Now I wouldn’t really know, but, people from the 1900’s probably would’ve thought that we’d all be flying on jet-packs by now. And while we do actually have the technology, it’s neither widespread commercial use nor is it in mass production yet. However, with a few home automation ideas, you can still feel like you’re living ten years ahead of your time.

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Home automation
Home automation

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New and cool home gadgets are in a weird place right now. They’re neither too famous that whoever’s neighbour has a few, nor are they too unknown that people aren’t at least somewhat familiar. So let’s clear the air. In this article, we’ll showcase four home gadgets that you can have and detail what they do and how it benefits you!

Four Home Automation Ideas

  • Smart Assistants

smart assistants
smart assistants

Nothing says automation like telling someone to do something for you! What are these “Smart Assistants” and are they smarter than a fifth grader?

Smart assistants can be better thought of as software-made virtual assistants that are placed inside electronic devices such as your phone, speakers, clock, and so many more.

They were made to “serve” they’re users by assisting in digital tasks; such as an internet search, setting your alarm, and asking for a weather forecast! But no, you can’t ask it to do your laundry! However, there have been AI-advances that can fold your laundry. Cool home gadgets like these are right around the corner. What a time to be alive!

Many smart assistants are coming to the consumer market space but we’ll only focus on the top dogs since using them will have both tech support and a guarantee that they work! These are Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google… Assistant. Yes, that’s just what it’s called.

Among them, the most well-known of which is probably Siri. You know, that lady that’s always on your phone that answers all our questions? No, not your secretary; Doris. Unfortunately, Dor..I mean, Siri, is only available to Apple users. If she was the only one that was invented, that puts millions of users out-of-reach of an “AI” Assistant.

These smart assistants have become mainstream and are on the rise in terms of both popularity and user ownership. Siri is still an Apple exclusive while the rest work on Android and Microsoft interfaces as well.

With the suitable gadget or gadgets to pair with them, with these assistants you can save energy at home by telling the assistant when or in how many minutes you want the electronic (lights, A/C, computer) to shut off. Apart from that, they are able to order you pizza and a ride home, controlling your home’s thermostat, ambient lighting, control the TV and even laugh. That’s right, you can tell your assistant to laugh!

All-in-all, it’s a great gadget that you’re going to spend lots of time enjoying.

  • Security Gadgets


Apart from a padlock with a siren, there are many more security gadgets you can set up to have the best home security system. Here a few of them, each with a brief description of what they offer:

  • Honeywell Camera Base Station

    • You can integrate this nifty gadget into your home security system with any Assistant; Siri, Alexa, Google and Honeywell-made devices. It even has its own proprietary AI, Security.

    • It’s not just a website. According to Home Alarm Report: “Using your voice, you can ask to lock your doors, arm your security system, adjust your thermostat, and more. To add even more security to the process, the action supports a home security PIN that is required if you choose to disarm your system or unlock your doors using your voice.”
  • Nest Secure

    • The great thing about this is that it’s owned by Google; thus, full integration with the Home Assistant is strongly integrated. Nest secure’s complete kit includes two Nest RFID Tags, two multisensor Nest Detects, and the Nest Guard Hub.
    • This small circular device acts as a door, window, and motion sensor all in one.
    • Nest Guard (hub), two Nest Detects (multi-sensor), and two Nest Tags (RFID tags).
  • A Bluetooth padlock

    • This helpful little gadget will eliminate the need for keys. Therefore, what does not exist, cannot be stolen. You will only need your phone to unlock this device, just download Master Lock’s app. Now that is wireless home security for you!
    • It has both an indoor and an outdoor version; both have been boasted to be weatherproof. The indoor version is $10 cheaper.
    • Master Lock Padlocks is also said to have boron carbide shackles, a metal body construction, and an anti-shim locking mechanism for greater security, strength, and resistance to weather.
    • Also, its Bluetooth authentication and encryption are military-grade.



A Roomba. That’s all that needs to be said. If you have yet to get acquainted with this device, it’s time you do. This is the ultimate gadget for those of us who are too lazy to clean or are just always on the go with our busy schedules. So, what is a Roomba?

It’s essentially an automated vacuum cleaner. Imagine a small, round, disc-shaped object autonomously roaming around your home, cleaning the floors. That’s right, you won’t have to sweep again! It’s small enough that it can go under most types of furniture, and some models are even capable of cleaning the carpet!


Ever had to drink a cup of coffee cold when it was supposed to be hot? How about having the ice in your tropical drink melt making it taste like flavoured water? Well, it’s fantastic to be alive then, because, with the Ember Coffee and Travel Mug, you can keep your drinks at precisely the temperature you want!

The mugs have a dial and an app (because everything has to have an app) that lets you adjust the temperature to your heart’s desire. It’s featured in black and white and shipping is free in the US. It’s made of ceramic, and it comes with its own charging dock, just be very careful not to bend or damage the conductor pins in the dock.

What A Time To Be Alive

In the past, escalators and elevators are probably the most appreciated and popular invention towards automation. These days, I dare say that there is an automation gadget for any form of manual labour.

It only takes little effort in searching (tip: it’s probably in Amazon!) for the gadget and its availability in your area. Once you have that, a little planning on how you’ll be using the device can go a long way! Make sure you know how to operate anything you buy. Everything, then, will all be worth it in the end. Investing in the modern home will be exhilarating!

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