Modern home products are taking us to a new age. Gone are the days where you’d have to buy every single gadget for every single function. All of them, now, fit in your pocket in one handy device. But apart from the smartphone, what else can you have to satisfy your tech cravings?

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DIY Smart home tools
DIY Smart home tools

Here, we will look at some cool gadgets and modern home products that serve a futuristic purpose. One that positions your home a step higher than the rest both in aesthetics and function! Let’s paint your home in a futuristic tone and turn it into one of those futuristic houses!

Modern Home Products And Cool Home Gadgets

Modern Home Products And Cool Home Gadgets
Modern Home Products And Cool Home Gadgets

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Long story short, it a closet with cameras and mechanical arms that serves only one purpose; to fold your clothes! That’s right. We’re in the future! You never have to fold clothes again. It’s as simple as putting the clothes inside it’s allocated clothes bin, close it, and wait for about five to ten minutes. That’s it!

Oh, and right now, it costs $16,000. Although, there is just something comical about creating the most expensive and complicated piece of machinery to solve a very menial chore. It uses AI to accurately assess objects and is connected to a server via WiFi. It also has a neural network which contains 250,000+ images of all kinds of clothes.

The technology was first unveiled in CES 2017. However, the one we have now, which debuted in CES 2018, is a newer and better model. To say that this was easy couldn’t be farther from the truth. Engineers of this piece of smart products have openly stated that while folding clothes seems like the easiest thing, it is actually absolutely difficult for AI of 2018’s standards. That is the reason why no one has yet to try or have accomplished this before.

The CEO of Seven Dreamers, Shin Sakane, even shared a laughable story about their development process. It turns out, professional engineers are stuck taking photographs of towels, trousers, and other clothing items. Sakane explained that it would take the AI about 250,000+ pictures to further its capabilities and that that is an inevitable learning formula for the AI to get to about 95% accuracy.


“A Dishwasher Re-imagined!”

For about $300, this product is a steal! In a nutshell, the Tetra Connected Countertop Dishwasher is a space-saving smart dishwasher. Since it has a miniature form factor, this cool home gadget is ideal for smaller homes of maybe about two to four people. As far as home automation ideas go, this one works great!

This cool smart gadget has enough capacity to wash twelve glasses and/or ten plates. It also features water-heating inside its body. The engineers boast an ohmic array integrated technology to ensure adequate water heating. It’s good to note that this product will not be needing a water line.

Founder and CEO of Heatworks, Jerry Callahan, even said–

“Our research showed us that although the average household residents are comprised of 2.58 people, the dishwasher can accommodate for thirteen or more. This makes people believe that they either need to hand wash their few dirty dishes — which wastes ten times more water than using a dishwasher — or wait for a full load to run a cycle. With Tetra, we hope to change people’s mindset.”

For it to function, all it needs from you are two things; the item or items to be washed and a half gallon of water. And it should go without saying, also plug it into an AC outlet. This device also saves water; therefore, this is one of the many ways to help the environment, even if it’s a long shot!


Do you use a night light? How about one that makes it seem like you have a futuristic bedroom? Well, look no further! Smart products such as these do the trick! The Nanoleaf Aurora is one of those modern home products that just speaks for itself. It is beautiful, radiant, bright, and is an excellent piece of decoration for your bedroom or otherwise!

Its best feature is probably that it has sixteen million available colours for it to change to. The initial kit is required; which has 9 panels. These panels can interconnect to each other in whatever shape you would like. You can even choose to tessellate an entire wall with them. But, since the initial kit only has 9 panels, you will have to buy more. Yes, they are expandable.

To summarize, here are its benefits and functions:

  • Bright and vibrant
  • Can interconnect with each sister panel
  • Can form whatever shape you can with triangles
  • Colours are customisable; 16.7 million different colours available
  • Each panel is customizable to a different colour
  • Expandable to up to 30 panels per controller doc
  • Has other expandables; such as Rhythm, to enable the panels to “dance” with a chosen song
  • WiFi functionality
  • Can be controlled over smartphone
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Low power usage
  • drill-free mounting mechanism

With this piece of smart home gadgets, your own creativity is the limit! Enjoy creating gradations and fades.


  • Husqvarna Cordless Robotic Automower

This one also works great as one of the many home automation ideas. Imagine never having to worry about your lawn or yard again.

The focal point for this device’s superiority is its retractable razor cutting blades. The blades are pretty small. Engineers made this design intentionally so it could achieve cleaner cuts, extended usage periods, and silent operation. Rely on this machine to keep your grass looking healthy.

The machine is also durable in many types of weather. Husqvarna Cordless Robotic Automower has been tested in rain or shine conditions.

Select or collect!

Whichever one of these futuristic home gadgets you would like to employ, it will surely get the job done, while making your home the envy of the neighbourhood at the same time. Actually, now that I think about it, going for the best home security system might not be a bad idea too.

For better or worse, change is coming, innovation is here, and “smart” products are the future.

Happy trails!

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