Sprinkle navy blue in your vanity bathroom as you enjoy a nice bath! Incorporate these bathroom ideas now!

Navy blue color evokes peace and relaxation. Good! Because other than the bedroom, the bathroom is another area for relaxation.

The mentioned color symbolizes power and authority too. Own your vanity bathroom by incorporating the said color. But power does not rest by indulging in one color shade; you must know how to play with it. Or maybe, put some volume in or through it.

So, the ideas written below will enlighten you on how you can design and decide what your vanity bathroom would look like. However, if you want to see more ideas, you can always head to bathroom wall decor ideas and see for yourself!

Table of Contents

  • Classic Navy Blue Vanity Bathroom Wallpaper
  • Mosaic Navy Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas
  • Farmhouse With Coastal Vibes Navy Blue Vanity Bathroom
  • Sleek and Single Navy Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas
  • Navy Blue and White Floral Vanity Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas
  • Navy Blue Striped Vanity Bathroom Wallpaper
  • Floating Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity Ideas

1. Classic Navy Blue Vanity Bathroom Wallpaper

Classic Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity Wallpaper

Image Source: Ideal Home

When you hear the word “classic,” that does not mean that your bathroom should be rustic. some people describe seeing this as an opportunity to sparkle some modernity. This kind of vanity bathroom is famous to most homeowners. Instead of dividing a room for the vanity and the bathtub, the furniture are already stored in one room.

To achieve this navy blue vanity bathroom, you need to:

  • The walls should be in navy blue to overpower every piece of furniture
  • As a contrast yet complementary color, you can have a marble sink and bathtub
  • Your mirror should be in gold to match the navy blue wallpaper.
  • A classic white window is ideal
  • Have the tank of the toilet navy blue if you desire.
  • A rug should be in a wool texture to bring a sense of warmth and homely comfort to the bathroom.
  • Floors can be made of oak.

2. Mosaic Navy Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas

Mosaic Navy Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas

Image Source: Decor Pad

One brilliant idea that you should incorporate in your vanity bathroom is a navy mosaic backsplash, especially if you want a dramatic mood once you step inside. This navy blue and white mosaic help in creating a cohesive look that is glamorously eye-pleasing in all ways.

If you want this mosaic design in your vanity bathroom, these might help:

  • Purchase a wallpaper with a navy blue and white mosaic design
  • Have a simple sconce in which lights are inside a transparent glass
  • To achieve the illusion of having a large bathroom, go for double vanity
  • Your cabinet should be painted in navy blue too!
  • Synthetic rugs are stain-resistant and give out an organized impression. Black color is nice to pair with a navy blue color.
  • You can also go for a built-in or wall cabinet.
  • Lastly, place some natural flowers in a transparent vase for a fresh look.

3. Farmhouse With Coastal Vibes Navy Blue Vanity Bathroom

Farmhouse With Coastal Vibes Navy Blue Vanity Bathroom

Image Source: 4 Simple Technique

No need to head to your beach house for a relaxing trip. Bring the coastal vibes inside your bathroom. In this way, you can also save time and money. Plus, you can admire your comfort room for as long as possible. Go on and be creative in your own ways!

To complete the farmhouse with a coastal vibe bathroom look:

  • Acquire two black squared mirrors
  • The walls should be painted white for simple yet modern look
  • For the lights, you can have traditional multi lights as a contribution to the coastal vibe
  • The entire cabinet should be painted in navy blue.
  • You can also have a navy blue handwoven rug or towel as an accessory
  • You can place maidenhair ferns in every vanity corners for a natural look.

If you want to delve into this look, check out bathroom vanity decor ideas at once!

4. Sleek and Single Navy Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas

Sleek And Single Navy Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas

Image Source: New Bathroom Style

If you are one of the homeowners with a small bathroom and limited space, you do not have to overthink the bathroom furniture, especially the vanity part. We got some ideas for you!

Here are some tips:

  • Purchase a tiny navy blue cabinet where compartments are many and are divided.
  • Ensure that the vanity matches the color cabinet.
  • If you want to erase the plainness of the room, you can purchase a small white side table
  • where you can put some indoor potted plants and other stuff.
  • Your wallpaper does not need to be navy blue or else everything will vanish in one look. Try contrasting it by having it painted gray.
  • Indulge in simple colors such as white, gray, and navy blue.

See navy blue vanity bathroom ideas if you want to gain more ideas that you can incorporate into your home.

5. Navy Blue and White Floral Vanity Bathroom Wallpaper

Navy Blue And White Floral Bathroom Vanity Wallpaper

Image Source: Sneak Peak Design

Who said you have to cover your entire bathroom with navy blue paint? Why not splatter some different colors that compliment navy blue? You do not have to eliminate your primary color; just put some colors which can add beauty to your bathroom.

Wondering how to do that? Here are some ideas:

  • Purchase a rectangular mounted mirror that has a gold and creative volume frame.
  • In both sides of the mirror, put a candlelight sconce.
  • You can also install a hanging rack for your bath towels near the sink
  • Have your cabinet in navy blue color. You can purchase the one with a single compartment if you have a small bathroom. You decide depending on the bathroom size.
  • Finally, have your wall painted in several colors: navy blue, white, gray, and yellow-green.
  • You can buy wallpaper, paint it, or just ask someone to paint for you.

6. Navy Blue Striped Vanity Bathroom Wallpaper

Navy Blue Striped Bathroom Vanity Wallpaper

Image Source: Randol Phid

Want to try something new and eliminate the dullness of your entire bathroom? Here’s the answer: Find a navy blue striped wallpaper. Not only does it bring out both playfulness and elegance, it is also a unique design that you will surely love.

Well, you can consistently achieve this look by following these:

  • Purchase a striped wallpaper but don’t forget to consider the wall size.
  • You may opt to paint the wall DIY, tracing equal striped lines before applying the navy blue and white paint.
  • Have a gold spherical mirror installed on your wall.
  • To add more volume and design, you can install two hanging sconces on both mirror sides.
  • Your sink does not need to be round, but a tall white square sink will do.
  • For the hand towel, place it in the hanging rack near the sink:

The key here is to have contrast in the wallpaper cutely. So, you might as well purchase furniture items with a touch of gold in them.

7. Floating Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Floating Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Image Source: The Architecture Designs

Like the bubbles in your bathtub, make your vanity area float. You read that right! Nothing is impossible if you just have your mind follow its creative path. Achieve a sophisticated and clean look immediately.

On how to do that, just follow these steps:

  • Have your navy blue vanity cabinet and white sinks installed on your walls but not touching the ground.
  • Purchase a double vanity with minimal and almost invisible frames to achieve an elegant and modern look.
  • Slim pendant lights should be hung and placed on the front sides of the mirror to create a floating look. If you want warm color, you can always adjust its brightness.
  • Just be simple as always; white tile and wall color should do the trick!

If you are still looking for more ideas to spice up your bathroom, read bathroom wall decor ideas to gain more!


So you’ve reached a conclusion! Good for you because it is crucial to read the above information if you are still unsure how to design your bathroom in your favorite color. There is no way that navy blue is some kind of a gothic color. Remember that you can constantly splatter some creativity in this fabulous home area.

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