Barbershops are primarily a male-centric space and the average modern man tends to have discerning tastes. Therefore, while the focus of a barbershop is grooming, it is advisable to also offer your clients ambiance and comfort. It would enhance the profile of your establishment and set you apart from your competitors.

Decor ideas are a dime-a-dozen but there are some fundamental barbershop decor basics you should certainly consider. Let us explore a few of them.

Color and Lighting

Lighting fixtures in a barbershop


Whenever you walk into a room, the color scheme in the room is one of the first things you are likely to notice. Medical experts further opine that color affects human emotions. With this in mind, aim for colors that are relaxing and inviting. If you prefer bright colors, try and use them sparingly as opposed to covering entire walls with them. You can balance them out with calmer hues of blue, purple, or neutral colors like white or grey.

Warm light lends more ambiance to space than blue fluorescent light. It is also worth noting that your color scheme may look better in warm light than blue light. That said, fluorescent lights are often better for commercial spaces.

As a compromise, consider investing in CCT lights. They are adjustable between warm and white light which means you can adjust your lighting as you see fit. Additionally, be keen on the placement of lighting to ensure that each workspace is well-illuminated. Interesting light fixture designs are equally a plus that would make your barbershop stand out.


A white mirror with lighting


One of the well-kept secrets of decor tricks is that mirrors act as multipliers of light. This is because they reflect the light back to the room and make it more illuminated. In light of this, if your barbershop does not get lots of natural light, mirrors and artificial lighting could help with that.

Further, compared to walls, mirrors make space feel larger and less cramped. This is, however, not to say that you should plaster every wall with end-to-end mirrors. A few tastefully placed ones will do just fine. Every workstation, for example, should have one. A mirror near the door would be beneficial too to give clients a ‘before and after’ glance as they walk in and out respectively.


A red recliner barbershop chair


Take a moment and think of every barbershop you have been to. The seats were all black, weren’t they? If you are hoping to put a twist to your decor, that would be a great place to start. Throw out the rule book and keep an eye out for unique leather barbershop chairs in brown, navy, or any other interesting shades you may find.

Aside from color, comfort and functionality are equally imperative when it comes to choosing barbershop furniture. The chairs should ideally be well cushioned, height-adjustable, and reclinable. Whereas these are not necessarily decor-related features, at the end of the day, they will influence the kind of chairs you can and cannot get.

As you plan the layout of your barbershop, factor in a waiting area too. The beauty of this area is that it gives you creative freedom. You can choose modern or contemporary furniture in whatever style or color you feel would work best. That said, they should be comfortable and give a good impression of your business. Think of it as a mini living room.

Murals and Soft Touches

 A mural on a barbershop wall


Murals would be a good way to break the monotony of plain walls. If you feel that your overall decor scheme is too formal or high-brow, they are a great way to bring some character to space too. Alternatively, you could hang up art or have a picture wall with photos of important moments in the barbershop’s heritage.

Further, it is a common misconception in designing male-dominated spaces that everything has to look industrial and have sharp edges. Granted, those too are valid decor ideas but soft touches are equally important if your barbershop is to have ambiance. To achieve this you can incorporate low-maintenance leafy plants. They not only add color but they can also be a pop of color and a breath of fresh air.


An ideal decor scheme is one that strikes a balance between the identity you envision for your barbershop and what you feel your target audience would relate to. If you can find a way to satisfy both requirements, your barbershop will be the talk of the town.

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