Having an exquisite balcony isn’t alone; the door that leads you to this space should also have a great look. Get the best and unique balcony door designs for your home space!

The balcony is that one home space dedicated to being tranquil and peaceful, an area where you can meditate, get some fresh air, or even practice yoga. Whatever the view from your balcony, you may transform it into a cozy refuge for lounging, a reading area, a romantic supper spot, or whatever else you imagine.

Everyone desires a home with a lovely outside space and a breathtaking view—a relaxing spot to unwind after a long day, perhaps with a bottle of wine. To complement this beautiful outlook, exquisite balcony door designs spice your space. Visit repair and maintenance for more inspiration!

Table of Contents

  1. Balcony Glass Door Design
  2. Balcony Sliding Door Design
  3. Balcony Safety Door Design
  4. Balcony Wooden Door Design
  5. Bedroom Balcony Door Design
  6. Balcony Door and Window Design
  7. Sliding Door Design for Balcony
  8. French Door Design for Balcony
  9. Balcony Door Grill Design
  10. Small Balcony Door Ideas
  11. Living Room Balcony Door Design
  12. Modern Balcony Door Design
  13. Hall Balcony Door Design
  14. Iron Door Design for Balcony
  15. Front Balcony Door Design
  16. Steel Door Design for Balcony
  17. Grill Design for Balcony Door
  18. Small Balcony Door Design
  19. Safety Door Design for Balcony

1. Balcony Glass Door Design

Balcony Glass Door Design

Image source: Pinterest

The balcony glass door is a unique one. Outside, there is a seamless, keeping the room ventilated. This balcony door is designed in curves which make the door easy to open and close, giving it an impressive look. Its design is a complete intermediary between the inside and out; some are remotely controlled. 

The glass doors are:

  • Foldable and made from thick glass
  • Strong textured glass, uneasy to break
  • Made to see through the inside but completely blind from outside
  • It may reflect green or blue depending on the angle of the light ray.

2. Balcony Sliding Door Design

Balcony Sliding Door Design

Image source: Fenesta

For most homeowners, installing the sliding door for their balcony gives easy access to the view they desire without much hassle. This is because they are functional and have such an incredible ambience. The custom designs give more alternatives for homeowners to choose from, fitting both traditional and modern styles. 

This balcony sliding door is made of:

  • Baked coloured brass frame 
  • Transparent glass fitting
  • The sliding wheel could be applied for durability
  • Rubbing fittings to cushion the glass within the frame
  • Some of these glasses are made from pyrex with a modern tech of reflective view from the outside

3. Balcony Safety Door Design

Balcony Safety Door Design

Image source: Interior Info

Balcony safety doors can help protect your house from theft and robbery. The investment in safety doors is such that it is worthwhile. Bring an aesthetic visual appeal to your home and create an atmosphere of comfort and security as well. Aside from protecting our homes from intruders, they can also offer some level of privacy. 

Furthermore, balcony door designs also:

  • Strong metallic door with White custom design
  • Double Panel door with and utility door knob
  • Painted in dark brown to blend with the wall 
  • Tight artistic holes on the side to view exterior

Safety doors are often designed to shut intruders and are not easily broken except with heavy machines and dynamites.

4. Balcony Wooden Door Design

Balcony Wooden Door Design

Image source: Pinterest

The balcony wooden door design happens to be the delight of many households over the years. They are still used by some homes who find them fitting to their budget and style. Usually, it’s an option because it is budget-friendly. The types of woods used in creating door designs include White-oak, Fir, Pine, Oak, Ceder, Opler, Cherry, and a host of others.

As seen in the picture, this wooden design is:

  • A bit different from the regular room doors
  • Side glass to view exterior
  • Have a more security-tight keyhole
  • Several wooden methods are combined to create this beautiful piece

5. Bedroom Balcony Door Design

Bedroom Balcony Door Design

Image source: Interior Info

The boudoir is a spot where you may enjoy the view without leaving your bed. If you’ve ever lived in a house with a great view from the bedroom, you’d understand the peace of waking up to a beautiful view. A great transition between the bedroom and balcony, it permits aeration which is good for asthmatic individuals.

These particular door designs are best for ocean or seaside lodges. 

  • Bifold balcony door 
  • Brown shutter color 
  • Sizeable wooden frame with a wide opening

If you are lucky to have your balcony around a hill, seaside or forest, these woody bedroom balcony doors would not just give you wake-up to the view you desire, but guarantee security.

6. Balcony Door and Window Design

Balcony Door and Window Design

Image source: Magic Bricks

Your balcony may do more than improve the beauty of your home; it can also improve your quality of life. Small Juliet balconies or large walk-out balconies would both require windows and doors. There are several door-window convertibles to give incredible natural light to your home.

  • Slanted 45 degrees doors styled in the form of a window
  • Aluminum frames 
  • Clear transparent glass
  • Concrete partition for the double walk-in 
  • The Velux Aluminum frame is painted gray to blend with the wall

If closed, you might find it hard to know that there is door access with this unique design.

7.Sliding Door Design for Balcony

Sliding Door Design for Balcony

Image source: Magic Bricks

The balcony sliding door design enables a smooth feel while sliding. Asides from this, it gives sunlight for you to stay healthy. The look is modern and gives your friends and family an impression that you’ve spent a fortune to get it.

Here is what these door designs look like:

  • Transparent and light reflective
  • Made with Painted Dark brown Aluminum frames (This frame doesn’t rust)
  • Sliding glasses with for frames
  • It is somewhat difficult to see what’s inside with this modern glass design

Depending on the size of your balcony wall, this should be installed according to the proportionate size.

8. French Door Design for Balcony

French Door Design for Balcony

Image source: Pinterest

French doors add a unique vibe to the balcony door design. Usually, these doors give a great passage into the balcony with their unique arched-styled designs. You can always choose your preference depending on the available space. Moreover, French door design allows less light penetration compared to a glass sliding door. This could also come in various colors as it fits your balcony. 

This design entails:

  • An arched frame door design
  • Steel frame glass door with padded rubber fittings
  • Door handle door knobs with graded locks
  • Painted in black to contrast the wall color and possibly match with the balcony frame

9. Balcony Door Grill Design

Balcony Door Grill Design

Image source: Pinterest

Depending on the size of your home, there are several balcony door grill designs you can explore. You can choose either the traditional or modern balcony grill designs. Grills is a perfect choice if you have security concerns for security. 

Here are some balcony door designs you may want to consider: 

  • Basic iron grills
  • Full coverage grills 
  • Colored grills
  • Floral patterns with grills
  • Black and gold designs
  • Heavily designed grills

As seen in the image above, incorporate these ideas too:

  • The sectioned iron door behind a glass 
  • Sliding door with a strong lock
  • Partitioned to allow aeration
  • Painted in black to match the whitish wall color.

10. Small Balcony Door Ideas

Small Balcony Door Ideas

Image source: Pinterest

The antique-style Italian aluminum door, one of the most famous small balcony glass door designs, might be an excellent choice for your luxury home. Its exceptional beauty and durability will be well worth the investment.

This small balcony door is made of:

  • Double 0.7 x 1.15-meter Aluminum frame
  • Double transparent pyrex glass
  • It is designed with a divider door opener
  • Painted in white to match the wall painting

If you are an artist or have painting talents, you can personalize the side walls with comics or landscapes. Visit Guy About Home to learn and see more fantastic home designs.

11. Living Room Balcony Door Design

Living Room Balcony Door Design

Image source: Decoist

A sliding glass balcony door is one of the best in-out links to give a living to the balcony. This is attributable to the fact that they are both functional and have a great feel. Custom designs provide homeowners with more options for living room balcony doors. Wood, fiberglass, and vinyl are the most common materials used. Furthermore, you’ll locate a balcony door that matches your taste.

This design shows:

  • Golden color wood 
  • Sectioned to add more beauty and durability to the door
  • French Sliding Glass Doors with a strong handle 
  • This glassy door allows a transparent view of the outdoor from the living room

12. Modern Balcony Door Design

Modern Balcony Door Design

Image source: Styles at life

Wooden frame doors are popular in modern balcony door designs because of their robustness and aesthetic appeal instead of a traditional hinged door. With the increasing need for improvement in doors and window design, security is still in high consideration, which is why steel designs are also gaining ground in recent trends.

  • Install wood French glass sliding door for a more elegant appearance. 
  • Paint the frame of the brown sliding glass doors with a wood grain finish that gives the area a rustic feel.
  • Have it made of clear glass and a vintage door knob.

13. Hall Balcony Door Design

Hall Balcony Door Design

Image source: Decoist

Nowadays, people no longer require large halls to have their wedding receptions; a small space is all they need to merry with family and close associates. This is perhaps one big reason for a hall balcony; it also satisfies the beautiful and scenic view even as the hangout is ongoing. With it, a beautiful door entrance is another good way to give your guests a warm welcome.

Here is what this design entails:

  • Elegant dining balcony concealed by sliding glass doors
  • Wooden frame painted in black
  • Be consistent with frame design and make sure the colour complements the wall

14. Iron Door Design for Balcony

Iron Door Design for Balcony

Image source: Pinterest

This contemporary double-entry wrought iron door complements any balcony design and is also a great way to strengthen security. It has a classic and well-designed balcony entrance with a tall, narrow square shape with bars. The brighter brick contrasts beautifully with the fake finish texture.

To achieve this design:

  • Get a hand forged iron door, dark brown vintage iron design.
  • Make sure the pattern design is consistent and resonates with your personality.
  • Ensure it is well painted to fit in your balcony model.

Just like ancient city gates, you need to open wide for access; it is an excellent way to restrict access to your home.

15.Front Balcony Door Design

Front Balcony Door Design

Image source: Pella

This front door balcony door, with its large, full sliding glass doors, adds to the modern appeal of the home’s design. 

  • The vertical and horizontal lines of the doors are superb, 
  • Together with the slick flooring and
  •  Fireplace mantel, create a pleasing look.

Not a fan of the curtains on the sliding glass doors? Sliding glass balcony doors with shutters between the panes is an option. Your blinds will be protected from dust and damage by being permanently sealed between the panes of glass. Activities going inside are discrete due to the tempered glass.

16. Steel Door Design for Balcony

Steel Door Design for Balcony

Image source: Home designing

An open steel single door has a lot of benefits. It is unrivaled in strength and durability and lasts for many years. The powder coating on the steel frame protects it from the environment and corrosion. Smaller glass grids can be used for safety, aesthetics, and usefulness. This door is ideal for the balcony and outside.

Screen doors can boast plenty of styles too. Here, decorative strapwork creates 

  • There is a secure yet elegant barrier between the front entrance and the street balcony.
  • The blazing sun doesn’t reach very far, yet fresh air seeps right through to cool the house.
  • Plenty of open-air holes are made as a pattern
  • It is strong enough to wade off invaders

17. Grill Design for Balcony Door

Grill Design for Balcony Door

Image source: Anhoui Hotian

Grill designs are a state of the art design for balconies in general. From the railings to the mounted barricades, grill designs are often used because of their functionality, durability and strength. For balcony door design, a grill styling might be a good and available option to explore!

Essentially this unique door design is exclusive;

  • Foldable cast iron door with glass
  • Glass-enclosed with various systematic partitions
  • Grill strength arid designs
  • Bi-fold grill framed glass

Depending on your need and the size of your balcony, this comical entrance could be done in style. However, there are numerous styles to choose from; creativity plays a huge role in determining the versatility of such design.

18. Small Balcony Door Design

Small Balcony Door Design

Image source: Design Cafe

A balcony door in the shutter type is a space-saving alternative that is excellent for smaller areas. This is a nice option if you don’t want to go with the traditional sliding glass door. The door swings open into a ceiling nook. The shutter-type balcony door choice will be ideal for your house if you want a balcony door that keeps out of the way and allows for more open living space.

To achieve this iconic design:

  • Get a single shutter door with glass
  • Paint the metal frame with dark brown
  • Add a white-golden blended blind behind to restrict the view 
  • Paint the side with white and gray

19. Safety Door Design for Balcony

Safety Door Design for Balcony

Image source: Home Designing

In every home setting, when fixing any vital element, safety is of topmost priority; hence balcony doors are not left behind as they also grant access to the main building. Sideways herringbone patterns aren’t standard on balcony doors, making this one stand out even more. Sidelights inspired by the golden ratio add to the creative aspects at play.

This design can come alive in your balcony by:

  • Making a sideway patterned design
  • Door painted in dark brown with sideway fixed glass in the metal frame
  • Round door knob serving the purpose of a lock

This unique design is heavily guarded and can come even in armored style.

Standard Balcony Door Size

A balcony door’s average height is about 2,090 mm (around 6 ft 8″), while a patio door’s standard width is around 1,790 mm (about 5 ft 8″). On the other hand, a traditional sliding door is 2100mm by 1800mm, but also can vary depending on the extent of the balcony. For the spectacular 4-panel glass doors, the average height is 80 inches.

A PVC balcony door may be significant, with a two-part reaching up to 3,000mm wide. The door may be made up of many panels with varying proportions. In addition, iron, metal, and wood designs may also vary in different proportions.

Here is the procedure to follow in choosing your door size:

  1. Grab a tape measure, pen and pencil. 
  2. Take measurements of the width.
  3. Measure the height.
  4. Adjust the measurements to fit each dimension.
  5. Decide on the type of balcony door you wish to install.
  6. Employ artisans to help with it.

Best Balcony Doors

With increasing advancements in innovation and technology, emerging balcony and patio door designs are beyond a trend flow. They have come to stay and make habitation easier and cozier for us. It’s more than simply a patio door; it’s a design feature in its own right.

In regards to this, we have painstakingly compiled a list of the best balcony doors that your home can benefit from:

  • Sliding glass Balcony Doors 
  • Folding glass Balcony Doors
  • Lift/slide door
  • Vinyl Patio Doors
  • Fiberglass Patio Doors
  • Grill balcony door design
  • Pivot doors
  • Aluminum Patio Doors
  • Metal balcony doors
  • shutter sliding door
  • French balcony door idea


There is no more superb choice than having a balcony. The aerial perspective you receive when you open the balcony doors gives a cozy vibe.

All balcony windows and doors, be it aluminum, uPVC,steel, glass or wood, need to meet operational requirements while still appealing to the eyes. Also, designs, styles, and aesthetics should match the home’s existing facade. 

For more inspiring and exciting home ideas, visit guyabouthome today!

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