Bathrooms are a personal space but must as well be given a high priority because it is one of the most visited areas aside from the Living room and bedroom and as such must be well designed to taste!

Your bathroom vanity is where you begin and end your days, or at least most of them. It should ideally store your daily bathroom basics, medications, and, if feasible, additional bathroom supplies and bedding. Add in a mirror, which is a crucial component of the bathroom vanity design.

Personalization is key when it comes to setting up a bathroom vanity space. It should ideally store your daily bathroom basics, medications, and, if feasible, additional bathroom supplies and bedding. Add in a mirror, which is a crucial component of the bathroom vanity design. You can also check out bathroom decor ideas to get inspired!

Table Of Contents

  1. Double Vanity Bathroom Ideas
  2. Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas
  3. Navy Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas
  4. Grey Vanity Bathroom Ideas
  5. Bathroom Double Sink Ideas
  6. Bathroom Vanity Backsplash Ideas
  7. Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas
  8. DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas
  9. White Vanity Bathroom Ideas
  10. Painted Bathroom Cabinet Ideas
  11. Master Bathroom Double Sink Vanity Ideas
  12. Bathroom Vanity Ideas Single Sink
  13. Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas
  14. Bathroom Vanity Storage Ideas
  15. Dark Brown Vanity Bathroom Ideas
  16. Modern Double Vanity Bathroom Ideas
  17. Black Vanity Bathroom Ideas
  18. Repurposed Bathroom Vanity Ideas
  19. Corner Bathroom Vanity Ideas
  20. Luxury Bathroom Vanities Ideas
  21. Green Vanity Bathroom Ideas
  22. Ideas For Gap Between Bathroom Vanity And Wall
  23. Rustic Bathroom Vanity Ideas
  24. Brown Vanity Bathroom Ideas
  25. 2 Vanity Bathroom Ideas
  26. Floating Vanity Bathroom Ideas
  27. Bathroom Vanity Ideas On A Budget
  28. Bathroom Ideas With Vessel Sinks
  29. Oak Vanity Bathroom Ideas
  30. Wood Vanity Bathroom Ideas
  31. Walnut Vanity Bathroom Ideas
  32. Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting Ideas
  33. Tile Bathroom Vanity Top Ideas
  34. Creative Bathroom Vanity Ideas
  35. Cool Bathroom Vanity Ideas
  36. Modern Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas
  37. Black And White Bathroom Vanity Ideas
  38. Modern Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas
  39. White Vanity Bathroom Design Ideas
  40. Cherry Vanity Bathroom Ideas
  41. Upcycled Bathroom Vanity Ideas
  42. Backsplash For Bathroom Vanity Ideas
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  • How Much Do Bathroom Vanities Cost?
  • How To Make Your Own Bathroom Vanity?
  • Where Should Vanity Lights Be Placed?

1. Double Vanity Bathroom Ideas

A double vanity bathroom

Image Source: Erin Williamson Design

One good way to do a double vanity is to maximize whatever available space in your area. Always pay attention to the details, and see what the present inclusions are.

  • If the existing boundaries are within the walls, you need to stretch the vanity from one edge to another. 
  • If your bathroom receives natural light, focus the vanity on the windows, as well. 
  • You might also want to get some brilliant corner bathroom vanity ideas. You should realize that vanities should not exist in one place only.

As much as possible, you should stretch the designs and make them as consistent as possible.

2. Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas

A contemporary vanity bathroom splashed with blue

Image Source: Shophouse

Right now, blue is the next most preferred option after white for bathroom paint. Interior designers see this color as an ideal vanity if you don’t want wood.

  • Instead of fully renovating your bathroom, you can just simply paint some of the existing parts with this color. You can start with the cabinets and doors.
  • Alternatively, you can also paint the edges if you only want to accentuate the elegance of your bathroom. There are a plethora of DIY bathroom vanity ideas related to this!

If you aren’t afraid of some renovations, you can replace your bathroom tiles with blue ones, fitting a more contemporary design.

3. Navy Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas


A bathroom accented with navy blue cabinets

Image Source: Jenny Tsakas Interiors

Navy blue, for instance, is a wonderful variation of blue that you should try. Navy blue gives any room with regal ambiance. In fact, it is a popular choice for interior designers and decorators. It provides depth and luster to your surroundings while inducing a calming effect.

  • A navy blue bathroom is also suitable for various designs, whether you have an idyllic house or a modern setup. 
  • For example, if you want to make your bathroom dramatic, have a navy blue vanity paired with a mosaic backsplash. It should make things extra glamorous. Many consider this among the finest luxury bathroom vanities ideas.

4. Grey Vanity Bathroom Ideas


A grey themed bathroom with marble topsImage Source: Home Designing

The next best thing to blue is grey. It is the perfect color for minimalists who want their interiors to exude elegant yet clean layouts. Specifically, there’s a high preference for a grey and white bathroom these days. Such a color scheme ensures a neutral yet calming ambiance.

  • One good thing about grey is that you can make it the dominant color of your bathroom without being too plain. This is especially true if you pair it with white. 
  • For instance, white countertops and grey cabinets and tables work hand-in-hand. Pair them with gold faucets, and things will become extra alluring. 
  • If you want to make your bathroom extra lively, you can choose bright colors such as yellow. We recommend that you take a look at some of the finest green vanity bathroom ideas.

5. Bathroom Double Sink Ideas

A floating double sink with cabinets in a white-themed bathroom

Image Source: Andrey Korniychuk

Bathrooms require some spatial upgrades, especially if the number of people inside your home is growing. One sink is not enough during the rush hours when everybody wants to get tidy as quickly as possible.

  • Adding an extra sink is a good way to make use of the available space in your bathroom. It also optimizes the latter’s overall functionality since it allows more humans to brush their teeth, wash their faces, or look in the mirror. 
  • You can also pick a theme for a double sink bathroom. For instance, implementing your preferred color scheme is a great option for 2 vanity bathroom ideas. From blue to white, you have several choices to try.

6. Bathroom Vanity Backsplash Ideas

A vanity bathroom with graphic backsplash

Image Source: Better Homes & Gardens / Werner Segarra

Backsplashes provide your bathrooms with an impeccable degree of aesthetics. Moreover, we should not forget that a backsplash offers additional protection to your walls

  • Another interesting aspect about a backsplash is that it can fit various interior designs. Whether you are searching for oak vanity bathroom ideas or wood vanity bathroom ideas, a backsplash is a welcomed addition.
  • One excellent design idea we saw is this fantastic graphic tile installation. This would make your backsplash stand out. Tiles with black-and-white decorative patterns are an option here. Make sure that they stretch to the corners and ceilings to become your bathroom’s highlight.

It is a suitable alternative for those who are looking for bathroom vanity ideas on a budget.

7. Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas

A master bedroom styled with differently shaped amenities

Image Source: Pinterest

Your master bathroom is as important as your master bedroom. For instance, houses with fully furnished, aesthetically-appealing master bathrooms have higher appraisal value.

But even if this is not on your mind, improving the overall design of the master bedroom’s interior is still essential. It is not a difficult thing to do either, as there is a gamut of inspirations to choose from.

  • For example, you can explore modern bathroom vanity lighting ideas. Strategic placement of lighting fixtures, such as below the sink or behind the mirrors, can add depth and style to your master bathroom.  
  • You may also anchor the core of your renovation to shapes instead of colors or lighting. By varying shapes and patterns, you can influence the mood and ambiance of your bathroom.

8. DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas

A DIY vanity bathroom using salvaged wood

Image Source: Better Homes & Gardens / David Tsay

You don’t need anyone to makeover your bathroom. Your ingenuity and creativeness are enough to give your favorite place a fresh look!

  • Express your style and preferences in your bathroom by using different materials, paints, and themes. One good example of this is this DIY bathroom vanity that was customized using salvaged wood. It created an idyllic atmosphere in the area. 
  • The select boards were coated in a matte sealer to prevent water splashes from damaging them. Meanwhile, the tops are made from marble. Of course, you’ll notice the usage of different tile patterns and sizes in this design.

You should include this in your wood vanity bathroom ideas!

9. White Vanity Bathroom Ideas

An elegant white-themed bathroom

Image Source: Good Housekeeping / Dan Soloman

White is a plain color. But when used correctly, it is stunning. Eye-catching vanity bathrooms feature this color predominantly. After all, it is elegant, spacious to the eye, and light to the feeling.

  • There are many options for white vanity bathroom design ideas. Take a look at this luxury master bedroom that features white marble tops and wooden cabinets and drawers. The furniture is affixed with hardware with gold finishes to enhance its affluent appeal. 
  • Black and white bathroom vanity ideas may also work for you if you think too much white is bland. This is a great route if you want a sleek modern bathroom

10. Painted Bathroom Cabinets Ideas


A bathroom with grey-painted cabinets

Image Source: Kylie M. Interiors

Sometimes, you don’t need a total renovation to get a nice-looking bathroom vanity. By just correctly painting your bathroom, you can give it a total makeover.

  • By just painting the cabinets and other hardware, you will be able to establish the same feel of style and distinction. It is an excellent way of expressing your personality, too. 
  • The color wheel is pretty much unlimited, so you are free to pick what color would represent your bathroom. Those looking for premium ambiance should go for grey, and white color, paired with gold-finished fixtures and hardware. 
  • You can also select blue or rustic colors for a farmhouse feel!

11. Master Bathroom Double Sink Vanity Ideas

Aesthetically alluring double sink design

Image Source: Kathie Hong / MyDomaine

Double sinks are double trouble if you don’t know how to fix them. When it comes to designing your double sinks in your master bathroom, several considerations should be taken into account. Aspects like functionality, the harmony of the elements, and space are some of these considerations.

  • These particular factors are present in this elegant vanity master bathroom. Two sinks were embedded in a printed white marble countertop. They sit above an elegantly navy-blue painted cabinet with gold-finish handles. 
  • There’s a large circular mirror affixed to the white-tiled walls, giving the impression that you are in a spacious bathroom. The carpet on the bottom makes things extra elegant, as well!

12. Bathroom Vanity Ideas Single Sink

A single sink bathroom with multiple drawers and shelves

Image Source: Better Homes & Gardens / David Tsay

A lack of space doesn’t mean you don’t have room for style. You can always modify a single sink in a small bathroom to make it more beautiful and spacious.

  • A custom vanity is usually ideal for small bathrooms with single sinks. You are free to utilize the breadth of an alcove to further extend the countertop. It will provide more space for your toiletries and small essentials. 
  • You may also want to install hidden shelves and drawers to gain additional space. It also makes the room clean. To create the visual illusion of space, place an oversize mirror and paint the area white.

13. Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas

A simple modern bathroom with a floating counter

Image Source: Ars Visual Group

Modern homes require modern bathrooms. Completing your luxurious space with a beautifully designed modern vanity unit is something that you have to look forward to. It is here where creative bathroom vanity ideas may come as well.

  • Interestingly enough, it doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Take a look at one of the most exemplary floating bathroom vanity ideas you can do. Here, the wooden counter isn’t attached to the floor. It has no drawers, as well, further showcasing the visual cleanliness of the room. 
  • It has a single curling shelf that is seated below a white sink. 
  • The presence of plants may also balance the white-themed structure of the space. It is a small yet stark addition to consider.

14. Bathroom Vanity Storage Ideas

A bathroom with a carved section as storage space

Image Source: Peter Molick

There are tons of innovative solutions to keep your daily bathroom amenities organized and tidy. Supposedly, bathrooms should be the cleanest part of your house. But since it is an area frequently visited, it is not surprising that items are tossed around left and right.

  • Organizing storage in bathrooms isn’t that difficult, either. One way of doing this is by creating a nook for your essentials. Carve a hollow in your shower to store your conditioners, shampoos, and other small essentials. 
  • Empty the shampoo and conditioner containers and place them in nice-looking bottles to keep things more streamlined.
  • Building shelves on the walls is also a great way to maximize the empty vertical space in the room. Strategically placing them would create a seamless look, as well.

15. Dark Brown Vanity Bathroom Ideas

A sleek, neutral bathroom with earthy theme

Image Source: DivesAndDollar

Dark brown is a captivating color. It is exquisite and full of charm. Hence, it is always a welcomed theme in your bathroom.Many oak vanity bathroom ideas and wood vanity bathroom ideas feature this color.

  • For instance, you can choose a wooden vanity and earthy tiles to have a natural aura to your bathroom. Meanwhile, the sink remains white so that it will become the centerpiece. 
  • A large mirror hanging over the sink will provide the visual space you need. 
  • Get drawers and organizers to prevent things from getting messy.

16. Modern Double Vanity Bathroom Ideas

A double bathroom with seamless vanities from top to bottom

Image Source: Cathie Hong Interiors

Vanities are sometimes tall. Hence, they always guide your eyes from the floor to the ceiling and vice-versa. Given that this is the nature of things, you would want to make sure that your vanities are harmonious and seamless from top to bottom.

Of course, this design applies to modern double bathrooms. What you need to do here is quite simple.

  • You need to start revamping the light fixtures down to the counters and sinks. 
  • Don’t forget to work on your cabinets while re-structuring the floors.

The more cohesive your layout is, the more spacious and clean your bathroom’s interior becomes.

17. Black Vanity Bathroom Ideas

A dark-themed rustic bathroom

Image Source: Decoist

The idea that black vanities are only suitable for modern, polished bathrooms is just a myth. It is a misconception being propagated by those exquisite bathrooms printed on decor magazines and catalogs. The truth is, it can fit any style and theme.

  • Take a look at this rustic wooden vanity bathroom. It is styled with black granite countertop and stone sinks. 
  • Meanwhile, its floors are tiled with the same dark color, as well. The bathroom exudes an elegant ambiance with a nice glow due to its lighting fixture. 
  • The natural view in the background is just a plus!

18. Repurposed Bathroom Vanity Ideas

A floating vanity made from repurposed wood

Image Source: Studio_Xtine / Instagram

Creativity is always at its highest every time people decide to do some DIY projects and repurpose old items. And just because they are used and worn doesn’t mean that they won’t become centerpieces for vanities.

  • The best thing about these upcycled bathroom vanity ideas is their affordability. If you have the materials and tools at your disposal, you can do the makeover free of charge. 
  • Of course, the ones at an advantage here are those craftsmen and weekend warriors. But who said that YouTube tutorials couldn’t teach you a thing or two about DIY bathroom renovations?

19. Corner Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Corner bathroom concept

Image Source: Homedit

Are you searching for inspiring corner bathroom ideas? Then why not try this one?

  • Here, we have a black-themed corner vanity that features a marble top. Even in a small bathroom, this vanity concept will fit in. It is simple but creates a welcoming atmosphere in your bathroom. 
  • Some don’t restrict themselves to a single corner vanity. Hence, they opt to fill the corner of their bathrooms with pieces of paintings and artwork. It gives the impression that your bathroom is stylish, chic, and conforms to contemporary designs. 
  • Try placing a large mirror, too, to enhance the perceived spaciousness of the bathroom

20. Luxury Bathroom Vanities Ideas

A tropical-themed luxury bathroom

Image Source: Decoist

Luxury bathroom vanities aren’t a new topic when it comes to high-end residential properties. Since price isn’t a concern here for these homeowners, they tend to bring out the best possible concepts, ensuring that their bathrooms are astonishing and glamorous.

  • One of the best luxury bathroom ideas that we encountered is this tropical-themed bathroom. It features marbled floors and tiles while matching several pieces of wooden furniture, such as its seat and cabinet. 
  • It gives off an impression that you aren’t in a residential suburb but instead on a getaway vacation to your favorite Mediterranean getaway. 
  • The wide mirrors and green scenery are just the cherries on the top!

21. Green Vanity Bathroom Ideas

Shades of green used to match the dominantly white bathroom

Image Source: Alec Hemer / Country Living

Green is such a refreshing color, and it is a good color of choice if you are looking to transform your bathroom. It easily evokes the feeling of calmness and peace. It also appeals to your nature-loving senses. Of course, with the right design, you can make this color a shade of elegance.

  • In this example, warm variants of green have been painted on the ceiling. It serves as a complementary color to the white paint of the bathroom. It enhances the sense of space in the room, making it light, radiant, and airy. 
  • The large windows let its users experience the serene natural beauty of the outside world. Meanwhile, the clawfoot tub is a show-stealer.

22. Ideas for Gap Between Bathroom Vanity and Wall

A floating bathroom affixed in a tiled wall

Image Source: MyDomaine

Vanities are becoming a trend in modern bathroom design. Of course, it is not surprising why such a concept is soaring in popularity. These vanities serve as the main attractions of your bathroom and enhance the latter’s usefulness.

  • If there’s a gap between the bathroom’s wall and vanity, you have numerous fixes to try. But first, you have to make sure that the vanity is leveled to the wall. 
  • After that, you can use silicone caulks to fill the seams. 
  • Alternatively, you can also include a backsplash or backer rod to seal the gap. 
  • Tiling a sidewall isn’t a bad idea, either.

23. Rustic Bathroom Vanity Ideas

An elegant showcase of a rustic bathroom

Image Source: Gabberts Design Studio

Rustic interior design usually involves the use of wooden materials and furniture. In most cases, it is a DIY pursuit since it is aimed to repurpose materials, such as rocks and bricks, as well. When done correctly, a rustic bathroom is elegant and compatible with different types of furniture.

  • Here, we got a fully wooden bathroom that features the use of stones and pebbles on the walls and floor. This dramatic combination enhances the depth and quality of the space. 
  • Meanwhile, the graceful yellow lighting embeds the room with a calming ambiance. 
  • Pay attention to the double mirrors, as well. Their frames have a rustic design, as well!

24. Brown Vanity Bathroom Ideas

A brown-themed vanity

Image Source: Houzz

Brown is another beautiful color that you should seriously consider. Even elegant homes are already using this color to complement the commonly neutral colors they splash on their interiors.

  • A brown-themed vanity in your bathroom, such as a cabinet or a storage shelf, can elevate its appeal and overall comeliness 
  • One of the best examples that we have seen for this type of bathroom is this mid-sized master bathroom. This country-styled bathroom features large brown cabinets as its primary vanities. They easily match the neutral-color marble countertops and walls of the room.
  • You’ll also notice that this bathroom is embellished with elegant lighting. This is to provide contrast between the complementing colors present.

25. 2 Vanity Bathroom Ideas

Rustic double vanity bathroom

Image Source: JK Architecture Engineering

A double vanity doesn’t only fit large bathrooms. Even if your bathroom is small, you can still have two sinks, as well. Of course, this would mean that you have more functionality in your bathroom. At the same time, it gives more space for interior design ideas to flourish.

  • So, how should you design a double vanity bathroom? Well, it is just an art of pairing. Take a look at this rustic bathroom that features green-colored floor and wall tiles, while its sink is embellished with blue patterned marble. 
  • The wooden cabinet below perfectly matches the light / neutral color of the entire room. And to enhance its ambiance, several overhead lighting fixtures were placed.

26. Floating Vanity Bathroom Ideas

A simple yet elegant floating vanity in a small bathroom

Image Source: Verner Architects / Elle Decor

A floating vanity gives an impression of additional space in bathrooms. Furthermore, it ushers a chick anthem that is unique to contemporary interior designs. Fortunately, there are a myriad of elegant bathroom concepts that involve these floating vanities.

  • In this example, the architects worked on a small bathroom. They enhanced the spaciousness of the bathroom by having a wooden vanity float from the floor. 
  • Its counter has a custom-made marble sink paired with a modern faucet placed against a rectangular mirror. 
  • Since the vanity is floating, there’s enough space for backlights, which are seen on the floor and back panel of the vanity.

27. Bathroom Vanity Ideas on a Budget

A DIY wooden bathroom vanity

Image Source: Houseful of Handmade

Redesigning or renovating a bathroom can pay off, especially if we are talking about real estate values. However, it is not a secret that it can also get expensive. Fortunately, remodeling doesn’t have to be expensive. With the necessary materials and available DIY skills, you will be able to achieve this feat, as well!

  • Numerous step-by-step tutorials on how to make a DIY bathroom vanity exist today. You will never run out of resources, as it is a favorite pastime of many weekend warriors. 
  • Take a look at this vintage drawer that was furnished to become a wooden vanity in a white-themed bathroom. The layout is simple, but it is functional enough to hold different bathroom amenities.

28. Bathroom Ideas With Vessel Sinks

A glamorous bathroom with vessel sink vanities

Image Source: Badeloft USA

Vessel sinks are an excellent inclusion to any bathroom vanity. It can also change the theme of your bathroom–from modern to classic and vice-versa. Of course, this implies that there are ways to do this setup. 

  • In this example, we have a luxurious collection of bathroom vanities that complement each other. Their presence is further amplified through the use of big mirrors. 
  • Meanwhile, the oval vessel sinks can be the centerpiece of the area. But it is not an eyesore, either. Instead, it was able to blend seamlessly into the overall layout of the bathroom. It has its own flair but doesn’t entirely steal the limelight.

29. Oak Vanity Bathroom Ideas

An oak vanity in a industrial-type bathroom

Image Source: Trickle Creek Homes Cassidy Show Home

Oak vanities are such a visual treat. They are aesthetically appealing and glamorous, especially if utilized correctly.

  • The best thing about oak is that it can blend in various bathroom designs. Regardless if you want it to be rustic or color, there’s a place for these fascinating vanities.
  • In the photo above, you can see that the wooden vanity has been embedded in a chiefly concrete bathroom. The entire room is sleek and warm, thanks to its simple and spacious layout.
  • Noticeably, it is also a double vanity, which is given by two sinks and two mirrors. They are separated by a vertical oak shelf, embedded with different embellishments–from photos, bottles, and even plants.

30. Wood Vanity Bathroom Ideas

A gray bathroom with a wooden vanity

Image Source: StylesAtLife

Based on our discussions here, it is pretty evident that wood is one of the supreme materials when it comes to bathroom vanities. It is easy to configure and fits various designs and layouts. Technically speaking, you can play with this material and would never get it wrong.

  • You can find many inspirations for a wooden vanity. A classic example is the photo we posted above. Specifically, this bathroom features a stand-alone mini-cabinet equipped with a black washbasin on its top.
  • The colors contrast properly, fitting the neutrally colored walls and floor. Notably, the design is simple but creates an ambiance of calm and spaciousness.

31. Walnut Vanity Bathroom Ideas

A standalone bathroom vanity

Image Source: Earthlingorgeous

Integrating natural colors into your bathroom is a nice idea, especially if you are aiming to acquire a peaceful yet glamorous ambiance. With its chocolaty and rich quality, walnut is definitely one of the best materials for bathroom remodeling.

  • If you have a large bathroom, you can place a standalone walnut furniture. It is a perfect vanity that invokes a classic and nostalgic feeling. 
  • Of course, the addition of plants and other amenities can enhance the vibrancy of the space. 
  • You can also decide the type of furniture you would place in the bathroom. Curved ones showcase elegance, while those that have sharp edges integrate a much modern scheme.

32. Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Vanity bathroom incorporating farmhouse lighting

Image Source: Hunker

Farmhouse designs have become a trend in recent years. Even modern and luxury homes incorporate them in their kitchens, bathrooms, and other commonly used areas. They are charming, refreshing, and peaceful. At the same time, it is undeniable that they are aesthetically pleasing, too.

  • Country aesthetics are easily surmised as the combination of various palettes, shapes, and materials. Usually, the design involves metal, wood, and even concrete.
  • Furthermore, farmhouse bathrooms are more enthralling when you use proper lighting on them. They can attain an appeal that you will certainly fall in love with. And sometimes, the lighting can be natural, as well!

33. Tile Bathroom Vanity Top Ideas

A rustic bathroom countertop vanity

Image Source: Nord Architecture

Tiles aren’t just designed for floor layouts. They can also be affixed to the walls, corners, and edges of your bathroom. In fact, it doesn’t take too much effort to convert them into your favorite bathroom vanity. Of course, there are a plethora of ways to do this. 

  • For instance, you can impose tiles on your standalone drawers and cabinets, adding an extra layer of quality and texture to them. But one way of doing this is by tiling your entire countertop. 
  • Take a look at the photo above as an example. There, you can see that the countertop has been embellished with square stone tiles, introducing a notable grid layout and rustic aesthetic to the entire room.

34. Creative Bathroom Vanity Ideas

A DIY bathroom vanity

Image Source: Sodini.House

Creative vanities are a worthy addition to your bathrooms. With the right approach, you will be able to create fantastic vanities that can enhance the room’s overall appeal. But of course, you need to have some knowledge when it comes to woodworking and other related technical expertise to create your own bathroom vanities.

  • One amusing example that we got is this bathroom vanity constructed by Instagram user Sodini.House. Here, she was able to craft a beautiful wooden vanity that serves as a drawer and custom sink. 
  • It also has an under-storage for other bathroom essentials, such as towels. Since she could fit the design seamlessly into the bathroom, it appears that the vanity is an expensive piece of furniture.

35. Cool Bathroom Vanity Ideas

A unique bathroom vanity in a modern bathroom

Image Source: TOL’KO interiors

Bathroom vanities should reflect your personality and style. Therefore, you should feel no restriction when it comes to the design that you want to implement, especially if you are aiming to match your preferences. Cool bathroom vanities are always within your reach, as long as you aren’t afraid to explore new concepts and layouts.

  • Here, we have a modern bathroom design that features a custom low-level floating wooden vanity. It integrated a vertical basin into its construction, creating a seamless visual.
  • Meanwhile, there’s a padded seat on its end and a storage cubby beside the basin.
  • The bathroom also features the creative usage of contrasting colors and shapes on its walls and floors.

36. Modern Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas

A bathroom with overhanging light fixtures

Image Source: Better Homes & Garden / David Tsay

Vanity lighting is one of the essential aspects of your bathroom’s layout. It doesn’t just provide a decorative appeal to the space, but it also ensures practicality and functionality. After all, a well-lit bathroom is welcoming and peaceful. It allows users to do their thing safely and comfortably, whether it is the evening or the day. 

  • Since bathroom vanity lights come in different sizes and styles, you can always configure them to match your theme. 
  • For instance, if you want a modern bathroom appeal, change the conventional sconces and replace them with ceiling-mounted pendants. 
  • The fixtures could be placed in front of the mirror to create the illusion of duplicity. It also enhances the illumination they provide.

37. Black and White Bathroom Vanity Ideas

A modern bathroom with black-and-white layout

Image Source: HGTV

Black-and-white is such a timeless combination. It’s a favorite color of choice for many interior designers. Even DIY lovers typically enjoy this color scheme because of the style and simplicity it provides. Black and white never go out of trend, so there’s a lot of reasons you should integrate one now in your bathroom. 

  • Black-and-white bathrooms are refreshing. They also feel stylish because of the evident contrast and depth they provide. Furthermore, they are usable in different design themes, such as rustic, contemporary, and traditional.
  • You have numerous options for this color scheme, and surprisingly enough, none of them would make your bathroom look bad

38. Modern Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas

 A luxurious master bathroom with fully marbled aesthetics

Image Source: Douglas Friedman

Modern master bathroom vanities should reflect luxury and style. You should invest in it, as you will want it to be sprawling with glamor and glitz. You deserve to splurge yourself when it comes to this remodeling. It’s the little joys that could make your stay in your bathroom worthwhile.

  • The right touches can make a bland bathroom exquisite and appealing. Fortunately, a large bathroom is a spacious canvas that you can personalize. 
  • If you want to establish luxury, you should never remove marbles from the picture. Placing marbles on the bathroom’s floor and ceiling will enhance its overall elegance. 
  • Pair it with marble-made vanities, such as tubs, sinks, and countertops, and you’ll be amazed by what you have.

39. White Vanity Bathroom Design Ideas

Karyn Millet / Good Housekeeping

Image Source: A white master bedroom

Eye-catching interior designs always involve the white color. Regardless of your preferences, this color is a safe choice because it is the most neutral. Even for bathrooms, this color is striking with appeal. It suggests cleanliness and purity, which is desirable for every washroom and toilet. The shade offers serenity, as well.

  • There are many designs that you can put up with white vanity. In this master bathroom interior, you can see the masterful placement of double vanities, mosaic tiles, and a freestanding tub, all of them having the color white! 
  • Several accessories are integrated into the bathroom, such as the hanging lighting fixtures. The two large mirrors on opposing sides are also a treat for the eyes.

40. Cherry Vanity Bathroom Ideas

A cherry vanity with a marble countertop

Image Source: Morris Black Design

Many materials can be considered for your bathroom vanity. The quality and durability of the vanity matter here. Hence, it is not surprising that many interior designers recommend cherry as a primary vanity of choice.

  • Depending on your style and preference, it can be configured to different fixtures and furniture. Regardless, cherry vanities should fit in your bathroom.
  • You can also integrate a full cherry wall or tile to your bathroom, if you want a farmhouse or rustic feel. Cherry is an excellent material for these pursuits!

41. Upcycled Bathroom Vanity Ideas

An upcycled media cabinet

Image Source: Jeff Her / Good Housekeeping

You can always upcycle a bathroom vanity if you want to personalize the practicality of your bathroom.

  • You can upgrade an existing cabinet, refurbish some finds in the market, or update a table. All you need here is time, effort, and some skills. By doing this, you will be able to create a DIY bathroom vanity that won’t go out of style. 
  • Check the example we have above, where a media cabinet was used as a trough sink. It is a great idea as it provides a lot of counter space. 
  • It also acts as a storage cabinet that allows you to stash your cabinet essentials. You can even place a marble slab on top of the cabinet for added functionality.

42. Backsplash for Bathroom Vanity Ideas

A subway backsplash

Image Source: Adam Albright

A backsplash serves as a great bathroom vanity. After all, it is not just mere decoration. It also helps in protecting the walls of your bathroom. Furthermore, you can always customize a backsplash to match the overall theme that you want. Whether you want it to be tiled or wooden, there are no restrictions to it.

  • This subway-style bathroom design features a tiled backsplash. Instead of the conventional bond layout, the architects decided to incorporate numerous rectangular tiles in different arrangements. 
  • Some tiles are lined vertically, while others are herringbone. With its dark-colored grout, the bathroom gets a contemporary appeal

Why Are Bathroom Vanities So Expensive?

Bathroom vanities aren’t just for aesthetics. They are also essential since they can do several things in your bathroom. They can hold your essentials, work as storage, and improve the overall functionality of your bathroom.

Of course, the benefits provided by these vanities do come with a price. If you are not going for the DIY route or repurposed route, you will spend big on their installation.

The reasons for their expensiveness are due to the following: design, size, and material. Furthermore, you have to take into account whether or not you need a professional to install the vanities for you. If the vanity requires extensive renovation, you would need to prepare for the added cost that comes with it.

Keep in mind that bathrooms shouldn’t be compromised with cheap materials and installations. After all, it is exposed to elements such as water and humidity. These things can damage your bathroom if the renovation goes wrong.

How Much Do Bathroom Vanities Cost?

The cost of bathroom vanities varies, depending on the extensiveness of the design and the materials used in the construction. Essentially, vanities range from $500 to $4,000. These figures may not include the installation costs, which go anywhere from $100 to $1000 per unit.

Moreover, if you want to install a stock bathroom vanity, its cost may go as high as $2,600. If you are going to customize this vanity, you may need to pay an extra $500 to $2,000.

According to our market research, the cost range of bathroom vanities starts from $300 and goes as high as $3,800. This will give you an average cost of $1,500, and that also depends on other factors.

Pre-made bathroom vanities may require you to spend $100 to $2,500. On the other hand, custom-made ones are from $500 to $3,000. These figures don’t involve the installation costs.

How to Make Your Own Bathroom Vanity?

It’s quite difficult to provide you with a tutorial for DIY bathroom vanities. It requires a different venue so that you’ll be able to learn it properly.

However, there are essential things that you need to prepare if you want to make your own bathroom vanity. The first thing that you need to do is to identify what type of vanity you want to install. Do you want to make a total makeover or simply want to replace some parts?

Of course, once you figure out these things, it is time that you gather the materials. Try to look for the cheapest yet decent options in the market so that you can save money. If you don’t have the budget at all, recycle available materials in your home or yard.

Also, don’t forget to practice. You don’t want to fail on your bathroom makeover. As we’ve mentioned, there are plenty of YouTube videos for it. 

Where Should Vanity Lights Be Placed?

There are numerous placement options for vanity lighting. But make sure that you prioritize these fixtures because they are the ones that work hard to illuminate your face whenever you are grooming.

Many people commit the mistake of installing recessed lighting fixtures over the mirror. If you do this, the light will cast shadows, making grooming seemingly impossible. Meanwhile, vertical fixtures are great because they cast sufficient lighting on your head.

You can also put lighting fixtures in your shower. This is not necessary anymore if your bathroom is small and the shower stall is clear. Otherwise, we recommend that you use a recessed light with a glass lens, preferably with a yellow glow. Free-standing toilets and tubs can use small recessed lighting fixtures.

The fill-in light will also work as an excellent alternative to natural light. The one that produces this light is a central fixture, which is placed directly on the ceiling.


Vanity bathrooms are essential for every home. It is a personalized space where you can feel comfortable, relaxed, and at ease. With a good design and theme, you will be able to improve the overall aesthetics and appearance of your bathroom.

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