Spice up your bathroom single sink vanity through these awesome and unique ideas that we have just for you!

Single sink bathroom vanities are perfect for homeowners with a small homes or a limited bathroom area. In this article, you are about to encounter fabulous ideas that will make you realize that having a small bathroom does not mean you have to settle for less.

Let’s make the magic happen and unleash the creativity in you at any minute now. You do not have to think hard because we have everything for you. Yet, if you want to discover more ideas, you can just head to the reading bathroom wall decor ideas. 

Table of Contents

  1. Bright and White Bathroom Single Sink Vanity Ideas
  2. All A Round Bathroom Single Sink Vanity Ideas
  3. Modern and Stylish Bathroom Single Sink Vanity
  4. Rustic Farmhouse Single Sink Vanity
  5. Chic Curvy Bathroom Single Sink Vanity Ideas
  6. Fun and Creative Kid’s Bathroom Single Sink Vanity
  7. DIY Bathroom Single Sink Vanity Ideas

1. Bright and White Bathroom Single Sink Vanity Ideas 

Bright and White Bathroom Single Sink Vanity Ideas

Image Source: HGTV

Have your bathroom vanity balanced with the light, rustic and modernized fixtures you cannot find in common bathrooms. This kind of bathroom is perfect for those who want to live in innovation but cannot leave the past behind. Yes, you read that right!

To achieve this:

  • Get a squared wood-framed vanity mirror and install it on the wall to enhance the rustic look. Pair it with a wood container for necessities, along with installing a mini-shelf beside the vanity.
  • Sconces don’t need to be fancy. Make it simple by getting a sconce with lots of reflectors or a transparent lantern-like three-light sconce.
  • Undermounted sinks are an excellent option but if you want a contemporary look, acquire a tabletop sink.
  • Choose a marble top sink instead of tiled for a chilled and glossy ambiance.

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2. All A-Round Bathroom Single Sink Vanity Ideas

All A Round Bathroom Single Sink Vanity Ideas

Image Source: Fresca

So you are just starting to build your bathroom, but you want a contemporary look? Well, you do not have to worry about that. You do not need to buy a large curvy cabinet, you can have a round pedestal-like one while pairing it with an oval vanity mirror for a rounded look.

For you to achieve this, you have to:

  • Make sure that your sink is curved into something round. A drop-in sink or a round wash basin is ideal for this type.
  • For the theme, you can make it rustic or neutral. Go for a white, gold, gray, or brown color. Just make sure that both vanity color and sink color match.
  • Aside from necessities and flowers, you have to put on the sink top, install some sconces on the upper corner or on both sides to put a little design on it.

3. Modern and Stylish Bathroom Single Sink Vanity 

Modern and Stylish Bathroom Single Sink Vanity Ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

Turn the lights on by highlighting your vanity mirror. You see, when you highlight it, this could turn your bathroom fabulous. You will surely love the modern vibe of this bathroom with the sink placed on a floating shelf.

Get this kind of sink vanity by:

  • Choose a unique and dreamy look with your sink top black with a white paint splatter. Have it also floating to complete the package. You can place another cemented or tiled shelf for a balanced look.
  • Illuminate your vanity by acquiring an LED framed rectangular mirror. Not only does it highlight the vanity, but it also gives off a digitized and innovative vibe.
  • If you want a minimalist style, just put your toiletries on the sink top.
  • If you want something colorful to eliminate the dullness, put a vase of pink or white flowers at the sides.

4. Rustic Farmhouse Single Sink Vanity 

Rustic Farmhouse Single Sink Vanity

Image Source: Keats and Castle

Play with the woods, and your bathroom will be on fire! Oops! Don’t worry. It just means that your bathroom will be gorgeous. We understand your cravings for a more antique type of vibe despite us facing drastic changes in this world.

So, let’s dig in deeper on how to achieve this:

  • Purchase a free-standing wood cabinet with open storage. If the storage is not enough, you can put a separate portable shelf.
  • You can have an under-mounted sink or overmounted one, depending on your desire. For a chilling ambiance, go for the marble top.
  • Since you are dealing with wood, indulge yourself more to it. No need for a fancy backsplash. Have wood installed instead.
  • Lastly, have uplight or downlight reflectors beside the vanity to illuminate the entire area.

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5. Chic Curvy Bathroom Single Sink Vanity Ideas

Chic Curvy Bathroom Single Sink Vanity Ideas

Image Source: Hunker

Not only does this kind of vanity stand out but it is also known as a traditional romantic bathroom setting. This kind of bathroom vanity is close to vintage style. If you want to reminisce the good old days somehow while staying classy, this bathroom is perfect for you!

Here are some tips for you:

  • Acquire a volumized thick-framed mirror. If you want to stay neutral, choose white or a grey one. If you think you can go further, choose a wood frame. The same goes with the cabinet. Ensure that they are matching.
  • To put up a warm romantic mood, no need to overdo the sconces. You could have a large candle in a transparent container along with simple chandeliers beside the vanity.
  • For the design, you can have pastel flowers and green plants. Just make it soft by acquiring mini shelves and containers that are also pastel-colored.

6. Fun and Creative Kid’s Bathroom Single Sink Vanity

Fun And Creative Kid’s Single Bathroom Sink Vanity

Image Source: Decorated Life

Ensure the 100% satisfactory of your kids once they go inside their bathroom. Of course, you may want to see their smiling faces after a long bath. Not only they will be enjoying their shower, but they will love admiring themselves in the vanity with single sink.

Some tips for you are:

  • Play with colors. Forget about having neutral or dull colors. Kids love multiple colors and shapes, so better acquire a wallpaper that matches their eye design cravings.
  • A free-standing cabinet is enough to start with.
  • Drop-in sinks or undermounted ones are a nice option instead of going for a separate wash basin. The reason being is that kids are sometimes clumsy so it might be dismantled.
  • Lastly, put some volumized paneled mirrors and additional designs like:
    • Colorful towels and trash bin
    • Artificial or natural flowers
    • Transparent sconces

7. DIY Bathroom Single Sink Vanity Ideas

DIY Bathroom Single Sink Vanity Ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

We can sense your need to have an organized and eye-pleasing bathroom. Well, the answer is in your hands. You do not need to hire an interior designer. You can just go for a DIY by purchasing the necessary furniture pieces.

Achieve this kind of single sink vanity:

  • Acquire a hanging spherical mirror. You can just hang it by a rope for a more natural DIY look.
  • No need for luxurious sconces. Purchase lantern mini-lights and install them beside your vanity.
  • Your cabinet can be shaker-style or a free-standing one with open storage.
  • As for DIY, sinks can be undermounted but it is mostly a table top sink. Any of the two will do.
  • Paint your wall white or grey for neutrality and for a simple look.

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Single sink ideas are most common in small bathrooms because of their convenient size. It also depicts a cute and nice design. But of course, we have been improving these days. From DIY bathrooms to well-designed ones, that’s what we are aiming for right now.

However, if you are aiming for something easier to install, and if you think that small spaces is not too much of a bother for you, go for a single sink design. Surely, you can enjoy your personal bathroom single sink space.

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