Are you a lover of beautiful plants and will love to nurture and watch one thrive in your home? If yes, you’ll be glad to know that a whole community of philodendrons awaits your attention and care. This article entails comprehensive details on how to grow your philodendron camposportoanum plant quickly. 

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image of philodendron camposportoanum plant
image of philodendron camposportoanum plant

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Philodendron Camposportoanum Benefits 

Image of a philodendron camposportoaum plant in potting mix
Image of a philodendron camposportoaum plant in potting mix

Image Source: Plant informer 

The philodendron camposportoanum plant is commonly called Philodendron Campos. Similar to philodendron imperial red , a native to the tropical rainforest of South and Central America, philodendron camposportoanum is one of the smallest species of Philodendron, yet the most distinct of all. It has beautiful green leaves with thin sharp teeth along the edges. 

This small-growing perennial flowering plant is a member of the family Araceae and is unique for its ever-changing leaves, both in color and shape, as it matures. Its growth spans from three or six inches, depending on the variety. Aside from the beauty it adds to your indoor decor; philodendron camposportoanum has a great way of reducing indoor air pollution, preventing health concerns in adults and children. 

If you got a camposportoanum in your home or are planning to get one, then you should be concerned about the growth and care of this fantastic species so you can benefit from the plant. That’s the intent of this article, where we’ll thoroughly guide you on everything you should know about the philodendron camposportoanum plant and the best conditions to grow and nurture your plant.  

Philodendron Camposportoanum Information & Facts

Image representing growth of philodendron camposportoaum plants  
Image representing growth of philodendron camposportoaum plants

 Image Source: style of homes 

  • Family: Araceae (aroid or arum family)
  • Genus: Philodendron
  • Subgenus: Pteromischum 
  • Common name: Philodendron Campos or Philo camposportoanum
  • Plant type: Perennial  
  • Native habitat: Bolivia, Brazil, French Guiana, Colombia, Peru, Suriname, and Guyana 
  • Origin: South and Central America
  • History: Described by Graziela Maciel Barroso between 1912-2003
  • Soil type: Aerated and quick-draining soil
  • Watering: Allow the top two inches to dry before adding water
  • Temperature: 60F to 75F
  • Sunlight: Bright indirect sunlight or medium-level light
  • Height: 25 inches in height and 20 inches in width
  • Leaf shape: Heart-shape with long dramatic back lobes 
  • Humidity range: 70% or higher
  • Growth rate: Fast growing 
  • pH: 5.0 to 7.0
  • Toxicity: Toxic to humans and pets
  • Pests and Diseases: Spider mites, brown tips, root rot, mealy bugs, drooping leaves 
  • Care level: Low maintenance/easy to maintain

Philodendron Camposportoanum Mature: Things to Know

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Is Philodendron Camposportoanum Rare?

Yes, philodendron camposportoanum is typically a rare and hard-to-find plant, but it’s becoming a popular household plant.  

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Is Philodendron Camposportoanum Toxic?

The sap of philodendron camposportoanum is high in calcium oxalate crystals, which are toxic to people and pets. Like philo lupinum, if ingested by animals, it causes diarrhea. Other symptoms of its toxicity are swelling and a burning sensation on the lips. 

Does Philodendron Camposportoanum Climb?

The philodendron plants are of two types – the climber and non-climber varieties. The camposportoanum is a small creeping flowering plant that can climb. 

Is Philodendron Camposportoanum a Fast Grower?

Philodendron species are fast-growing tropical plants, especially composportoanum, which can reach a height of about 3 meters or more at home. If you want it to grow much faster, you can add fertilizer. Avoid over-fertilizing or under-fertilizing for better growth.

How Big and Tall can Philodendron Camposportoanum Grow 

Philodendron camposportoanum reaches about 25 inches tall and 20 inches wide. It takes one growing season to reach 1 meter or more. However, if you want your camposportoanum plant to grow longer, stake it and provide the necessary growth condition.

Philodendron Camposportoanum vs. Micans: Is Philodendron Camposportoanum Micans?

No doubt, it’s evident that camposportoanum and micans have velvety heart-shaped leaves when young. However, P.micans leaves are more extensive and still heart-shaped at the maturity stage, while P.camposprtoanum leaves become tri-loped. This makes them difficult to differentiate.  

Also, P.micans are climbers with light green to dark green to bronze leaves, while P.camposportoanum’s leaves are pink or purple. 

Philodendron Camposportoanum Care Conditions & Requirements 

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Philodendron Camposportoanum Light 

image of philodendron camposportoanum exposed to indirect light 
image of philodendron camposportoanum exposed to indirect light

Image Source: style of Homes 

The philodendron camposportoanum plant requires bright indirect sunlight to grow. Medium-level light is also good for the plant. Adequate light is necessary for the plant to reach maturity and produce its iconic three-lobed-shaped leaves. 

Keeping your camposportoanum plant in the sun for some hours in the morning and evening is best. Low light will make your plant leggy, and too much light will make leaves more petite, yellow, or paler.  

Philodendron Camposportoanum Soil

image of philodendron camposportoanum plant soil to grow
image of philodendron camposportoanum plant soil to grow

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P.camposportoanum is a rare species that requires a soil mixture that’s aerated, moisture-retentive, and drains well to grow best. It’s recommended to use perlite, peat moss, shredded bark, lime, and vermiculite if you choose to make yours at home.   

Philodendron Camposportoanum Fertilizer 

image of fertilizer added to Philodendron camposportoanum plant 
image of fertilizer added to Philodendron camposportoanum plant

Image Source: Style of Homes 

A philodendron camposportoanum plant will enjoy a granular slow-release fertilizer to sprout fast and attractively. You can select slightly higher nitrogen granular to encourage foliage growth. It is recommended to feed your plant with fertilizer once every 6 to 8 weeks, and don’t overdo it.

Philodendron Camposportoanum Potting and Repotting

image explaining how to repot Philodendron camposportoanum plant 
image explaining how to repot Philodendron camposportoanum plant

Image Source: Dengarden 

Once the root of your philodendron camposportoanum plant starts coming out of the drainage hole, it’s time to repot it. You then transfer it to a new pot larger than the initial one. Also, when repotting, use a fresh well-aerated potting mix and avoid overwatering the leaves. 

In addition, provide your plant with a stake or moss pole to climb to have spectacular foliage.  

Philodendron Camposportoanum Temperature and Humidity

Being a tropical plant, camposportoanum will appreciate a warm temperature between 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid exposing your plant to a temperature level below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, which could damage it permanently. Likewise, high humidity is necessary for philodendron camposportoanum plants to grow well. A humidity level of at least 60% is best, while they won’t thrive in low humidity.

Philodendron Camposportoanum Pruning 

Image of a pruned Philodendron plant 
Image of a pruned Philodendron plant

Image Source: YouTube

Pruning your philodendron camposportoanum plant becomes necessary when it is too large.  Prune encourages the growth of new leaves from the plant’s base. You can prune your plant in summer or spring by cutting the yellow leaves from the bottom. You could also prune some of the longer vines and use them for propagation.   

Philodendron Camposportoanum Propagation

Besides this plant, we also make a full care guide on how to propagate Philodendron imperial red.

Philodendron Camposportoanum Propagation from Root 

There are two methods of propagating philodendron camposportoanum from the root – stem cutting and air layering. Same as monstera standleyana, the former is considered the best and easiest method of propagating P.camposportoanm. 

The appropriate time to propagate your plant is in spring, making the rest of the growing season available for the plant to be established. Also, using healthy vines with no pests or damage on the leaves is recommended. 

Philodendron Camposportoanum From Air Layering

Philodendron camposportoanum node growing in a wrapped sphagnum moss.
Philodendron camposportoanum node growing in a wrapped sphagnum moss.


Image Source: Uprooted 

Propagation from air layering is one of the methods used in growing your philodendron camposportoanum plant. To make this faster, look for a section in the stem with a growth node, preferably with aerial roots. The steps below explain the method better;

  • Place the node in a bowl and loosely wrap it around damp sphagnum moss.  
  • Check the node every day to ensure it still retains water. If it feels dry, pour in some water
  • After a month, root growth will be seen coming out of the wrap
  • Cut the stem half inches below the node growth using a sterile blade with very sharp edges, then repot your plant as a potting mix containing well-drained soil. 

Philodendron Camposportoanum Stem Cutting

Image representing camposportoanum plant’s stem cutting growing in a glass of water 
Image representing camposportoanum plant’s stem cutting growing in a glass of water

Image Source: Houzz

Philodendron camposportoanum stem cuttings in the soil are one of the less stressful ways to propagate your plant. The best time to involve this method is during the warmer month or within the early to late summer. The steps include;

  • Locate a growth node at the bottom of the leaf petiole.
  • Using a sharp, sterile blade, cut the stem.
  • When cutting, leave only a half-inch section above and below the growth node. 
  • Place stem cuttings in a glass of water and cover it with a transparent bag to keep it humid and close to bright, indirect light.
  • After about a week, you would see roots growing from your cuttings. 
  • Leave in water until the root grows to about 2 inches before repotting into well-drained soil.

Philodendron Camposportoanum Care Problems & Tips

Besides this plant, we also summarize the caring issues and concerns on the plant Philodendron jose buono.

Philodendron Camposportoanum Pests & Diseases  

As with several other household plants, camposportoanum may occasionally be plagued by bugs like mealybugs, spider mites, scale, and more. However, this plant isn’t prone to disease. The most significant cause of disease-related problems is overwatering.

Philodendron Camposportoanum Root Rot

Your philodendron camposportoanum plant is a water lover and generally needs a moist environment for its growth. However, too much water can lead to root rot, thereby destroying the plant. It is better to prevent root rot than treat it, so follow the water required to keep your plant healthy.  

Philodendron Camposportoanum Brown Leaves

If your philodendron camposportoanum leaves turn brown, it’s either too much sunlight or the plant’s humidity level is low. Just as monstera siltepecana fenestration, ensure that your plant isn’t receiving direct sunlight, and keep the humidity level as high as possible. 

How Much is a Philodendron Camposportoanum?

Philodendron camposportoanum’s price ranges from $15 to $40. You can get rooted cuttings below $15, while larger and more expensive plants sell at $50 and above. In addition, the cost of P.camposportoanum depends on your location, the place of purchase, and other marketing factors.

Where to Buy Philodendron Camposportoanum? is one of the best places to buy your philodendron camposportoanum plant, followed by eBay. These two places have vendors globally. So, people from the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, etc., can also buy from these two places. You could also check out plant groups on Instagram and Facebook; there are credible vendors. 

Philodendron Camposportoanum Care: In Summary  

Caring for your Philodendron camposportoanum plant can be super easy and fun. Coupled with the tips and tricks discussed here, it will be a seamless adventure using suitable conditions. So, if you love this plant, you can purchase one and follow our guide.

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