Are you thinking of remaking your bedroom into a neon-aesthetic wonderland? Here are some great additions to make it even more amazing.

A bedroom is a place of relaxation, where you can unwind after a long day and reflect on your life. It should be a space that makes you feel good, and neon is the way to go when it comes to decorating.

Neon is bold, bright, and colorful—it’s impossible not to feel energized when surrounded by it. Plus, neon looks excellent with black furniture. So if you’re trying to find your inner zen and balance out your life with serenity, consider incorporating some neon aesthetic bedroom into your design!

If you’re ready to get started on your dream room, we’ve got some ideas for how to make it happen!

Table of Contents

  1. Dark Neon Aesthetic Bedroom
  2. Artsy Neon Aesthetic Bedroom
  3. Tropical Neon Aesthetic Bedroom
  4. Neon LED Lights Neon Aesthetic
  5. Glow Dark Neon Aesthetic Bedroom
  6. 80’s Neon Aesthetic Bedroom

1.  Dark Neon Aesthetic Bedroom


Dark Neon Aesthetic Bedroom

Image: Pinterest

Dark as the night. Bright as neon. This is a bedroom that will send you to dreamland in no time. The use of darker colors with pops of neon blue creates a relaxing vibe in the room. There is no denying that the dark neon aesthetic is a dying trend. There was a time when decorating your room in black and neon or just all dark colors were considered super cool and trendy.

Check out this bedroom idea for some inspiration:

  • Use darker colors with pops of neon to create a relaxing vibe in the bedroom.
  • Add some modern lamps in the bedroom that can jazz up the room.
  • You can add some things, like furniture, that go with the color scheme.

2. Artsy Neon Aesthetic Bedroom


Artsy neon aesthetic bedroom

Image: Pinterest

Let’s be honest, you want the Instagram aesthetic. You want it bad to own that artsy neon bedroom or pretty pastels in an art deco apartment. That doesn’t mean you must spend a fortune redecorating your space. I’m not sure how to explain this, but you’ll never see a room like this with your average light fixtures. These lights are like artsy neon-infused pieces of work that will make your bedroom a unique adult space ever created by man.

Check out these beautiful light fixtures and design ideas:

  • Add some different colors of neon light like light blue and pink that blend with the entire room.
  • Throw in a few pink pillows and a white blanket to give some interest.
  • Paint your wall in baby pink and lavender purple for a sweet and feminine look.
  • Put the finishing touches on it by adding things like plants to either side.

3. Tropical Neon Aesthetic Bedroom

Tropical neon aesthetic bedroom

Image: Pinterest

If you love the tropics, why not add a piece of it to your wall with some great wall art and neon lighting in your room? You’ll be able to showcase your love for the tropics, and it won’t break your bank! Win-Win.

Check out these funky wall art and neon lighting that will help spruce up your space:

  • Purchase hanging plants or faux plants and add neon lighting. Hang them anywhere in your room.
  • Customize the framing to match your home decor.
  • Add beautiful pieces of wall art to your walls to complete the look.
  • Put in some potted plants or another tropical decor.

4. Neon LED Lights Neon Aesthetic Bedroom

Neon led lights neon aesthetic bedroom

Image: Pinterest

This bedroom’s bright, bold, and the beautiful neon aesthetic is so eye-catching. With the bold and bright neon lighting above the bed, your bedroom will be sure to stand out from the others — but only if you install LED light bulbs.

The following is a guide for installing LED lights in your bedroom:

  • Add plants to help amplify the aesthetic of your space.
  • Choose the different LED light colors in your room and put them on the ceiling or under your bed.
  • The lampshade is also a great addition to your room for design.
  • Don’t forget to blend the right color of your pillows and blankets.

5. Glow Dark Neon Aesthetic Bedroom

Glow dark neon aesthetic bedroom

Image: Pinterest

This glow-dark neon aesthetic bedroom idea shows you how to make a night light using glow-dark wall paint and a vibrant geometric pattern. This style is perfect for college students or adults who want to relax when they get home from class or work, or it can also give you your own “clubhouse” and feel safe.

Check out this bedroom with a glow dark neon aesthetic:

  • Use only black, white, and neon LED colors for the room.
  • Use black-out curtains to get the maximum dark effect.
  • Mix and match different textures throughout your whole bedroom.
  • Adding soft pillows and comforter that go with the theme will add an excellent ambiance to your room.

6. 80’s Neon Aesthetic Bedroom

80’s neon aesthetic bedroom

Image: Pinterest

When it comes to 80s decor, you might find yourself scratching your head at the collection of neon colors and patterns. With that in mind, We’ve rounded up ideas to help you create a bedroom space inspired by the decade with a decidedly nostalgic spin on pop culture.

Check out this 80’s neon-themed bedroom setup:

  • Mix and match accent pillows to get the look you want.
  • Use your old CDs and hang them on your wall accordingly.
  • Choose what kind of LED you want to add to your room as long as it will match your taste.
  • Add some unique pieces, a mix of old and new furniture.
  • Design or print off wallpaper with 80’s motifs.


Remember, when designing a bedroom, decorating and creating ambiance is king. By following the six tips above and pairing them with our helpful design templates, you can quickly create an inviting and cohesive bedroom space in no time at all.

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