall theme you are going for.



Investing in Frozen-inspired bedding is a great way to ensure that your theme is well articulated. Your bedding will acts as a great decor piece while also serving its purpose of providing warmth.

You could choose to stick to plain colors or get a duvet that comes with Elsa’s image. Investing in this will get your kid excited and also add character to the room you’re working on.

Your bedding choice will also be determined by the kind of bed you’re working with. Pay attention to the colors in play to avoid incorporating something that will completely throw off the room. Once you have this sorted, you’ll have a great decor addition to your room.


When renovating a kid’s room, the best way to ensure that you give it your best is by ensuring you do the right research. Figure out a theme you want to work with and get all the ideas you can easily implement.

The frozen themed room is a great project that you can take on without any worries. You’ll be sure that your decor pieces are readily available with some that you can create by yourself.

Take your time to find decor pieces that appeal to you and your child. This will ensure that the effort you put into renovating and decorating the room is appreciated afterward. Remember to be mindful of what you include in the room to avoid any mishaps in terms of the overall look.

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