Choosing the right bar shelf can add character to your home and make it stylish and functional.

Modern bar shelf ideas can be a nice improvement to your kitchen, pub, or any part of your home. Since they are rather bespoke pieces of furniture, they will have to be specially made and can take a while to arrive. Keeping this in mind, you must start working on your project early. Using plain or black granite for the countertops is one of the best ideas today and will look great with anything you end up going for.

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Below we have selected six modern bar shelf ideas that will bring a touch of class and style to your home.

Table of Contents

  1. Modern Floating Bar Shelves
  2. Modern Liquor Shelf
  3. Mid-Century Bar Shelf
  4. Contemporary Bar Shelves
  5. Modern Residential Bar Design
  6. Contemporary Glass Shelves

Modern Floating Bar Shelves

Modern floating bar shelves
Modern floating bar shelves

Image: Pinterest

Floating shelves are the modern alternative to traditional shelving and cabinets. Shakers, artisans, and furniture makers have used various methods of floating shelves since the 19th century. They are a unique option for creating storage or an edgy look in any room of your home. If you love customization and have a sense of style, consider these ideas for modern floating bar shelves.

Learn about floating bar shelves with these tips:

  1. Use it in your kitchen and small spaces.
  2. Store wine bottles, gin bottles, hard liquors, etc.
  3. Make the bar area look stylish and expensive.
  4. Using wood to build the frame and metal corner brackets for the shelves.

Modern Liquor Shelf

Modern liquor shelf
Modern liquor shelf

Image: Pinterest

Whether you’re a big liquor fan or not, there is something I’m sure we can all agree on… bottle presentation makes a difference! So while we might not have that in mind every time we buy a bottle of vodka, it can be a big plus at home when entertaining. That’s why we’ve gathered a few tips on getting the best-looking liquor shelf you can.

Check out these modern shelves tips:

  1. Reuse a shelf to make a liquor bar.
  2. Create a wood shelf to hold your bottles.
  3. Place it on the wall or counter.
  4. Use a candle stick to act as both decoration and storage for liquor bottles.
  5. Use more liquor per drink.

Mid-Century Bar Shelf

Mid-century bar shelf
Mid-century bar shelf

Image: Pinterest

The mid-century bar shelf is not just a work of art but also tells the story of your efforts to start on the right footing what better way to welcome your guests — and impress that special someone — than with a classy piece of furniture that looks just like it could have come straight out of a high-end bar.

Try these mid-century bar shelf ideas:

  1. Add some mid-century decor to a room like an old shelve.
  2. Try to be creative, cheap, and easy to build.
  3. Display liquors, mixers, glassware, etc., on the shelves you’ve made from reclaimed wood.

Contemporary Bar Shelves

Contemporary bar shelves
Contemporary bar shelves

Image: Pinterest

Bar furniture design that offers versatility is always a success. This contemporary bar shelving idea gives you the function and storage of a cabinet with the straightforward, open, get-it-yourself approach and great appeal.

Check out this contemporary bar shelves idea:

  1. Make sure to make your design timeless and pay attention to the current trends.
  2. Figure out the style and arrangement of your shelves that suit your design.
  3. Buy contemporary furniture shelves and wine glasses.
  4. Use a different variety of alcohol and liquor on the shelves.

“Such cabinetry is relatively simple to build and can often use left over kitchen refurbishment materials,” comments Ruban Selvanayagam of a professional modern auction house in Southampton UK

Modern Residential Bar Design

Modern residential bar design
Modern residential bar design

Image: Pinterest

When it comes to the modern residential bar design, there is always room for improvement. A sound bar is handy in the home and enhances the overall look of the room in which it’s placed. To achieve this effect, you need to carefully consider its size and location but also the quality of its design.

Some tips to help you achieve the modern residential bar design:

  1. You can make your bars on your budget.
  2. Add modernize your furniture.
  3. Add in homey details like house plants and a TV.
  4. Furniture and color schemes can provide points of interest.
  5. Add high-quality wine and spirits.

Contemporary Glass Shelves

Contemporary glass shelves
Contemporary glass shelves

Image: Pinterest

The contemporary bar glass shelves are a perfect accessory for you and your friends. Glass has a higher reflectivity than polycarbonate, giving it better resistance to extreme temperatures. The contemporary bar glass shelves are great for entertaining drinks and food with style, whether you’re entertaining at home or cooking in the kitchen.

Check out this contemporary bar with glass shelves:

  1. Use thick glass shelves to make it feel more contemporary.
  2. You can create unique shelves using glass containers and jars.
  3. Pair with a glass cocktail table.
  4. Add an element of glamour with gold glass bottles.


To sum up, bar shelves have been around for quite a while and are still popular. They can be crafted from different materials like steel and wood, but hardwood is the most common material of choice. There is nothing wrong with upgrading to modern design with a bit of creativity.

We’ve included some of the best bars in modern homes worldwide. Do you have article-related bar suggestions? Please share your ideas below. If you have anything to contribute to our list, please use the comment box. Share this post with friends and family seeking new home designs. Check out these and other intriguing suggestions at Guy About Home!

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