Rose of jericho
Rose of jericho


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Rose of Jericho is a very hard plant to kill, even if you are a beginner gardener. Rose of Jericho contains healthy compounds and has plenty of uses. There are a lot of beliefs about this plant, and we list some of them below for you to understand better;  Taking care of this plant will be very easy. Here are some tips that will help you take good care of rose of Jericho. Read on to find them.

Rose Of Jericho Meaning: What Is It?

Rose Of Jericho
Rose Of Jericho


The Rose of Jericho is also commonly known as Jericho rose, Maryam’s flower, Kaff Maryam, resurrection plant, the hand of Fatima, resurrection fern, and hand of Maria. It is very similar to plants such as Selaginella lepidophylla.

Rose of jericho: Overview & Facts

Higher classification: Flowers of Mariyam
Rank: Species
Family: Brassicaceae
Origin: Rose of Jericho is native to the Chihuahuan desert in Mexico and the United States. 

Rose of jericho Benefits

Rose of Jericho is a kind of perennial plant, which means that the plant can easily withstand years of drought conditions and neglect. It is a small gray plant that folds itself into the shape of a ball when exposed to high temperatures.

Rose of Jericho plant is well-known for its long life, and if taken good care of throughout, the plant will also pass down to generations that come. You need to ensure that you give your plants the right nutrients to grow as expected and provide all required benefits. 

Rose of Jericho is also known as a resurrection plant, due to its peculiar feature of repeating hibernation. Similar to trachyanda tortilis, it can revive itself after experiencing a long period of dryness. The best part of these resurrection plants is that they can go fine without water for almost a week.

Rose of jericho Spiritual Uses

The resurrection plant rose of Jericho is also of great significance to people of various religions, including Hoodoo, Santeria, and Christianity, as it symbolizes renewal, transformation, and prosperity. 

Sometimes catholic families keep the rose of Jericho in dried form in a paper bag amongst their beautiful Christmas decorations. It is much like the alocasia black velvet.

On Christmas, they keep the plant in a bowl of water to open or bloom on an auspicious day, and then after Christmas, the plant is again dried and kept away with all the other Christmas decorations for the following year.

Rose of jericho Magical Uses

What Is Rose Of Jericho Used For?
What Is Rose Of Jericho Used For?

Source: YOUTUBE 

Rose of Jericho also has medicinal properties. It treats several health conditions, including the common cold, asthma, menstrual cramps, diabetes, arthritis pain, and facilitates labor. People use its dried leaves, seeds, or flowers to prepare tea. This plant requires minimal care just like monstera siltepecana . Besides, it is also available these days in oil form and is even used to make holy water. 

What Are The Health Purpose Of Rose Of Jericho?

The compounds found in this herb do not provide much healing benefits, and it is the rose of Jericho itself that is beneficial to humankind in several ways. It is used for three primary health purposes that are listed below:

  • Disease-Fighting Powers: This particular herb is loaded with all those anticancer, anti-inflammatory plant compounds. They are a great source to heal several other problems that include general inflammation, arthritis, unhealthy blood sugar levels and much more. The rose of Jericho tea is simply sipped by many to prevent several diseases from occurring. 
  • Anti-aging: The plant contains a lot of antioxidants, and we all know, antioxidants are equal to anti-aging, right? Though, rose of Jericho contains a good amount of antioxidants, there is no such evidence which proves that applying it on your face will reduce your fine lines. It may help reduce them to some extent.
  • More Uterine Blood Flow: For several years now, rose of Jericho is popularly used to speed up the flow, and is also used to soothe period cramps and make the process of childbirth effective.

That being said, the rose of Jericho is used as a natural remedy and applied on the skin too. 

How To Use The Rose Of Jericho? 

The Rose of Jericho is an ancient herb used as a decorative plant, and people decorate their houses during several spiritual ceremonies. 

  • It brings good fortune. 
  • Protects people from negative situations and energies. 
  • “Resurrects” several areas of life. 

People in the form of tea traditionally consume this herb. A few commercial products of the rose of Jericho are also available. The flowers of the rose of Jericho are available in dried form as well, and people purchase it in that form. They are available in small bundles. 

A few anecdotal sources say that you can choose to add 1-2 tablespoons of dried flowers and leaves to boiling water and then let it steep for around 5 mins. You can also choose to consume smaller amounts initially to know if it’s effective. 

Rose of jericho: Things to know

How big and tall can Rose Of Jericho Get?

Rose of Jericho is a small flowering plant that grows up to approximately 12 inches or 30 centimeters. Like senecio barbertonicus, the plant can survive in arid conditions and have outstanding resistance to dry out.

When the plant grows in extremely high temperatures, it curls itself into a ball to protect its flowers. When in curled form, it looks like tumbleweed; thus, sometimes people confuse it with tumbleweed as well. The Rose of Jericho remains in a twisted condition until it receives moisture. It is just as beautiful as the ficus triangularis  plant.

how long does rose of jericho live

With the right preparation, the plant can easily survive for up to 5-7 days, and if you plan to go a bit longer, you should arrange for someone to come by, take care, and water your plant. 

What is false rose of jericho?

It is worth noting that several products may contain a false rose of Jericho, and hence, we recommend checking the label before buying a product with it. If the label states that the product has Anastatica Hierochuntica, then it has a real version of the rose of Jericho. 

How To Care For A Rose Of Jericho?

Besides this plant, we also make a full care guide on how to care for Syngonium rayii.

Rose of JerichoRose of Jericho
How To Care For A Rose Of Jericho?


Rose of Jericho Watering

Try to use distilled water for the plant. If you don’t have access to the distilled water, take the tap water in a separate container and let it sit overnight so that the chemicals present in the water evaporate, and then use this water for the plant the next day. 

You should also change the water every day or every alternate day. Once every fifteen days or so, give the plant a break from the water. Even if you forget to water it for a couple of days, the plant will survive. If you have killed plants earlier, then don’t worry, you won’t be able to kill this one even if you want to!

Rose of Jericho Temperature 

The rose of Jericho is a desert plant, and thus it can survive extreme hot weather conditions. However, the plant is still sensitive to extreme temperature fluctuations.

The Rose of Jericho Soil

Planting the rose of Jericho will be slightly different from what you would normally do with other plants. The plants have roots, but they don’t have to be placed in the soil like any other plant. 

The Rose of Jericho Potting 

After some days, when the plant forms some more roots, you can shift the plant in the soil if you want. But you will have to watch it because it can go very fast in soil which might impede the growth of other plants in your garden.

Rose of Jericho Light

Rose of Jericho loves sunlight. It loves to stay in a brightly lit place. If the leaves of your rose of Jericho plant are curling, it indicates that your plant needs light. 

If you are keeping the plant indoors, make sure that the plant is receiving a minimum of five to six hours of direct sunlight and that the room is properly ventilated.

Rose of Jericho does better when kept outdoors. If the plant has gone through the stress of transplantation, you should keep it in indirect light or a shady area for some days. 

Rose of Jericho Pruning

Rose of Jericho is not a very high-maintenance plant. The plant will stay healthy even if you don’t prune it. However, you should remove the dead leaves when you notice them. 

How To Propagate Rose Of Jericho?

Besides this plant, we also make a full care guide on how to propagate Trachyandra-tortilis.

How To Propagate Rose Of Jericho?
How To Propagate Rose Of Jericho?

Source: PIXABAY 

The task of propagating or growing the rose of Jericho requires a lot of patience, and you will have to take adequate care of the plant so that it grows as expected. To plant the rose of Jericho, the first step includes filling dishes with gravel or pebbles, and then you Are required to add water until the pebbles or gravel present in the dish gets submerged. 

how to water rose of jericho

You are then required to place the rose of Jericho plants on top of the dish with its roots touching the water.  Same as philodendron luxurians, you can also choose not to put the pebbles in the dish and just directly put water to place the rose of Jericho. The dish is then required to be placed in direct sunlight and open-air to grow as expected. 

Pro Tip: You can use distilled water or allow tap water to sit out overnight so that chlorine or any other chemical present in it evaporates before adding the water to your plant.

When placed in lukewarm water, the rose of Jericho will take around 4 hours to open; however, the plant may not extend to its total capacity in that time and will take several days to open to its total capacity. 

how long can a rose of jericho go without water

We recommend you not to keep the plant in water for a long time, more specifically, more than a few days, as this will rot its roots. You should change the water daily and let it sit without water for some time to take a rest. The growth process of this plant is similar to that of an air plant. 

Be care that rose of jericho submerged in water

Now, you would ask, how long can I keep my Rose of Jericho in water? As discussed earlier, it takes up to four hours for Rose of Jerricho to perk.

The only thing that you will have to keep in mind is that this plant doesn’t like too much water; overwatering might kill it. Overwatering causes the roots of the rose of Jericho to rot, which eventually kills the plant. The same instructions are to be followed with monstera borsigiana.

The trick is to water the plant only when the soil completely dries. This will ensure that your rose of Jericho lives long.

  • For planting the rose of Jericho, you will need a pot or container without any drainage hole.
  • Fill the container with gravel or pebbles.
  • Fill it with water so that the pebbles or gravel are barely submerged.
  • Place the rose of the Jericho plant in the container such that the roots come in contact with the water.

The Rose of Jericho Turning Brown

What Is Rose Of Jericho?
What Is Rose Of Jericho?


When you buy a rose of Jericho, you will notice that it looks like a dried brown ball. Don’t worry; the plant should look like it is completely normal. 

Where To Buy Rose Of Jericho?

To your delight, the rose of Jericho is a very easy plant to find since it can be stored very easily. You can easily find the plant on online garnering stores or even on platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, and so on. You can even directly search “buy rose of Jericho plant,” and you will find several online platforms selling the plant. 

Rose of Jericho is a very popular plant, and you can even find it in your local nurseries as well. Just as philodendron imperial red, however, be very careful when buying this plant because the “fake” version of the plant is also very prominent.

If you want to try the other types of plants,  polyscias fabian, trachyandra tortilis, crispy wave fern, monkey face orchid, manjula pothos, lemon button fern are also good options since they are easy to be cared.

Rose of Jericho Plant Care: The Bottom Line

You can usually skip having a house sitter behind, and also, you will not have to cart your plant to a friend’s house for them to take care of it. 

If you wish to try out the Rose of Jericho for any health issues you are facing, we recommend you consult it with your doctor first to ensure that it is entirely safe for you. 

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