Bathroom cleaning is very crucial because bathrooms are most of the time moist and thus bacteria and mold tend to thrive easily. If unnecessary growth of these microorganisms occur, the hygiene and health of the user might get affected.

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To prevent that, you can conveniently use some bathroom cleaning hacks – in this case, we will be sharing you our top 11 bathroom cleaning hacks to help you out.

You heard that right. If you want to know these awesome bathroom cleaning hacks right now, then read on!


Bathroom Cleaning Tools

woman with many cleaning equipment ready to clean house on bathroom background
woman with many cleaning equipment ready to clean house on bathroom background

Obviously, there’s just no sense into any kind of checklist or cleaning hacks without even considering the required cleaning tools you must have.

The catch here is that you should know what are the necessary bathroom cleaning tools before even starting so you can essentially save time and energy. Additionally, you must be aware of how to utilize these certain tools.

Here they are:

  • Disposable gloves for sensitive hands
  • Bathroom cleaning products that will depend on your preferences and needs
  • Reliable glass cleaner
  • Durable toilet brush
  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Bucket, sponge, and mop
  • An exclusive bathroom cleaning brush for a particular spot to avoid sharing of germs to other spaces
  • Broom or vacuum

Make sure to gather up all of the tools you need before starting to do the following bathroom cleaning hacks .

11 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks for Effective Cleaning Session 

After learning what’s the necessary tools for cleaning the bathroom, let’s now proceed on how to utilize these tools for an effective cleaning session (of course with the use of hacks!).

Hack #1: Make a Cleaning Checklist

We’ve mentioned in our previous article that a checklist is an important factor when cleaning as it makes things organized and smoother.

That’s why before diving into any kinds of hacks, make sure that you know what’s the highest priority to the least. This is to ensure that you won’t waste time and effort.

Having a checklist also makes an effective cleaning because you know what you’re actually doing and makes the chance of messing up significantly low.

Hack # 2: Cleaning the Toilet Brush

Apart from drip-drying your cute toilet brush, you can also put some Pine-Sol to its holder for efficient disinfection.

While the holder is soaked with Pine-Sol, it can also keep the entire bathroom smell fresh and ready to use anytime.

Cleaning your toilet brush is just as important as cleaning the whole bathroom. If you neglect it, surely all the bacteria will just spread out when you use it on your cleaning session.

After using, make sure it’s not moist because bacteria will tend to thrive more in such an environment.

Hack # 3: Deep Cleaning Using a Screwdriver

As obvious as it is, a screwdriver is very convenient when you’re trying to clean some hard-to-reach spots in your bathroom.

What you want to do is simply wrap the point of screwdriver with Clorox wipes and target those tight spots. Though it seems very plain, this hack will surely give you a good advantage.

Hack # 4: Clean Using Dryer Sheets

If you didn’t know dryer sheets can actually do more than just softening your laundry and make them smell good.  You can use dryer sheets as a tool for cleaning your bathroom mirrors and shower.

Dryer sheets is good because they can easily eliminate water spots. In addition, their anti-static effect makes them suitable for erasing all dusty spots in your bathroom.

Hack # 5: Using a Lemon to Remove Hard Water Stains

These days, lemon has a lot of benefits and use. You can find this awesome fruit pretty much everywhere.

They have become more popular than ever due to scientific research on them. From body health benefits to beauty, and now even in bathroom cleaning, lemons surely got their roles!

Using lemon is very simply. Just cut a piece in half, use each half like a small scrub brush and in no time, you’ll see how fast and effective they’ll get that hard-to-get stains.

Using lemon is particularly super effective when you apply it to chrome fixtures.

Hack # 6: Deep Cleaning the Grout

This hack will surely be loved by many women out there because they can now effortlessly get rid of that nasty mold that accumulates in the grout between the caulking and tiles where the bathtub meets the wall.

What you want to do is simply mix the right amount of bleach with a baking soda to get a thick paste. Just mix a nice amount that’s enough to put in every spot that has mold in it.

After applying this mixture of bleach and baking soda, allow it to sit for approximately eight hours. Wipe of the paste, and if you can still see some hard-to-get muck residue, get a brush and scrub them down.

And lastly, rinse the whole mess. Bam! No more nasty shower grime in your grout.

Hack # 7: Deep Cleaning the Showerhead

You’ll probably be surprised that this hack doesn’t involve that much tool or effort at all. Why? Because it only uses vinegar!

Yes, you heard that right. You see, vinegar is pretty much found in every natural cleaner because of its effectiveness, not to mention that it’s very cheap.

So how do you use it for deep cleaning your showerhead? Well, simply immerse your showerhead in a resealable plastic bag filled with vinegar. Tightly seal the bag with a rubber band, and allow it to stay still for around an hour or two.

The next thing you want to do is remove the plastic bag, open the shower for a minute or two in order to remove the smell then quickly wipe it down to remove the excess vinegar residue.

Hack # 8: Shower and Bathtub Deep Cleaning Hack

Deep cleaning and making your bathtub shine is very easy and you won’t really need extravagant tools at all.

Just mix 1 part of vinegar to 1 part of dish soap in a dish wand. Seal the mixture tightly and everything’s ready. Get the water running in the shower to get it slightly coated then scrub.

The good thing about this mixture is that it can cut right through the soap scum and ultimately leaving you a squeaky-clean feeling from your sparkling bathtub.

Hack # 9: Basic Sink Cleaning

A lot of people don’t really give a damn about cleaning their sink because they think that just running water on it is good enough.

You’re wrong my friend. Sink definitely needs some thorough cleaning at least once a week to prevent bacteria and mold from thriving.

For this step, you should use first an all-purpose cleaning spray and scrub the entire sink. For the last part, use a vinegar or a mild window cleaner to finish it and make it look new again.

Hack # 10: Basic Toilet Cleaning

Well, we can’t really imagine people neglecting their toilet. After all it’s the very core of everyone’s bathroom. Not cleaning it is as good as not cleaning the whole bathroom.

That said, in order to clean the toilet, get an all-purpose cleaner and soak its rear, outside, and edges spots and wait for a couple of hours.

For efficiency’s sake, you can clean some part of your bathroom while waiting for the soaking process of your toilet.

After an hour, get back to the toilet and scrub the outside surface. Now if your toilet has some foul smell on it, get vinegar and baking soda, mix them and scrub the mixture on both interior and outer part of the toilet.

As for the final part, just flush the toilet and voila! You have now a super clean toilet without any stains or fouls odor on it.

Hack # 11: Basic Floor Cleaning

We put this hack for the last because dirt and debris tend to fall on the floor a lot when cleaning certain parts of the bathroom.

Cleaning floor for the last will make things efficient and convenient since you don’t need to go clean stuff over and over again.

Now to start cleaning your bathroom floor, get a sweep or a vacuum to collect the dust first to prevent them from getting moist – which will make them hard to get later on.

After ensuring that there’s no dust anymore, get a wire brush and clean the grout thoroughly. To finish things up, get a mop and sweep what’s left.

If you’re a hundred percent sure that there’s nothing left to clean, it’s better to wash your floors with at least two buckets of water to flush out debris and excess dirt.



Close up woman using cleaning spray clean a toilet with red gloves
Close up woman using cleaning spray clean a toilet with red gloves

We make hacks because we want things to be convenient as much as possible – in this case, to make bathroom cleaning much easier. Just supplement these hacks with some practicality and the desire to get things done and you’ll absolutely execute your cleaning chores with ease.

Well, you don’t need to worry thinking yourself anymore because you can simply resort to the 11 hacks we’ve mentioned above and you’re good to go. If you know a powerful hack that wasn’t shared in this post, please comment down below!

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