At different points of their growth, young children become fascinated by various cartoon show characters Paw Patrol is an example of such a show that has a huge following among young ones. They sing along to the theme songs and even ask to be dressed like the cast.

If your child is a fan, it would be a stellar treat to decorate their room in a Paw Patrol theme. Read on for some decor ideas on how to make it happen.

A Paw Patrol Color Scheme

Paw Patrol color palette


To achieve a true Paw Patrol room, the theme colors of the show certainly have to make an appearance. They include red, blue, yellow, and grey. For an authentic look, you would have to use all 4 colors. However, there are many ways to ensure that all of them are represented.

For instance, you could add individual items in the room each with one of the colors. Like a red desk with a yellow chair or a blue wall with gray trimmings. In essence, it would be a color-blocking approach. Alternatively, you could pick out items such as bedding that has all four colors on one item.

Color-blocking may be easier as it gives you more freedom than trying to find items that specifically have the theme colors. When done right, it also gives off a more organic look as opposed to the monotony of seeing four color strips everywhere in the room.

Wall Paper

A kid's room with Paw Patrol wallpaper


Painting is not for everyone, it takes time and requires a bit of skill. Additionally, you may be apprehensive about the health risk of painting a toddler’s bedroom walls. Whichever the case, here comes wallpaper to the rescue. You will be spoiled for choice as there are many Paw Patrol themed designs which you can install and
take down whenever necessary.

Whenever possible, it would be best to get a feel of the wallpaper before you buy it. The truth is, as, with all products, some brands are better and more durable than others. Avoid brands that are too thin and tear easily. It would equally be a plus if the brand you buy from sells or recommends safe glues to use with their wallpaper.

A Theme Bed

A Paw Patrol theme bed


A paw patrol theme bed could easily be used as the showstopper in the room. It would be the focal point while all other decor pieces would work to complement it. Given as the show is premised on detective work, the theme bed you are likely to get would be a police car. On the upside, it would make enough of a statement and bring a wow factor to the room.

A sizable toddler bed would be apt so that they get to enjoy it for a while. Nevertheless, the attentions of children are fleeting. If you are worried about investing in something that they may dislike in a year, aim for a design you can paint over.


A Paw Patrol area rug


In this case, accessories would be the same as those you would use in any other toddler bedroom. A rug, pillows, curtains, and lighting. The only difference is, they need to be related to the show. It would call for you to wear your creative badge on your sleeve.

Most of the animated Paw Patrol characters are various breeds of dogs. As such, bone-shaped and paw-shaped pillows would blend right in. You could keep an eye out as well for floor mats with either the cast of the show or the Paw Patrol logo. To avoid overkill and lighten your workload, curtains in one of the theme colors would suffice.

For an extra special touch consider installing some color-changing track lighting. They do not necessarily have to be police colors, the idea in itself is cool enough. It is something your little one will enjoy showing off and they could keep them even after the Paw Patrol craze fades.

Toys and Mementos

A Paw Patrol bookshelf and figurines


You would think that a whole room with Paw Patrol decor would be more than enough. Wrong. When toddlers get immersed in an idea, they go all the way which may include playing pretend. For this, they would likely delight in some toys and mementos.

The upside of these icing-on-the-cake bits is that they are readily available in stores. You could try to get some figurines, some cars, and one or two Paw Patrol badges. For the big reveal, you could arrange them into a police station kind of set up or as a side table display. As with all toddler toys, avoid any miniature-sized toys that could be swallowed or have sharp edges.


There is hardly anything that can be compared to the boundless joy of a child receiving a gift they enjoy. So, by all accounts, this themed bedroom would be worthwhile labor of love. Besides, you might learn a thing or two that could prove useful when transforming your own bedroom decor.


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