The growing trend for indoor plants is leading to increased houseplant buying. While the initial decision to purchase a houseplant may be exciting, it can also lead to many questions regarding how best to care for your new plant. This article serves as an easy-to-follow guide on how to grow philodendron el choco red and philodendron luxurians.

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What is el choco red philodendron

el choco red philodendron
el choco red philodendron

Image Source: Plantophiles

The el choco red philodendron is a beautiful plant with dark green leaves and bright red stems. These plants grow best in partial shade and produce small flowers resembling white grapes during summer. Also, the El Choco Red Philodendron works well as a hanging plant because of its trailing habit, making it perfect for adding greenery to your home.

philodendron el choco red information & facts

el choco red philodendron
el choco red philodendron

Image Source: We love aroids

El Choco Red Philodendron is a typical house plant in the family Araceae. The name comes from the Greek roots philo-, which means “love, affection,” and dendron, which means “tree.” In terms of taxonomy, the genus Philodendron still has a lot of unrecognized species. While it is native to South America, it has been naturalized in many tropical regions worldwide, including India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. It is considered a weed species in most places outside its native range due to its ability to proliferate and spread quickly via seeds.

philodendron el choco red mature

Is philodendron El Choco Red rare?

The Philodendron El Choco Red is a rare plant that you will not find in many garden centers or nurseries. Similar to senecio barbertonicus, it is a very hardy plant that can survive in almost any environment.

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Does philodendron El Choco Red climb or crawl?

Philodendron El Choco Red is a climbing philodendron that loves to climb up on your walls, but it can also be used as a ground cover or even as a hanging plant.

Is El Choco Red easy?

The philodendron El Choco Red is an extremely easy plant to grow. The most important thing when caring for a philodendron El Choco Red is making sure you provide the correct amount of light and humidity.

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el choco red philodendron care

philodendron el choco soil

el choco red philodendron
el choco red philodendron

Image Source: Barbie with plants

The Philodendron el choco requires well-draining potting soil, but it does not like overly wet conditions. If you keep your plant in a container and water it too much, the roots may rot or get moldy. The best potting soil for this plant is one that contains orchid bark as its primary ingredient.

philodendron el choco red light

el choco red philodendron
el choco red philodendron

Image Source: Pinterest

Philodendron el choco is a low-light plant that prefers indirect sunlight. It will do well in a bright room with indirect sun, but if you want the best results, you should place it near a window where it gets no direct sunlight at all. The leaves will turn yellow if they get too much sunlight and can actually scorch if they are exposed to it directly for too long.

philodendron el choco red water

el choco red philodendron
el choco red philodendron

Image Source: Carousell

The philodendron el choco red does not require much water, but it shouldn’t be allowed to dry out completely between watering either. Keep your philodendron el choco red and slightly moist at all times by watering frequently during warm months or when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch after 2 days of no watering.

philodendron el choco red temperature

el choco red philodendron
el choco red philodendron

Image Source: Staghorn and pitcher

The philodendron el choco red will tolerate temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. It will grow rapidly at these temperatures, but it will not flower until the temperature reaches 80 degrees. If you want your philodendron to bloom, you should raise the temperature in your house or greenhouse at least 10 degrees higher than normal during the summer months.

philodendron el choco red fertilizer

el choco red philodendron
el choco red philodendron

Image Source: Pooja’s Plants

The philodendron el choco red requires very little fertilizer because it generally doesn’t have any problems with nutrient deficiencies. Like rose of jericho, in general, most philodendrons need fertilizer every two weeks during their growing season. Also, the amount of fertilizer you will need depends on the size of your plant and how much light it gets. The best time to fertilize this plant is right after watering it and before watering it again.

philodendron el choco red humidity

el choco red philodendron
el choco red philodendron

Image Source: Pinterest

Philodendron el choco red is a tropical plant that grows best in medium to high humidity conditions. It needs a humid place to live and grow, but the leaves should not be wet. If you keep your philodendron in an area with low humidity, it may drop its leaves or become infected by fungi or bacteria.

philodendron el choco red propagation

Philodendron propagation is an interesting process that can be done at home with very little cost. It is a woody, vining philodendron which will produce stunning results if you can propagate it properly. The plant itself is easy to grow, but the correct propagation technique will be the difference between success and failure.

philodendron el choco red seeds

 el choco red philodendron
el choco red philodendron


Image Source: Youtube

Philodendron el choco red is a tropical plant that can be propagated from seeds. The best way to do this is by using a paper towel cup method. Soak the seeds in water overnight. Remove the seeds from the water and place them on a paper towel. Lastly, put the paper towel in an area with good sunlight and make sure it is not in direct sunlight because that will cause the seeds to rot.

How much does philodendron el choco red costs

The average price range for this plant is between $10-20. This is the price you can expect to pay for a typical philodendron el choco red. The prices of plants vary according to their size, color and growing conditions. Some plants like philodendron el choco red may cost less in one store than another.

Where to buy philodendron el choco red

The best place to buy philodendron el choco red is from a reputable dealer. You can find the plant at most garden centers, but you may have difficulty finding the variety you want. If you can’t find it locally, consider buying online from a nursery or garden store. If you choose this route, make sure that the company sells what they say they do and has good customer service.

philodendron el choco red vs verrucosum vs philodendron luxurians: are they the same?

el choco red philodendron, verrucosum and philodendron luxurians
el choco red philodendron, verrucosum and philodendron luxurians

Image Source: Green expand

Philodendron el choco red, verrucosum, and luxurians are three very common philodendrons that are often confused with one another. There will be hairy petioles on the verrucosum. In contrast, if the mature leaf on your plant lacks hairs, it is probably el choco red. The luxurians will have slender, green stems with white strides. However, there are no striations on the red philodendrons from el choco.

What is philodendron luxurians

philodendron luxurians
philodendron luxurians

Image Source: Home pursuit

Philodendron luxurians is a unique, elegant and beautiful philodendron species with dark green leaves that have light green markings. It is one of many varieties of Philodendron that grow as houseplants and outdoor container plants because they are attractive to look at, easy to maintain and do not require much light or water once established in your home or garden area.

philodendron luxurians care:things to know

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Is philodendron luxurians a rare plant?

Philodendron luxurians is a very rare plant that is native to Brazil and can only be found growing in the rainforests there. It is an evergreen vine that climbs up trees and rocks.

Is philodendron luxurians a climber or crawler?

Philodendron luxurians is a vine that does not typically grow as a climber. It can be trained to climb, but it doesn’t do so naturally. This plant may crawl on its own if the conditions are right, but it’s not its preferred mode of movement.

Is philodendron luxurians hybrid?

Philodendron luxurians is a very popular houseplant that has been cultivated for many years. It is not known to be an intergeneric hybrid, that is, it is not known to have been developed by crossing two different species.

Is philodendron luxurians toxic?

Leaves of philodendron luxurians are toxic if ingested by humans or pets. This plant contains calcium oxalate crystals, which are the same crystals found in some other philodendrons. When these crystals are ingested by your pet, this can cause severe irritation to their mouth, tongue and esophagus.

philodendron luxurians vs gloriosum

Philodendron luxurians have larger leaves that tend to be more rounded at the tips than those of P. gloriosum. You’ll also notice that the leaves of Philodendron luxurians are slightly darker green than those of P. gloriosum.

philodendron luxurians care: how do philodendron luxurians grow?

philodendron luxurians soil

philodendron luxurians
philodendron luxurians

Image Source: Home Garden Nice

The Philodendron luxurians require soil that is well drained, but still retains moisture well. The soil should be sandy and slightly acidic. It does not tolerate waterlogged soil or standing water, so it should not be planted in areas where the water table is high or where it rains often.

philodendron luxurians light

philodendron luxurians
philodendron luxurians

Image Source: Tropicals plants

Philodendron luxurians do best with bright indirect or filtered light. Same as philodendron imperial red, it also does well in partial shade but will require more water than it would in full sun. The amount of sunlight your philodendron receives will determine how much water it needs. If you keep it in low light conditions, increase the amount of water you give it.

philodendron luxurians water

philodendron luxurians
philodendron luxurians

Image Source: Rooted in botany

The needs of the Philodendron luxurians can vary depending on its growth rate and location. However, it is a good idea to keep in mind that this plant prefers to be kept moist at all times. It should also be noted that over-watering will kill a Philodendron luxurians as well as under-watering it. This plant should be watered when the top of the soil feels dry to the touch or when the surface is dry.

philodendron luxurians humidity and temperature

philodendron luxurians
philodendron luxurians

Image Source: us amazon plants

The Philodendron luxurians require high humidity levels, but does not tolerate high temperatures very well. It will grow best in areas where the temperature stays between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 50-65 degrees at night. You should keep your plant away from any sources of heat such as radiators or heat vents.

philodendron luxurians fertilizer

philodendron luxurians
philodendron luxurians

Image Source: etsy

The soil that you use should be well drained and able to hold moisture without becoming soggy or dry out completely. You can choose between sand, peat moss or sphagnum moss for the soil mix for your Philodendron luxurians plant. You will want to add about one inch of organic compost before adding any other materials into your potting mix.

philodendron luxurians repot

philodendron luxurians
philodendron luxurians

Image Source: mundiflora

Philodendron luxurians can be repotted at any time of year as long as you follow some basic guidelines to ensure success with this task. The most important thing to remember when repotting your potted philodendron is that you should never allow the plant to become pot-bound.

propagating philodendron luxurians

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philodendron luxurians water propagation

 philodendron luxurians
philodendron luxurians

Image Source: Houseplant central

To root philodendron luxurians stem cuttings in water, place them in a glass of water and change the water every few days until they start to root. This may take up to three weeks or more depending on how big your stems are and how healthy they are at the time of propagation.

philodendron luxurians cuttings

philodendron luxurians
philodendron luxurians

Image Source: Reddit

Cuttings should be taken from healthy plants at least three months before they’re needed. Place the cuttings in pots with a well-drained soil mix and keep them moist but not soggy until they begin growing roots. Once the roots have formed, transplant the plants into larger pots or into your garden.

philodendron luxurians care problems & tips

Philodendron is one of the most loved indoor plants, with its large variety of species and growth forms. It’s loved by many because of its decorative leaves and its fantastic ability to grow in any environment. But if you suspect that you have a problem with the leaves on your philodendron luxurians, it’s essential to determine its cause to select the best treatment for your plant. If you’re new to growing philodendrons, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before getting them.

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philodendron luxurians pests

Like many houseplants, the Philodendron luxurians attract pests such as aphids, mealybugs, scale and mites. If you notice signs of pests on your philodendron luxurians, use an insecticidal soap as soon as possible.

philodendron luxurians diseases

Philodendron luxurians are susceptible to several different diseases, including fungus, leaf spot and spider mites. These diseases can all be treated at home using organic treatments such as neem oil or predator mites.

philodendron luxurians brown leaves

The most common cause of brown leaves on a philodendron is underwatering, excessive sunlight, chilly temperatures, and low humidity are the causes of this issue. The plant needs to be kept evenly moist, but not soggy.

philodendron luxurians yellow leaves

One of the most common causes for yellowing leaves on philodendron luxurians is overwatering. Just as philo lupinum, this plant needs to be watered consistently but not too much. Overwatering will cause the roots to rot and die off, which will eventually lead to yellowing leaves as well as other issues like leaf drop.

Where to buy philodendron luxurians?

There are many places to purchase Philodendron luxurians. You can find this plant at your local garden center, in a seed catalog, or online. It is one of the most popular houseplants because it is so easy to care for and has beautiful, glossy leaves.

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